Anti-Ad Fraud Platform ADEX Announces Real-Time Traffic Analysis is Available to All Clients

ADEX | November 29, 2021

Anti-Ad Fraud Platform ADEX Announces Real-Time Traffic Analysis is Available to All Clients
ADEX, the leading anti-fraud solution provider aimed at protecting advertisers' websites from bots, announces that real-time traffic analysis is now available to all categories of customers additionally to a wide spectrum of advanced anti-fraud tools.

Tracking traffic purity in real-time is crucial, since this is the only way to avoid serious consequences of criminal schemes. ADEX checks the traffic flows in the real time to see if they are legitimate enough before advertising campaigns get ruined by bots.

The platform offers five efficient instruments capable of dealing with most existing types of fraud as well as the latest and high-technology threats.

Postbacks allow advertisers to distinguish fake users and stay aware of their traffic quality in real-time by sending immediate alerts whenever suspicious activity occurs. Dubious sources might be blocked before they harm a campaign.

API gathers and evaluates campaign data automatically. This full-fledged tool can create tokens, retrieve information, analyze it, and help advertisers optimize their campaigns regarding received details. 

Traffic Redirect
Traffic Redirect is a highly-developed anti-bot solution that allows advertisers to send harmful traffic away from their pages and direct it to a blank one. It also analyzes traffic flows in real-time and keeps bots away from advertisers' websites.

Claim Reports
Claim Reports feature was designed to create custom refund reports, containing the most detailed information about the way traffic sources performed. Such reports include precise statistics and clear proof to increase advertisers' chances of receiving a refund.

JS Tag
JS Tag functions on the level of website HTML as an additional security layer. This feature was designed as a supplementary one.

Hundreds of advertisers have already acknowledged the efficiency of ADEX instruments - timely fraud prevention saved about $1BN+ of their marketing budget.

Prevention is a better strategy than trying to eliminate fraud consequences catastrophic for business. The pack of ADEX tools covers different sides of the issue, allowing you to analyze traffic in real time, detect bots, eliminate them, and compose custom refund reports. ADEX checks every suspicious user individually, relying on numerous parameters, like browser type, location, behavioral patterns, VPN usage, etc. This is enough to keep your budget secure. What is more, the technology progresses all the time and saves millions of dollars for our customers every month...," 

Andrey Ivanov, CEO of ADEX.

About ADEX
ADEX is an anti-fraud solution aimed at immediate traffic analysis and urgent protective actions. The functionality of the platform includes tools for detection, redirection, evaluation, reporting, and deep analysis of every website visitor.

As a transparent and safe website, ADEX passed Google Simple Verification successfully. Now the company is on Google Vendors List, which proves reliability and flawless user experience.

In addition, ADEX is a member of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Family, the European-level association for the digital marketing and advertising community, and the IAB TCF (Transparency & Consent Framework) certification winner.


online marketing gives business owners the freedom to advertise and sell their products or services and get an instant response. Business owners can pick the benefits of this way of marketing as it is cheap and easy to start. It means, that online marketing is still effective.


online marketing gives business owners the freedom to advertise and sell their products or services and get an instant response. Business owners can pick the benefits of this way of marketing as it is cheap and easy to start. It means, that online marketing is still effective.

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