DHgate and Google Come Together to Facilitate 2.3 Million Small Exporters in Overseas Digital Marketing

DHgate | November 30, 2021

China's leading B2B cross-border e-commerce marketplace DHgate and Google recently announced the launch of a joint advertisement solution to make it faster and easier for exporters to market overseas to drive online sales.

This solution, which is called Huitou Advertising Platform and also marks first of its kind in China, has significantly lowered the barrier for 2.3 million sellers on DHgate, most of whom are micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). With this solution, sellers can carry effective marketing campaigns, leveraging Google Shopping and Google Smart Shopping, in over 200 different countries and regions across the world.

With Huitou, Google’s ads solution offering will be seamlessly integrated into DHgate's marketing platform for sellers, alongside other established advertising tools offered by the e-commerce company.

It is thus easily accessible within DHgate's portal for sellers or an external portal outside the e-commerce marketplace, sparing sellers' needs to register a Google account.

Huitou allows each of the sellers on the DHgate platform to set an advertisement plan, including budget, timing, and the destination country within minutes, and execute this plan conveniently and efficiently.

Moreover, Huitou offers data such as clicks and deal values for DHgate sellers to better analyse advertisement results.

"Google has been committed to developing innovative and helpful digital marketing tools and services for many years," said Bai Yong, head of Channel Partner at Google Greater China. "We are excited to collaborate with DHgate, to leverage its foresight in building innovative marketing services to better empower its sellers, and we look forward to the improved performance and efficiency of their overseas marketing with this brand-new solution."

Huitou comes at the right time for DHgate sellers as China's cross-border e-commerce import and export have witnessed a 20.1% year-on-year growth in the first three quarters of this year, according to data released by the General Administration of Customs.

This cooperation with Google is also a significant breakthrough for DHgate in attracting buyers worldwide and enriching marketing scenes for cross-border sellers."

Li Wei, general manager of the marketing center at DHgate.

Before this collaboration, Google had already been one of the most critical channels for cross-border businesses to reach customers worldwide. DHgate, based on its 17 years of data insight accumulation and algorithm iteration, has been the leading company in leveraging search engines to boost sales.

According to SimilarWeb data, in 2020, 45.4% of the total traffic of DHgate came from Google and other search engines, higher than the percentage of 33.5% for the following B2B cross-border e-commerce company.

"We believe, Huitou, which combines Google Ads' merits and DHgate's data, technology advantages over these years, is bound to provide an enjoyable user experience to DHgate sellers." Li added.

About DHgate
Founded in 2004, DHgate has become the leading B2B cross-border e-commerce marketplace in China. Through our global operations and offices, including in the USA and UK, we reach millions of people with trusted products and services. As of December 31, 2020, DHgate served more than 36 million registered buyers from 223 countries and regions by connecting them to over 2.3 million sellers in China and other countries, with over 25 million live listings on the platform annually.


Are you about to embark on a Facebook advertising campaign? Want to understand the targeting options available via their ads platform? Viralstyle share a complete list of Facebook Ad targeting options in this infographic.


Are you about to embark on a Facebook advertising campaign? Want to understand the targeting options available via their ads platform? Viralstyle share a complete list of Facebook Ad targeting options in this infographic.

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Verve Group and GeoEdge Collaborate to Secure a Clean Ad Ecosystem

Verve Group, GeoEdge | May 21, 2021

Verve Group, a privacy-first omnichannel ad platform, and GeoEdge, a worldwide ad security provider, today announced their partnership to expand ad quality protection and supply publishers with a complicated machine learning solution to combat malicious advertising. The use of digital advertising by malicious actors as a vector to attack end-users at scale has been a silent but insidious aspect of online advertising. Industry stakeholders across the availability chain still face mounting challenges associated with malvertising, including deceptive ads, auto-redirects, malware, phishing scams, and more. With the expanding got to provide users with a superior online experience, especially within the mobile arena, Verve Group is decided to make sure its supply chain pipelines are clean. Its partnership with GeoEdge signifies its commitment to high-quality ad inventory, eliminating the threat of malicious and low-quality advertising. While Verve Group has evolved to become an omnichannel ad platform, providing a set of versatile products for buyers and publishers across mobile, desktop, CTV, and DOOH, one among its core strengths is providing mobile-first campaigns and ensuring its publisher partners have access to effective ad quality control and a clean marketplace. the corporate opted for a real-time solution to secure relationships with its supply partners and publishers by preventing any negative impact on users’ experience. because the nature of mobile involves a personalized approach to ad quality, Verve Group chose to partner with GeoEdge thanks to the company’s expertise working with mobile platforms. “We are committed to making sure a secure and clean advertising experience for our customers, and partnering with key players like GeoEdge to profit from their ad quality products helps us do exactly that,” said Ionut Ciobotaru, chief product officer at Verve Group. “Providing publishers with the required tools to combat malvertising and other ad quality issues ensures that end-users ultimately enjoy a far better advertising experience, thus helping to enhance and grow the general advertising market.” GeoEdge monitors Verve Group’s ad inventory 24/7 to spot malicious activity and address quality issues in real-time, protecting Verve Group’s campaigns, brand, and reputation. Providing Verve Group with extensive multi-layer security detection, GeoEdge covers every aspect of cyber threats — including deceptive clickbait scams — the newest frontier of cyberattacks. GeoEdge uses proprietary technology to proactively detect and block offenders from their digital supply chain, blocking malvertising threats before the malicious ads are served. Only clean ads are served, and Verve Group’s publishers and provide partners are never exposed to security or ad quality threats. the power to safeguard publishers through such ad quality measures is a component of Verve Group’s aim to make sure a more transparent and data-driven advertising ecosystem, keeping privacy and consumer experience at the forefront. “Our partnership with Verve Group expands user protection to the mobile advertising ecosystem through our advanced security detection, enforcing a replacement ad quality standard,” said Amnon Siev, GeoEdge’s CEO. “The collaboration safeguards end-users by ensuring the delivery of unpolluted demand to Verve Group’s global partners.” Verve Group continues to take a position in machine learning-based solutions through its proprietary technologies which of other leading partners like GeoEdge. The partnership between the 2 companies is concentrated on working together on new ad quality initiatives to guard publishers and customers across the ecosystem.

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Narrative and ID5 Announce Partnership to Help Businesses on Their Programmatic Advertising Campaigns

ID5, Narrative | April 01, 2021

To assist organizations with improving the profit from the speculation of their programmatic advertising campaigns, Narrative, the Data Streaming Platform that makes it simple to purchase, sell and win, and ID5, the free personality answer for digital advertising, today reported a joint association to give Narrative Data Streaming Platform clients admittance to ID5's contributions. The two organizations additionally declared that Narrative has joined the ID5 Inside Partner Program empowering Narrative to coordinate with ID5 to convey its Universal ID to publishers, data providers, and the more extensive advertising technology ecosystem. "The joint partnership between Narrative and ID5 will help adtech and martech businesses and professionals better capitalize on their digital advertising campaigns," said Nick Jordan, founder and CEO of Narrative. "Users will now have seamless access to ID5 solutions on Narrative's Data Streaming Platform enabling them to connect to a broader range of datasets to improve monetization and user experience in a privacy-compliant way." ID5 furnishes distributors and ad tech platforms with protection first identity solutions that empower client level acknowledgment and better match rates taking all things together programs, while the Narrative Data Streaming platform gives clients fast admittance to data from in excess of 55 providers with only one reconciliation. "We are delighted to welcome Narrative as the newest member of the ID5 Inside Partner Program, and to have our ID5 solutions available on the Narrative Data Streaming Platform," said Mathieu Roche, co-founder and CEO, ID5. "Narrative clients will now be able to trade data with each other more efficiently and with better match rates, both with and without cookies. This partnership will help them maximize the value of their data and inventory to increase programmatic advertising results." About ID5 ID5 was created to improve online advertising for consumers, media owners, and advertisers, with the ultimate goal to help publishers grow sustainable revenue. ID5 provides the advertising ecosystem with a transparent, scalable, and privacy-compliant identity infrastructure. About Narrative Narrative is the Data Streaming Platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and win. Narrative simplifies the buying and selling of information by eliminating the inefficiencies in data transactions that hold businesses back from maximizing the success of their most important data-driven initiatives.

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Connected TV Advertising Companies VideoByte and VideoBridge Announce Merger

VideoByte | November 09, 2021

VideoByte and VideoBridge, leading providers of digital advertising technology, today announced the merger of the two companies creating a global best-in-class Connected TV (CTV) advertising experience. The combined company will operate under the VideoByte brand effective today and merge full business operations through Q4 of this year. Our organizations share a similar outlook as we look to further enhance the overall CTV experience. We are perfectly positioned to increase efficiency in demand-path optimization (DPO) efforts in the CTV ecosystem as audiences and spend continue to shift dramatically from traditional linear TV services to the CTV marketplace. We look forward to providing our industry leading solutions in the market together." David Naffis, co-founder of VideoByte. CTV advertising continues to be one of the most rapidly growing markets in the U.S. According to a June 2021 report released by BMO Capital Markets, CTV ad spending in the U.S. is anticipated to reach nearly $21 billion this year and about $100 billion by 2030. "We are thrilled to join forces as the marriage of our sales and operations leadership with best-in-class technology and product opens a new door for the fresh VideoByte team," said Nick Frazee, co-founder of VideoBridge. "Just in time for holiday campaigns, our technical assets have seamlessly transitioned into more transparency, controls and spend for our agency partners. We are excited to expand our work towards bringing more value to our clients as we draw on our decades of experience." The combined operation provides a viewer-first experience across CTV and over-the-top (OTT) platforms through data driven advanced technology delivering memorable brand messaging moments for advertisers. The merger brings the newly formed VideoByte to now serving more than 100 direct CTV customers with over 50 active advertisers. Notable partners include AMC, MLB, NFL and Plex. Overall, the goal of the merger is to offer an even higher return on investment for clients and ultimately reimagine the viewing experience for everyone. "Media16 is uniquely positioned to work closely with the new VideoByte platform to leverage better transparency and campaign management for our growing advertiser base," said Joe Evea, founder of Media16 and VideoByte client. "We look forward to the integration." Under the new merger, Naffis will operate as CEO and Frazee will undertake the chief revenue officer role. The privately held entity will be headquartered in Austin, Texas, the original VideoByte base, with a satellite office in New York City, VideoBridge's former headquarters. Together, the combined company will serve over 1 billion impressions annually. For more information, go to ABOUT VIDEOBYTE VideoByte is a privately held and operated revenue-first video advertising platform focused on a viewer-first experience across connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) platforms. Founded in 2020 with company headquarters based in Austin, Texas, the ad serving platform provides advanced technology delivering memorable brand messaging moments for advertisers at a higher profitability for publishers. As experts in CTV technology, VideoByte is known to provide strong performance for its variety of publisher clients including notable partners AMC, MLB, NFL and Plex.

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