Addressable TV advertising market to hit $3.3B by 2020

FierceVideo | March 26, 2019

Overall spending on addressable television advertising is poised for massive growth and could total $3.3 billion by 2020, according to the Video Advertising Bureau.

The VAB just released a marketing guide, Address For Success, and the organization found that 6 out of 10 advertisers using addressable TV say it’s a valuable part of their media buy and are planning to increase their investment. As a result, the VAB believes addressable will grow 343% increase from 2016 to 2020.

There is still lots of potential upside for addressable. The VAB estimates just 40% of U.S. addressable TV agencies and marketing professionals are currently making a significant investment in platforms, and that 71% of these marketers have been buying addressable TV for less than one year.


Follow the step-by-step tutorial about how to create a new Display advertising campaign in 4 easy steps. Learn more about Display advertising


Follow the step-by-step tutorial about how to create a new Display advertising campaign in 4 easy steps. Learn more about Display advertising

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Pixalate Launches COPPA Compliance Toolkit for Child-Directed CTV Apps on Roku and Amazon Fire TV Stores

Pixalate | January 17, 2023

Pixalate, which is an analytics platform for fraud protection, privacy, and compliance for connected TV (CTV) and mobile advertising, has released a compliance toolkit for CTV to find and evaluate child-directed apps in the Roku and Amazon Fire TV app stores. The toolkit is designed to enable Pixalate's customers to identify, review, and assess child-directed apps that run on Roku and Amazon Fire TV in order to ensure compliance with relevant laws such as the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The Pixalate Trust and Safety Advisory Board, which is made up of qualified educators and led by a former FTC enforcer, looks at apps through the lens of the COPPA Rule to see if they are aimed at children. Pixalate's new toolkit gives brands, ad networks, and agencies the ability to accurately find and label apps that are made for kids. Allison Lefrak, Pixalate's senior vice president of public policy, advertising privacy, and COPPA compliance, said, "As advertisers are focusing more on programmatic Connected TV inventory, it is important for them to keep in mind that COPPA also applies in the CTV space." She further added, "Identifying which apps are child-directed and whether they are potentially risky from a COPPA compliance standpoint is crucial in avoiding hefty penalties." These manual reviews are blended with AI to assign a COPPA violation risk to over 50,000 Roku and Amazon Fire CTV apps. If a publisher or advertiser knows that a CTV app is aimed at children, they must follow COPPA, which includes getting permission from the child's parents before collecting and/or sharing personal information. About Pixalate Pixalate is the market-leading platform for fraud protection, privacy, and compliance analytics for connected TV (CTV) and mobile advertising. We work around the clock to protect your reputation and increase your media value. Pixalate is the only company that offers coordinated solutions for detecting and getting rid of ad fraud across display, app, video, and CTV. Pixalate's marketing compliance solutions include the industry's first COPPA compliance technology, which is designed to identify potential child-directed apps and online privacy compliance risks. Pixalate is an MRC-accredited service that detects and filters sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) on desktop and mobile web, mobile in-app, and CTV advertising.

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Upsolver Announces Support for AWS for Advertising and Marketing Initiative

Upsolver | December 01, 2022

Upsolver, the company dedicated to making data in motion accessible to every data practitioner, announced support for the AWS for Advertising and Marketing initiative from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help accelerate advertising and marketing transformation. AWS for Advertising and Marketing is an initiative featuring services and solutions purpose-built to meet the needs of advertising agencies, marketers, publishers, ad technology providers, and analytics service providers. The initiative helps customers deliver personalized ad experiences, optimize ad serving performance and cost, and innovate on audience segmentation and attribution. It simplifies the process for industry customers to select the right tools and partners helping accelerate their production launches and see faster time to value. Upsolver SQLake is a platform for building data pipelines that ingest and combine real-time events with batch data sources for up-to-the-minute analytics. It provides ground-breaking time-to-value, since any SQL user can build a pipeline simply by writing a query. SQLake automates the pipeline engineering tasks that create severe development bottlenecks – chores such as orchestration, file system optimization and infrastructure scaling. AWS empowers advertisers and marketers to reinvent workloads with solutions to improve audience and customer data management, privacy-enhanced data collaboration, advertising platforms, marketing measurement and ad intelligence, and personalized digital customer experiences. For customers looking for prescriptive, solution-specific support, AWS for Advertising & Marketing identifies leading industry partners in each area. With SQLake, advertisers and marketers achieve a leap in time to delivery and data freshness for use cases such as machine learning (ML) model training, campaign performance management and optimization, dynamic audience segmentation, real-time bidding, ROI reporting, data science and ad hoc analytics. Beyond making data engineers 10X more productive it enables self-service for data users who know SQL – such as data scientists, analysts, ad/marketing ops personnel, product managers and account managers. One benefit of migrating or building advertising and marketing workloads on the most widely adopted cloud is the number of integrations and distribution channels connecting shared data with flexibility and interoperability. Whether you are seeking third party data or tools for better managing first party data, there are both AWS and third-party solutions offered in the AWS Data Exchange, AWS Marketplace, along with the largest community of AWS Partner Network (APN) members, including Upsolver. “As a global leader in smart ad serving, omnichannel personalization, and consumer intelligence, Clinch ingests and processes billions of events per day into our AWS data lake, a scenario that is largely supported by Upsolver” said Yaron Cohen, Vice President of Research and Development at Clinch. “As a global leader in smart ad serving, omnichannel personalization, and consumer intelligence, Clinch ingests and processes billions of events per day into our AWS data lake, a scenario that is largely supported by Upsolver” said Yaron Cohen, Vice President of Research and Development at Clinch. “The self-serve, intuitive operability offered by Upsolver has driven an immense amount of efficiency and speed to my team, and enables us to deliver new features quickly that improve ROI for our customers.” Together, Upsolver and AWS help serve the analytics needs of advertising and marketing firms such as AppsFlyer, SimilarWeb, Clinch, Peer39, Mantis, BigaBid and MediaSense. Support for AWS Redshift Serverless is Upsolver’s latest advancement in supporting AWS customers, who can use Upsolver with a broad range of services including Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Athena, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK), Amazon Redshift, Amazon SageMaker and more. Sign up for a 30-day risk-free trial of SQLake today, after which usage is charged at 10 cents / GB of data ingested, with unlimited pipelines and no minimum commit. Upsolver is available for subscription on AWS Marketplace. About Upsolver Upsolver is a tight-knit group of data engineers and infrastructure developers obsessed with removing the friction from building data pipelines, in order to accelerate the real-time delivery of big data to the people who need it. Founded in 2015 by data engineers Ori Rafael and Yoni Eini, Upsolver has grown from an Israeli-based venture focused on adtech to a global business serving customers across many industries including software, manufacturing, oil and gas, health care, and financial services. Upsolver’s platform enables a variety of high-value analytics use cases such as user behavior, IoT monitoring, and log analytics. Upsolver is headquartered in San Francisco with R&D centered in Tel Aviv. Customers span regions and industries, such as Cox Automotive, IronSource, ProofPoint and Wix. Its top-tier investors include Scale Venture Partners, Vertex Ventures US, Wing Venture Capital, and JVP. For more information, please visit

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Marin Software Announces its Amazon Ads Advanced Partner Status

Marin Software | December 12, 2022

Marin Software, one of the leading providers of digital marketing software for performance-driven advertisers and agencies, today announced it achieved Amazon Ads advanced partner status. MarinOne’s integration with the Amazon Ads API allows brands to easily manage, measure, and optimize their Amazon Ads campaigns - including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and Amazon DSP. The new partner recognition program from Amazon Ads gives partners the advanced partner status based on the growth they deliver for their advertising clients and their level of engagement and expertise with Amazon Ads products like sponsored ads and Amazon DSP. “Our longstanding relationship with Amazon Ads and our expertise in the online retail space have helped us drive maximum performance for many Retail brands, We are thrilled to be recognized as an advanced partner and look forward to helping our clients further their selling and advertising efforts with Amazon Ads and deliver more return on their ad spend.” Chris Lien, CEO of Marin Software. Marin has helped advertisers manage and optimize over $40 billion in digital advertising spend since 2007 across search, social, and online retail for some of the world's biggest brands. MarinOne provides customers a single platform for paid search and social advertising as well as retail media, marketplace, and shopping campaigns, delivering a cross-channel view of performance. MarinOne customers have a comprehensive suite of reporting, automation, and bidding tools to activate and help amplify their entire Amazon Ads campaign portfolio, both in and outside of Amazon’s stores. Advertisers can also leverage Amazon Attribution to connect their non-Amazon upper funnel ad spend across search and social channels with purchases in Amazon’s stores to measure every conversion. About Marin Software Marin Software Incorporated’s (NASDAQ: MRIN) mission is to give advertisers the power to drive higher efficiency and transparency in their paid marketing programs that run on the world’s largest publishers. Marin Software offers a unified SaaS advertising management platform for search, social, and eCommerce advertising. The Company helps digital marketers convert precise audiences, improve financial performance, and make better decisions. Headquartered in San Francisco with offices worldwide, Marin Software’s technology powers marketing campaigns around the globe

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