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Adsquare to Offer Mobile-Powered Data and Insights for Mobile & OOH Advertising

Adsquare, the global audience and location intelligence company, is now using insights from O2 Motion, enabling businesses to leverage anonymised, aggregated crowd movement data for geo-contextual mobile targeting, as well as for more effective planning and programmatic activation of Out-of-Home campaigns.

O2 Motion is a service that uses anonymised and aggregated data created by the O2 mobile phone network to offer insight into movement trends across the UK. As mobile devices connect to different masts, they create data footprints, which O2 can then anonymise, aggregate and extrapolate to gain a picture of how people are travelling, when they make journeys and which areas they visit.*

Anonymised, aggregated insights from O2 Motion are now available within the Adsquare platform in the form of easy-to-activate segments, enhancing Adsquare’s Proximity Targeting and OOH Planning & Activation solutions in the UK. Adsquare’s own location based targeting solutions are actionable via pre bid API integrations in all relevant DSPs including Adform, Displayce, LoopMe, Scoota, Splicky, Hawk, The Trade Desk and Xandr.

Adsquare’s technology already enriches mobile devices’ or DOOH screens’ geo-locations with spatial data in real-time (with lat/long geo-locations sent in the bid request by the supply side). The company is now overlaying this information with historic, anonymised and aggregated crowd movement data from O2 Motion. This data is turned into insights that can help advertisers look at the past, evaluate the present and predict future trends. In other words, advertisers benefit from a better understanding of customer behaviour and profiles at a site level – all governed by strict data privacy and security processes that are GDPR compliant.

Tom Laband, CEO & co-founder of Adsquare, says: “Offering privacy-first and high quality data to marketers is the number one priority for Adsquare. We’re proud to be working with O2 Motion which provides unique insight at scale into anonymised, aggregated crowd movement trends across the UK.”

*Data insights from O2 Motion never allow identification or mapping of individuals and operate
within strict privacy guidelines.



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