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AdTonos Brings Real-Time Interactivity to Live Radio with New Offering: YoursTruly

AdTonos, a leading force in audio-centric advertising technology, has carried continuous intelligence to live radio with its new contribution: YoursTruly. The creative innovation permits advertisers to reach at audience members through keen speakers with drawing in two-manner, voice-based interchanges, conveyed over Octave's huge arrangement of business radio broadcasts.

YoursTruly was developed to understand the huge and quickly developing capability of native audio advertisement experiences. Practically speaking, an advertisement highlighting a cooperation trigger is embedded into a promotion break, when communicated, audience members can respond to the advertisement with a straightforward voice order to draw in the voice colleague and complete an ideal activity prior to being gotten back to the live radio broadcast.

The YoursTruly technology was appeared through an advertisement campaign that Omnicom Media Group's PHD arranged and conveyed for Audi and focused on London's business radio broadcasts in an overall first — including Absolute Radio, Kiss Radio and Magic Radio. Audience members could undoubtedly book test drives for the brand's most recent model through voice-enactment on their shrewd speakers. The mission likewise bridled shrewd geolocation innovation to help audience members select their closest dealership.



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