Air Around the Clock Joins Forces with Lipof & McGee Advertising

Lipof & McGee Advertising | January 25, 2021

Air Around the Clock, South Florida's driving AC deals and administration organization, has formally held Lipof and McGee Advertising as Agency of Record for the organization's marketing needs. From this point forward, Lipof and McGee Advertising will deal with all showcasing technique, media arranging and situation, innovative, digital and social media services for the AC sales and service company.

“The residential air conditioning industry in South Florida is more competitive than ever. It’s critical that we effectively tell consumers why we are their number one choice for value and service with their home AC units,” says Air Around the Clock President, Eric Pereira. “Air Around the Clock continues to be the market leader. Our buying power and size ensures we get the lowest prices, which means the best value for homeowners. With the help of Lipof & McGee, we will continue to communicate this cohesive, consistent message across all platforms to continue our growth and success.”

Lipof and McGee Advertising is the principal advertising office that Air Around the Clock will have worked with in the organization's 30-year history. The organization will attempt to improve Air Around the Clock's message, media purchases and global positioning frameworks to attempt to promptly improve advertising ROI, and to assist further with developing Air Around the Clock's client base. Lipof and McGee will take a look at new chances in traditional media formats including billboards, and also look at expanding the company’s exposure online.


Centro ( is a global provider of enterprise-class software for digital advertisers. Our technology, Basis, is the industry’s most comprehensive and automated digital media management platform. Through a single user interface, Basis converges the entire advertising workflow, enabling marketers to plan, buy, analyze and streamline campaigns for programmatic, direct, search and social.


Centro ( is a global provider of enterprise-class software for digital advertisers. Our technology, Basis, is the industry’s most comprehensive and automated digital media management platform. Through a single user interface, Basis converges the entire advertising workflow, enabling marketers to plan, buy, analyze and streamline campaigns for programmatic, direct, search and social.

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IAS Announces Agreement with the Microsoft Audience Network to Provide Brand Safety for Native Ads Across Desktop and Mobile Web

IAS | September 28, 2020

Integral Ad Science (IAS), the global leader in digital ad verification, today announced the first platform-wide agreement with the Microsoft Audience Network to exclusively provide brand safety for native ads across desktop and mobile web. This integration uses IAS's predictive technology and real-time data to ensure that all campaigns activated through the Microsoft Audience Network are brand safe on a pre-bid basis. Microsoft's Audience Network reaches millions of customers through Microsoft owned and operated sites like MSN, and Microsoft Edge, as well as trusted third-party publishers. With IAS's pre-bid integration, advertisers will now have an additional layer of brand protection to confidently deliver their messages in trusted environments. The integration, which comes at no added cost to marketers, will automatically filter out high-risk inventory before the bid is even placed, further enhancing the Microsoft Audience Network's offerings of contextual native placements. "I'm thrilled that IAS is the first platform-wide brand safety partner across the Microsoft Audience Network. This means that we can provide the highest level of brand safety coverage for marketers across this inventory," said Lisa Utzschneider, Chief Executive Officer, IAS. "The best part, IAS brand safety controls are automatically included for every Microsoft Audience Network advertiser at no incremental cost to them." With consumers spending more time online than ever before, it is crucial for marketers to make connections with their respective audiences in high-quality trusted environments in order to get strong returns from their media investment. In a time when performance and efficiency are top-of-mind, IAS gives advertisers the most accurate and comprehensive coverage to ensure their message makes the maximum impact.

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Model B Launches First Of Its Kind Omnichannel Advertising Technology; Blueprint

Model B | August 17, 2021

Model B, an emerging technology company built to address systemic issues throughout the digital ad buying and analytics ecosystem, today announced the launch of Blueprint, the company's proprietary Omnichannel marketing technology. Blueprint is a single tool that integrates five disparate points across the ad planning, buying and analytics landscape, reducing the amount of tech licenses, money and effort necessary to drive better performance. Through this platform, Model B aims to create an environment where large companies can thrive, but also one where small businesses can grow with ease. Blueprint's end-to-end workflow capability, coupled with its powerful planning, buying and analytics features, empowers brand-side marketers to finally shed their agencies. Model B also offers a unique hybrid model, which provides full-service agency support during onboarding and a timeline to transition away from the company's resources, so the end user can move their media buying in-house in a less disruptive manner. Blueprint's proprietary approach to structuring and modeling vast quantities of data reduces the amount of media planners, buyers, data scientists and ops personnel necessary to understand who to target with what message, as well as which channels and platforms are delivering the best results. Through structured machine learning, Blueprint organizes data based on fixed variables and delivers simple and digestible reporting that gives users a clearer picture of how their campaigns are performing. The platform aims to retrain the brains of marketers to think more purposefully about their audiences and content. "Most media planning and optimization tools were designed for a simpler time, when cookies ran rampant and the walled gardens weren't quite as high," said Todd Silverstein, President of Model B. "Blueprint is the only technology that marries sophisticated analytics and machine learning with automation that ensures the level of campaign setup necessary to generate meaningful data and business intelligence. Our platform simplifies everything and allows marketers to see exactly what's moving the needle for their campaigns. It's the Holy Grail for the modern CMO." Model B already has an extensive network of diverse clients. In addition, a number of brands have already signed up to license their Blueprint technology, prior to launch, including an ecommerce debut by one of Instagram's most well-known influencers, Ayesha Curry. "Blueprint has made launching my ecommerce brand, Sweet July, much easier than I thought," said Curry, founder of Sweet July. "I looked at several solutions, but Model B's technology is much more seamless. After talking it over with my team it was a no-brainer." Model B was founded by Abtin Buergari, a serial entrepreneur who takes pride in identifying flawed and broken systems and fixing them through technology. His former company, Modus, helped launch eDiscovery in the legal space through highly advanced utilization of AI. About Model B: Model B is a pioneering technology company borne out of a full-service advertising agency, providing AI-enhanced Ad Technology and managed service support to brands looking to grow. We exist to empower brand-side marketers in whatever way creates a competitive advantage, whether that's expediting their ability to in-house, thanks to our SaaS products, or delivering strategic, creative and media support. Promoting transparency and simplicity is at the heart of our One Team + One Tool approach, which drives measurable and consistent impact.

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Permutive Delivers Responsible Advertising

Permutive | June 20, 2022

On June 15, Permutive launched the infrastructure for the responsible web- bringing together hundreds of publishers, brands, and adtech companies such as The Financial Times, Penske Media Corporation, RocketMill, Kimberley-Clark, and PubMatic to work together to use data responsibly to restore consumer trust. Consumers are increasingly opting out of sharing their information for advertising. As many as 40% of users are browsing in cookie-less environments. Permutive research shows that up to 55% of users in Europe are hitting ‘reject all’ on cookies. Permutive’s responsible web infrastructure wants to alleviate the increasing regulatory pressure on the industry and address dwindling consumer trust and reduced addressability. The infrastructure will deliver over 20 billion targeted impressions in 2021 via publisher-owned, consented data and with no third-party cookies entering the bidstream. “The opportunity and importance for publishers and brands to collaborate is growing in significance,” saysRyan Lewis, Media Director at RocketMill. “Understanding the audience has always been paramount in marketing, now more than ever, and by understanding, creating, and activating audiences in a privacy-centric way, brands have a truly powerful opportunity to connect and create meaningful ad experiences with consumers.” "Permutive has created new ways to work with some of the largest advertisers in the world," saysBrett Goverman, Associate VP, Data Strategy at PMC. “Publishers need to monetize all their audiences and have the tools to communicate who their audience is and why they are valuable. Success within the responsible web is twofold; one – control over your data, and two – successful monetization of your inventory and audience.” Permutive offers publishers 100% addressability and the tools to trigger audiences consistently across the media transaction types. Brands can activate first-party audiences by collaborating with the right media owners to extend the scale of their data. Adtech companies will be able to build on Permutive’s infrastructure to deliver incremental value by offering their customers’ audiences that are addressable, rich, consented, and relevant. “Permutive is an ideal partner to align with to protect consumer privacy while delivering high-performing, publisher first-party-data solutions that lead the industry,” says Andrew Baron, SVP, Addressability and Marketplace at PubMatic. “Publishers, brands and adtech partners are growing a new digital ecosystem using the Permutive infrastructure,” says Joe Root, CEO and co-founder at Permutive. “Publishers, brands and adtech partners are growing a new digital ecosystem using the Permutive infrastructure,” says Joe Root, CEO and co-founder at Permutive. “Over 20 billion targeted impressions were delivered on our infrastructure in 2021; we’re excited to see this grow as the advertising industry moves to a more responsible web.” Permutive has partnered with companies such as PubMatic, Neustar, and OpenX to create solutions for publishers and brands that deliver addressability at scale, without compromise.

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