Amazon to Share Cashierless Store Data with Brands and Advertisers

Amazon | June 30, 2022

Amazon to news Inc. developed cashierless technology to expedite trips to the grocery store or convenience store. It now wants to use the tracking system to assist brands and advertisers in determining how to sell more products.

The company announced plans to share data from its shopper-tracking cameras and sensors in a blog post on Wednesday. Among other things, Amazon would tell brands how many people bought an item pulled from a shelf, how many returned it, and how many bought it later on The Store Analytics initiative essentially extends the data-mining capabilities of e-commerce to physical stores.

Amazon's "Just Walk Out" technology, which was launched in 2018 after years of internal development, is now available in more than 50 Amazon retail locations, including Amazon Go convenience stores and Amazon Fresh grocery stores. The network of overhead cameras and shelf sensors automatically registers and bills shoppers as they exit.

If brands find the data useful, Amazon may be able to recoup the enormous costs associated with developing and operating the technology. People working on the project and at competing companies developing cashierless systems have long speculated that data on what items customers consider and how they navigate stores could be profitable. But, according to retail analysts, cashierless shopping is a technological marvel but not yet a commercial success.

Brands will have access to details on how their products are discovered, considered, and purchased in applicable stores to help them inform decisions related to selection, promotions, and ad campaigns, according to the blog.

The program may resurrect privacy concerns about Amazon's cashierless system. The company stated in the post and accompanying explainer that individual shopper data would not be shared and used the phrase "aggregated and anonymized" ten times. According to Amazon, video and images of shoppers will not be sent to brands, and individual shoppers can opt-out of having their data included in Store Analytics.


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If you think you have Facebook Ads covered for your dealership, you may want to give this social media advertising solution a second look. Are you only using syndicated content from the OEM? Do your ads have access to targeted audiences through third-party data? Does your current vendor have the ability to edit your campaigns in real time.

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Modern Luxury Media Inks Digitally Driven Acquisition With Glocally to Accelerate Influencer Creator Network

Glocally | July 13, 2022

Modern Luxury Media, the nation's largest luxury media company, today announces the acquisition of Glocally, a social content company that discovers and partners with the most engaging influencers and local content creators. Founded in 2016 by Brad Agens, Glocally was created with the vision of helping regional and local brands replicate the strategies of large national companies by developing and distributing localized content to connect to creators who make a difference in the areas that matter most. Glocally will join Modern Luxury Media as a new division to strengthen its commitment to the influencer creator economy across the luxury media company's roster of 85 brands from coast to coast. Over the last decade, social media has undergone a significant transformation. Today, consumers are shifting away from traditional social media experiences and gravitating toward connecting with creators who can deliver short-form, entertainment-based content. Given content creators are the new voices of today, this acquisition allows Modern Luxury to create powerful, one-of-a-kind content marketing programs that generate buzz across partnerships that are authentic, meaningful and engaging. "This past year we have doubled down on a hyperlocal and community-driven approach to content creation in order to build more opportunities to elevate both our brands as well as our audience experience, Our partnership with Glocally brings this strategy to the next level. We couldn't be more thrilled to bring Brad and his team at Glocally to Modern Luxury and enhance our content strategies for today's digital economy." -Michael Dickey, CEO of Modern Luxury Media I have always admired Modern Luxury's approach in harnessing community and continuously implementing digital and innovation strategies for growth, said Agens. Modern Luxury and Glocally have obvious synergies that will create impactful and meaningful experiences for our clients. Local and regional brands have a big desire and need for content, and we see an opportunity for Modern Luxury's incredible roster to create hyperlocal content that will take the user experience and brand love to the next level. We couldn't be more thrilled for our companies to come together in this way. The acquisition is part of Modern Luxury Media's accelerated growth strategy focused on M&A and exclusive partnerships to help strengthen its digital media and creative capabilities to enhance its offerings to luxury communities around the globe. "Brands have an enormous opportunity to harness micro-communities in order to maximize their consumer experiences for their products or services, Our company's strength has always been the ability to build amazing brands that tap into the most affluent communities around the country to give them premium and elevated content experiences. By tapping into Glocally's technology and expertise, the acquisition will allow Modern Luxury's roster of clients the ability to build a hub of affluent luxury creators in key markets that will increase monetization and the consumer engagement with their brand." -Mike Pallad, president of Modern Luxury Media. Reaching an audience of more than 16 million, Modern Luxury is the nation's largest luxury media company and home to leading brands including Hampton's Magazine, Ocean Drive, and Aspen Magazine. Most recently, Modern Luxury partnered with Jay Z's Roc Nation to launch EDITION, the first fully multi-platform portal into a world of luxury that celebrates talent from diverse communities. About MODERN LUXURY MEDIA: At Modern Luxury, connection and community define who we are. Reaching an audience of more than 16 million, we are the nation's largest luxury media company offering leading brands access to the most influent audiences in the most prominent cities across the U.S. Through the power of Modern Luxury Media ecosystem including 85+ brands across 22 markets, we deliver powerful marketing solutions allowing luxury brands to connect with their audiences in the places and ways that mater most. About GLOCALLY: Glocally is a social media and marketing technology company that enables local and regional businesses to succeed across digital platforms. We provide social media management, content development, digital strategy and facilitate influencer collaborations with social media's top creators.

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Adverty Launches Industry-first Streaming Video Technology for In-Play Ads

Adverty | July 15, 2022

Adverty AB today (July 14th, 2022) unveils a global partnership with Swedish technology company SeenThis; the partnership enables streamed video advertising to be delivered into live-gaming environments for the first time. The groundbreaking collaboration will allow advertisers to stream video creative programmatically through their preferred DSPs into Adverty’s gaming inventory of IAB standard display banners, setting a new standard for immersive, smooth, high-quality, in-game video advertising. Demand for video advertising formats shows no sign of abating. In the USA alone, digital video advertising spend surged 49% in 2021 and is expected to reach nearly USD $50bn (£42.2bn) this year, with other markets seeing growth on a similar scale. By streaming rather than using traditional technology, Adverty and SeenThis create lightweight, crystal-clear video advertising placements in contextually appropriate positions through In-Play™ ads - from billboards to bus shelters - within a wide range of games, driving optimal engagement and performance. Jonas Söderqvist, CEO at Adverty comments: “At a time when programmatic video advertising continues to explode, we are delighted to announce our global partnership with SeenThis to bring video ads to in-game advertising." Jonas Söderqvist, CEO at Adverty comments: “At a time when programmatic video advertising continues to explode, we are delighted to announce our global partnership with SeenThis to bring video ads to in-game advertising. This industry-first streaming solution is incredibly data-light and allows short, snappy content to be shared with ultimate flexibility. This adds significantly to the immersive quality of our leading in-game environments, with smooth, high-quality, fast-rendering video ad units now available across all our formats.” Jesper Benon, CEO at SeenThis, adds: “Through our streaming technology, we’re speeding up and evolving the digital media landscape to set a new standard for content delivery online. SeenThis’s groundbreaking screen experience enables advertisers to stream high-quality video creative in display across the programmatic ecosystem - at speed and at scale - thereby delivering highly engaging experiences. This marks the first time that SeenThis streaming video is used in-game and we are delighted to see Adverty's ad platform fully supporting our state-of-art video technology.” This new format will allow brands investing in video to place short-form videos of between six and 15 seconds, as seen on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, into games where they find captive, engaged, and often hard-to-reach audiences. With over 3 billion gamers worldwide, more and more brands are opting to implement in-game advertising - with increasingly sophisticated ads yielding impressive results at a time when such opportunities are coming to be regarded as central for future innovations within the Metaverse.

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Meta Recreates Cannes in the Metaverse to Attract Advertisers

Meta | June 22, 2022

Nicola Mendelsohn of Meta is on Cloud Island in Cannes. Cloud Island is the name given to Meta's virtual Cannes, which was created as its major Metaverse marketing showcase at the ad festival, and where avatars can play volleyball or otherwise enjoy a digital version of the French Riviera. Mendelsohn, the company's global head of business solutions, has been showcasing Meta's foray into the metaverse for the past two years while leading the company's presence at Cannes. Because the festival was entirely virtual last year, Meta had to meet with brands in Horizon Worlds, the VR gaming app that is accessible through Meta Quest goggles and will soon be available on more platforms. “We’re building some different areas for people to be able to have an immersive experience on the Croisette,It’s really the place that people are coming together to push the boundaries on creativity,” Mendelsohn about Meta’s Cloud Island At Cannes, Meta is also talking about augmented reality, a more subtle digital layer that people could access via phone cameras and new computing glasses like the ones Meta designed with Ray-Ban and unveiled last year. AR is not only "doing a great job from a brand standpoint," according to Mendelsohn, but it's also pushing lower-funnel goals, such as bottom-line sales and other results brands need to show their marketing is moving the needle. Snap arrived in Cannes as an AR pioneer, demonstrating how the artistic side of augmented reality integrates with commerce. On Tuesday, Meta announced new partnerships with major brands, including guitar-maker Fender and Mini, the car company.

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