Anzu Awarded TAG Seals and IAB UK Gold Standard 2.0 Certification

Anzu Virtual Reality Ltd. | August 16, 2021, the world’s most advanced in-game advertising platform, announced today that it earned three major industry certifications: the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) Brand Safety Certified Seal, the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal, and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK Gold Standard Certification 2.0. Together, these certifications demonstrate Anzu’s ongoing commitment to promoting a safe, secure, and fraud-free ecosystem that benefits the entire advertising chain.
Anzu was awarded the TAG Brand Safety Certified Seal after an independent validation by third-party auditor ABC, demonstrating that the company had achieved the program requirements, including industry best practices to improve brand safety and reduce the risk of ad misplacement. The TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal is awarded to companies that maintain rigorous standards to combat fraudulent and invalid traffic in the advertising supply chain. As part of those requirements, Anzu uses MRC-accredited anti-fraud solutions and measures and verifies that traffic is compliant with industry safety standards.

Anzu is known to take a proactive approach to meeting and exceeding industry demands for greater transparency. These certifications will give media buyers, and advertisers increased confidence in the steps taken to protect brand safety and reduce fraud through Anzu’s in-game platform.

“As digital gaming continues to grow rapidly, we are pleased that forward-looking companies like Anzu are adopting best practices to combat fraudulent, invalid traffic and protect the brand safety of their ad partners,” said Mike Zaneis, CEO of TAG. “These supply chain challenges extend across all parts of the digital advertising ecosystem, so TAG is committed to ensuring its program covers gaming and other emerging digital advertising channels, and we look forward to continuing to work with Anzu on these important efforts.”

To receive the IAB Gold Standard Certification 2.0 in the Full-Service Support category, Anzu took the necessary steps. These included implementing IAB Tech Lab’s ads.txt to tackle ad fraud and its Transparency & Consent Framework v2.0 to ensure GDPR and e-privacy laws are adhered to, undergoing a TAG Brand Safety audit, and endorsing the guiding principles from Coalition for Better Ads.

“As the industry evolves, with areas such as gaming seeing rapid growth, it’s essential that businesses are upholding standards and best practices across the board. The Gold Standard is key to this, helping to create a digital ecosystem that is both responsible and sustainable. We’re delighted to have Anzu’s support in this mission, and many congratulations to them on becoming Gold Standard 2.0 certified,” said Tina Lakhani, head of ad tech, IAB UK.

In addition to these achievements, Anzu is the first and only platform of its kind to earn an ISO 27001 certification. The in-game advertising company also partners with many top-tier AdTech industry leaders to enable advertisers to make smarter, more effective media buys. Anzu and Moat work together to track impression delivery and IVT measurement in 3D mobile and PC game environments. The company’s partnership with Comscore brings advertising measurement and attribution solutions to advertisers to better understand audience behaviour and campaign impact.

“The public’s interest in gaming and esports has exploded over the past few years, and advertisers have taken note, realising that they can connect with a diverse audience of 3.1 billion gamers. We have taken the concepts of brand safety, transparency, measurement, and data privacy to the next level, ensuring advertisers and publishers operate within an environment that delivers value for them while protecting the player experience,” said Tegan Hull, Anzu’s head of operations. “We are proud to have earned these certifications, and we will continue to lead the industry in promoting them and establishing new ones that uphold our values.”


Comparing the value of the world's biggest online display advertising networks: 1) Facebook: Advertising reach: A+; Revenues/growth - A-; Advertising performance: B+; Ad targeting options: C; Ad formats: D+; 2) Google display


Comparing the value of the world's biggest online display advertising networks: 1) Facebook: Advertising reach: A+; Revenues/growth - A-; Advertising performance: B+; Ad targeting options: C; Ad formats: D+; 2) Google display

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MiQ acquires AirGrid, the privacy-first audience platform for publishers

MiQ, AirGrid | November 04, 2022

In its commitment to enabling the next generation of programmatic advertising, MiQ, the global programmatic media partner, today announced the acquisition of UK-based AirGrid, the privacy-first audience platform. Powered by edge computing, AirGrid adds critical publisher-focused technology capabilities and proprietary data to MiQ’s extensive solution suite, accelerating its leadership in shaping the cookieless future for clients. AirGrid is the only platform which enables marketers to connect directly to publishers for privacy-first and cookieless audience creation and activation. Instead of using cookie-based data, AirGrid uses machine learning to segment publisher audiences without the use of any identifiers. It then stores, models, and activates locally on-device or “at the edge” so that user data never leaves a device. In addition to maximising yield for publishers, these capabilities supercharge marketer audience strategies across a network of premium publishers, without ever having to handle user data, and increases reach in cookieless environments, such as the Safari web browser. “Just two months after our monumental PE investment from Bridgepoint, we’ve made this exciting move with AirGrid that gives us a transformational technology asset to remain front of the pack in delivering privacy-first programmatic solutions to our clients,” said John Goulding, Global Chief Strategy Officer for MiQ “With AirGrid, publishers and marketers will be able to target inaccessible audiences previously out of reach due to cookie blockers. It’s a win-win-win scenario. Publishers get better control, access, and monetisation opportunities, brands can apply more precise targeting functionality to key audiences historically out of reach, and consumers’ data never leaves their device.” AirGrid bolsters MiQ’s existing cookieless suite of authenticated data connection, advanced contextual data methods, and clean room solutions, which together power better analytics and targeting. With a global reach of hundreds of millions of users, AirGrid’s solutions are available now for any campaigns targeting UK supply, providing instant access to first-party data from five UK publishers and over 750 domains. MiQ is already working to expand this to the U.S. and Canadian markets, which will be available in the second half of 2023. AirGrid will retain its brand name and serve as a standalone entity under the MiQ umbrella. “Google may have delayed the cookieless deadline to 2024, but its reality is already here,” said Dennis Yurkevich, AirGrid founder and CEO and now Managing Director and CTO. “Google may have delayed the cookieless deadline to 2024, but its reality is already here,” said Dennis Yurkevich, AirGrid founder and CEO and now Managing Director and CTO. “The internet has experienced rapid change, even within the last several years alone, as consumers, legislators, and other tech giants demand the eradication of data practices of the past. We need to heed their words proactively versus reactively when it’ll be far too late. We’ve watched as MiQ has led this charge for years, and we’re excited to be on board now to drive even further innovation for publishers and marketers in this future.” Goulding continued, “The addition of AirGrid is just the beginning for MiQ. With our newly-formed M&A business division, we’re laser-focused in executing our strategic plan to drive impactful growth and expansion of our business, and serve as the preeminent authority on privacy-first digital advertising.” About MiQ We’re MiQ, a programmatic media partner for marketers and agencies. We connect data from multiple sources to do interesting, exciting, business-problem-solving things for our clients. We’re experts in data science, analytics and programmatic trading, and our team of people are always ready to react and solve challenges quickly, to make sure you’re always spending your media investments on the right things in the right places. Headquartered in London, MiQ has offices across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. We were named to AdExchanger’s Programmatic Power Players list in 2022, 2021, and 2020, were awarded Most Effective Use of Data at The Drum’s Digital Industries Awards 2021 and named 4th in The Sunday Times International Track 200 for 2019. MiQ operates globally from 18 offices located in North America, Europe and APAC. You can find out more here:

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MAGNA and Roku Find Creative Streaming TV Ads 2X Better Than Traditional TV Ads

MAGNA | January 23, 2023

MAGNA Media Trials, the industry-leading proprietary research offering of MAGNA, and Roku have just announced a new study in cooperation with the Roku Brand Studio, which reveals that new video ad formats in streaming TV are twice as appealing to consumers as traditional TV advertising. Currently, marketers strive to stand out in the transition to streaming. However, traditional TV ads alone miss an opportunity to surprise and excite viewers throughout streamers' journey outside the traditional ad break. Beyond the: 30 on streaming TV investigates how marketers can create more engaging and powerful ad experiences on the platform. There were tests of three new "Beyond the: 30" video ad formats: Roku Original Vignette: A 30-second ad in which a brand references the Roku Original program being streamed. Thematic Tagged Vignette: A 30-second animated commercial in which a brand celebrates streaming. Watch Alongs: During commercial breaks, the brand sponsors discuss the television show or movie being streamed. All three "Beyond the: 30" ads outperformed traditional TV ads in terms of top-of-mind brand recall (+57% "Beyond the: 30" vs. +43%), brand favorability (+8% vs. +3%), and intent to search (+16% vs. +9%). These findings demonstrate the great potential of "Beyond the: 30" advertisements, which include increasing brand awareness and boosting sales. Multiple brands from many verticals participated in the study, including T-Mobile and Subaru. A home-based panel of 1,316 viewers was randomly split between exposed and control groups, who saw their preferred content intermingled with streaming-specific and traditional ads. Following the content viewing experience, viewers were questioned to evaluate the effect on brand key performance indicators (KPIs) and to get a deeper understanding of consumers' perspectives. About MAGNA MAGNA is the worldwide leader in media investment and intelligence. Its reliable data, innovative trial offerings, industry-leading negotiation skills, and exceptional consultancy solutions provide clients and subscribers with a compelling market edge. It is a team of specialists motivated by results, honesty, and curiosity. It helps customers and cross-functional teams through five core competencies: collaboration, education, accountability, connectivity, and enablement. About Roku, Inc. Roku introduced streaming to the TV. The firm connects people to their favorite streaming content, enables content publishers to grow and monetize massive audiences, and provides marketers with unique opportunities to interact with consumers. Roku streaming players and TV-related audio devices are available in the United States and other markets through direct retail sales and licensing agreements with TV OEM companies.

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Clinch’s Flight Control Integrates with Figma for Dynamic Ad Creation

Clinch | January 20, 2023

Clinch, a leader in dynamic ad serving and personalization and the creator of Flight Control, the Omnichannel Campaign Activation Platform, recently announced the launch of the Figma-Clinch Exporter Plugin, which allows designers to import the Figma designs into Flight Control for efficient dynamic ad creation. Flight Control provides users with complete freedom and command over every aspect of the campaign activation process, including ad serving, creative authoring, and mapping. Using the plugin, designers can integrate multi-layout/multi-layer design compositions directly and smoothly into Flight Control, substantially accelerating the speed at which campaigns reach the market by minimizing the number of steps necessary to develop innovative variations. Head of Product at Clinch, Adi Raz, said, "Flight Control was built to accommodate best-in-class tools and technologies that serve the campaign activation process." He added, "For the first time, ads created in Figma can be directly connected to a wide range of data sources that let them speak more relevantly to each consumer, and unlock the full potential of dynamic creative optimization." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) The immersive user interface, creative authoring tools, and dynamic mapping capabilities of Flight Controls make it simple to convert Figma assets into HTML or image advertisements with dynamic functionalities, with content that can be modified on the fly and directly sent to live campaigns. About Clinch Clinch is the acknowledged leader in multichannel ad serving. The company's AI-driven dynamic personalization solution offers custom-tailored ad experiences across all channels, resulting in industry-leading performance and ROI. In addition, Flight Control, Clinch's Omnichannel Campaign Activation Platform, allows agencies and brands to manage the whole campaign lifecycle. It allows planning through activation and measurement, on a single platform, ultimately boosting their productivity, efficiency, and profitability. It automates workflows and utilizes data to personalize and improve display and video ad experiences at scale, spanning programmatic, social media, CTV, native, in-app, and digital out-of-home (DOOH).

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