Audacy Integrates Veritone Attribute to Enhance Campaign Metrics

Veritone | March 03, 2023 | Read time : 05:00 min

Enhance Campaign Metrics

On March 2, 2023, Veritone, a company that develops AI software and services through its aiWARE™ platform, has revealed that Audacy, a prominent multi-platform audio content and entertainment firm, is now utilizing Veritone Attribute to advance its data and analytics reporting for advertising clients. In addition, Audacy, already a user of Veritone's AI applications, has expanded its usage by incorporating Veritone Attribute.

By incorporating Veritone Attribute, Audacy aims to enhance its capability to demonstrate the effectiveness of its broadcast ad campaigns. It plans to achieve this by providing advertisers with valuable directional insights regarding the performance of their campaigns across a wide range of Audacy radio brands. With this enhanced data, advertisers can make more informed decisions about their campaigns and compare their performance on Audacy stations to other advertising mediums. In addition, research has shown that attribution reporting helps increase advertiser spending and reduces the frequency of canceled ad campaigns, making it a valuable tool for evaluating campaign performance.

Veritone Attribute is a tool that enables advertisers to analyze the relationship between their broadcast ad exposure and website traffic. By providing insights on creative, daypart, day of the week, and station, the tool helps advertisers optimize their campaigns to achieve better results. In conjunction with other Veritone aiWARE applications, Veritone Attribute also allows Audacy to measure post-exposure actions taken by listeners, including those resulting from sponsorships, billboards, live mentions, promotional commercials, and other in-content integrations.

About Veritone

Veritone is a prominent provider of enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that serve organizations operating in regulated and commercial sectors. Its software, services, and industry applications streamline data management, empowering some of the most renowned brands globally to function more efficiently, expedite decision-making and boost profitability. Its aiWARE™ is a market-leading enterprise AI platform that seamlessly integrates machine learning models to convert audio, video, and other data sources into practical intelligence. In addition to its extensive partner ecosystem, Veritone's professional and managed services help to develop and construct AI solutions that resolve current and future problems.


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PR Newswire | May 10, 2023

Studio71, a global media company, has launched a Vertical Video sales offering that streamlines advertising for brands and agencies, targeting growing mobile audiences watching short-form vertical videos. This product uses consumption data across platforms to enable one-stop targeting and buying against audiences watching short-form vertical videos. It offers insights into user behavior on TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram Reels, helping advertisers reach key audiences despite different platform algorithms. Studio71 optimizes vertical video ads through its proprietary tool, ARROW, which uses data on audience behavior, interests, and platform algorithms to target unique users across major social platforms within one campaign view. The tool allows the company to serve ads between content, optimizing for the platform and categories most relevant to the target audience. Additionally, Studio71 collaborates with creators to develop custom-branded content tailored to each platform's audience and categories, ensuring optimal performance for brands. "Brands and agencies are purchasing each of these platforms individually, which can be time-consuming, inefficient, and biased," says Matt Crowley, Co-CEO of Studio71. "That's why we developed our Vertical Video sales product, which provides a mobile-first video solution that enables brands to reach consumers efficiently in targeting the right audiences wherever they are, regardless of the platform, while also optimizing for the most effective delivery based on that brand's KPIs." Through its partnership with Oracle Moat, Studio71 provides a unified video view of ad performance, enabling brands to track their campaigns and make informed decisions about their marketing strategies. This new product allows brands and agency partners to target desired audiences through Studio71's premium talent network more efficiently and effectively, providing them with a streamlined advertising process that yields measurable results. "Our platform-agnostic premium talent relationships make Studio71 uniquely positioned to solve the challenge of targeting across multiple platforms in one integrated social campaign. Our partnership with MOAT provides a unified video view of ad engagement and enhances social efficiency for brands and agencies," says Kristin Mason, CRO at Studio71. With over 15 years of experience fueling the creator economy, Studio71 is an expert at helping brands reach their target audiences through its premium talent creator network. Studio71's new Vertical Video sales product arrives at a time when short-form video content is on the rise and data-driven advertising is increasingly essential. The product provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges of multi-platform advertising and is tailored to meet the needs of today's mobile-first audiences. About Studio71 Studio71 is a global media company that produces and distributes premium, brand-safe content across all video platforms. The S71 content division produces thousands of original videos for Studio71′s owned and operated channels, podcasts, and apps, and publishes over 1,800 partnered creator channels that generate over 13 billion monthly views across YouTube, Connected TVs, and social media platforms. The S71 sales division connects advertisers with Studio71′s top digital creators for targeted media campaigns and custom branded content. Studio71 is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in Berlin, New York, Toronto, and London.

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Sharethrough Announces Green Media Summit 2023 for Sustainable Ecosystem

Sharethrough | March 15, 2023

On March 14, 2023, Sharethrough, a global independent ad exchange, is organizing the Green Media Summit 2023 in New York City on April 13. The event will highlight the impact of environmental awareness in media and the digital advertising industry's role in building a sustainable media ecosystem. The conference will feature keynotes, panels, and fireside chats from ad tech leaders, industry decision-makers, and sustainability experts. The event will talk about the latest trends and solutions in sustainable media practices. These will include strategies for reducing carbon emissions in production and distribution, new technologies, and the role of the media in driving social and actionable environmental change. Luc Marsolais, Chief Operations Officer at Sharethrough, said, "As businesses increasingly prioritize sustainability, it's become clear that industries across the board need to take steps to reduce its environmental impact." He also said, "The inaugural Green Media Summit is an essential opportunity to come together to address one of the most pressing issues of our time. At this conference and beyond, we can find ways to reduce our carbon footprint, minimize waste, and build a more sustainable future." (Source - CISION PR Newswire) The conference is completely carbon-neutral and features speakers from global brands, agencies, and publishers. Attendees can network with like-minded professionals and learn about best practices for creating environmentally conscious campaigns. The conference aims to inspire and empower the industry to take action towards a more sustainable future. About Sharethrough Sharethrough is an independent omnichannel ad exchange that believes in a human-centric approach to advertising and monetization. Advertisers and publishers use its technology to render higher-performing ads that fit any placement on any site. Sharethrough's publisher partners benefit from directly-sourced demand, scale, and quality, prioritizing their monetization efforts and elevating performance. It has headquarters in Montreal and offices across North America, including San Francisco and New York City.

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Adludio Raises £2m to Build on Rapid US Growth and Launch New Platform

Businesswire | April 11, 2023

Adludio, the global AI-powered platform delivering attention-led and data-driven mobile advertising, has secured a further £2 million investment from Mercia, following an initial investment of £4 million in 2021. This new funding round will enable Adludio to capitalize on its rapid growth in the US and launch a new fully-automated version of its platform. Powered by AI and data science, this will offer marketers a one-stop-shop for the automated design and delivery of ad campaigns that guarantee engagement. Having produced advanced mobile creative for major brands including Ford, Land Rover Jaguar, Estée Lauder, Nike, Adidas and Microsoft, the announcement will see Adludio help even more marketers win the battle for brand attention. Currently sharing its expertise and technology with the IAB to develop this field, Adludio is redefining attention as a metric for success. Paul Coggins, Adludio’s CEO, said: “At a time when privacy regulation is increasingly limiting the use of personal data, our sophisticated and unique combination of creative, media and AI is leading brand performance on mobile. With this additional investment from Mercia, the next stage of our AI-led platform, offering fully-automated capabilities, will provide brands and agencies the chance to translate user attention into profit.” Founded in 2015, the company now has a presence across five US cities – New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and Detroit - and also delivers services via resellers in Hong Kong and Singapore. In 2022, Adludio achieved 50% growth in the US and, across the globe, has continued to increase its revenues. It has also boosted its management team with a number of leading industry figures, including Ian Liddicoat as Chief Technology Officer and Dave Ramsay as Chief Product Officer. The new version of Adludio’s platform, due to be launched in 2024, will fully automate many of its processes and offer customers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product to manage their own campaigns. This latest investment comes as the adtech industry contends with continued economic uncertainty, the introduction of stricter privacy rules in many countries as well as the declining use of cookies, and aims to help Adludio consolidate its position at the forefront of the market. Mercia was investing from its Northern Venture Capital Trust (VCT) Funds. Martijn Kleibergen of Mercia said: “With stricter privacy rules, relying on ‘cookies’ to deliver targeted advertising is no longer a viable option. Adludio combines strong creative campaigns with algorithms that optimize campaigns in real time to engage consumers without using personal data. This investment will enable it to continue its growth in the US and expand its client base with the launch of its new self-service platform.” About Adludio Adludio is an AI-driven technology company that delivers premium mobile advertising. As the primary means of consuming content, mobile needs to deliver interactive experiences to engage audiences, but the majority of mobile advertising remains static. Combining data-driven creativity, proprietary technology and automation with pioneering engagement metrics, Adludio delivers privacy-compliant mobile campaigns with engagement at its heart. With offices in London, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Detroit and Chicago, Adludio is defining the next generation of mobile brand solutions in North America and EMEA.

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