Azerion and Anzu Collaborate to Make Blended in-Game Advertising Programmatically Available to Advertisers Worldwide

Anzu.io, Azerion | June 08, 2021

Anzu.io, the world's most advanced in-game advertising platform, has announced a new collaboration with Azerion, a leading pan-European digital gaming and monetization platform that provides casual and social games and videos, as well as digital marketing services for both publishers and advertisers. Azerion will now provide Anzu's market-leading blended in-game advertising solution throughout the world via its proprietary programmatic platform, Improve Digital, which generates over 1.6 trillion transactions every month.

Azerion's advertisers will programmatically display IAB-recognized in-game video and banner advertisements at scale across mobile, PC, and console platforms due to the integration with Anzu's in-game advertising platform. Anzu's innovative SDK technology, GDPR, COPPA, and CCPA compliant, is integrated into games and offers high-quality direct traffic with complete control over ad placements and first-party data.

In collaboration with advertising giant WPP, Anzu has introduced existing digital marketing standards into the game to enhance advertiser confidence in gaming as a media channel and prove its worth. Anzu collaborates with renowned AdTech providers such as Moat, Comscore, Nielsen, and Kantar to ensure fraud-free and brand-safe environments and track ad viewability, brand lift, and audience verification. A recent pilot with Cheq showed that using Anzu instead of typical 2D digital advertising increased ad viewability by 23%. Clients include top global brands such as American Eagle, 7-Eleven, Samsung, Vodafone, and gaming studio behemoths such as Ubisoft, Virtuverse, Lion Castle, and Vivid Games.

Azerion already has a substantial presence in the gaming sector, with a collection of over 16.000 game titles attracting over 1.5 billion content views each month. Around its owned inventory, the company provides secure and lucrative ad placement (display advertisements, video, rich media, mobile web, and in-app). Azerion expands its services by collaborating with Anzu to provide a scalable solution for advertisers to seamlessly mix their ads into gaming environments, addressing the vast and diverse gaming audiences in a new way.


DSE 2017: AdPod Networks Explains Its Interactive Digital Advertising Network


DSE 2017: AdPod Networks Explains Its Interactive Digital Advertising Network

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Adsonica Registers With IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework

Adsonica, IAB Europe | October 06, 2021

Adsonica, the leading audio display advertising solution, announced its approved status as the latest vendor to join IAB Europe's Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) and its Global Vendor List (GVL). By joining the TCF, Adsonica provides clients with independent assurance that it operates to the highest standards of data protection across audio display ad measurement. The framework, which was launched in April 2018, is designed to help all parties in the digital advertising chain ensure that they comply with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Directive when processing personal data or accessing and/or storing information on a user's device, such as cookies, advertising identifiers, device identifiers and other tracking technologies. The Framework was developed by IAB Europe in collaboration with organizations and professionals in the digital advertising industry. It provides transparency to consumers about how, and by whom, their personal data is processed. It also enables users to express choices. The Adsonica application does not collect any personal data or apply cookies – only aggregating anonymous ad measurement data for reporting purposes. "We designed our analytics capability in concert with enterprise data platform provider Aqfer ensuring that we delivered the highest standards of information security and data privacy, Becoming a registered member of the IAB Europe's TCF was an essential commitment to providing transparency and consent for all parties in the audio display advertising ecosystem." said William Agush, CEO and Founder of Adsonica. Parties interested in joining the Framework to give audiences full visibility and control over who can process their data in connection with advertising. About Adsonica Adsonica is the leading audio display ad creation solution that allow marketers to combine traditional display advertising with the storytelling power of sound. With no coding, audio tags or third-party players, the company's patented technology offers a better experience for both advertisers and consumers and delivers incremental lift of 50% or more. About IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework IAB Europe is the European-level association for the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem. Through its membership of National IABs and media, technology and marketing companies, its mission is to lead political representation and promote industry collaboration to deliver frameworks, standards and industry programs that enable the business to thrive in the European market. Transparency and Consent Framework or (TCF) was launched after an extensive industry consultation with IAB Europe and IAB Tech Lab members and the broader digital advertising industry in order to provide a unified GDPR consent solution to comply with privacy laws across Europe.

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Google Reports Review of AI Search Changes

Google | October 16, 2020

Google announced profound changes that will impact what sites Google ranks in the search results. Some changes impact 10% of searches, some impact 7%. The change to how BERT is used impacts nearly 100% of searches whereas last year it only impacted 10%. Some of the updates are coming by the end of the year. Others are already live in the search results. Many of the algorithm improvements announced will likely create more diversity in the search results, which in my opinion is going to make it several degrees harder for SEO. Keep reading for why this is so. In a recent PubCon keynote, Google’s John Mueller was straightforward in his prediction that SEO will become more difficult in the near future. Google BERT Now is Nearly 100%. One of the biggest reveals is that Google is employing BERT in virtually every search query. BERT is a technique for natural language processing pre-training that helps Google understand words within the context of the surrounding words. Google has said that BERT helps Google Search better understand the intent of a search query.

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OneScreen.ai Adds $3M in Funding to Build First-of-its-kind Media Marketplace for Billboards, Buses, Blimps, and More

OneScreen.ai | November 10, 2021

OneScreen.ai, a SaaS-enabled B2B marketplace provider for out-of-home (OOH) advertising, has raised an additional $3 million in seed funding to create the first-of-its-kind media platform that brings together the fragmented OOH advertising landscape. The funding, $2.6 million from Asymmetric Capital Partners and $400k from Impellent Ventures, will be used to develop the first streamlined, connected OOH market network, via an all-in-one platform. The startup has raised $4.5 million to date. “The fragmentation of the ad market, including static, digital, and programmatic is making it difficult for marketers to make good choices,” said Sam Mallikarjunan, co-founder and CEO of OneScreen.ai. “Add to that, the process for finding and acquiring OOH advertising inventory in the growing $30 billion industry is ridiculously archaic. There has never been a directory of all OOH advertising inventory, never mind a centralized place for even available local billboards, who owns them, and where to buy. OneScreen.ai has seen great momentum, booking $1 million in revenue in Q3 and $1 million in October. This funding will support us in building the first all-in-one real-world open directory to connect brands and their ideal targeted audiences.” The OOH industry is overly labor-intensive with more than 50% of inventory unintentionally going unsold every month. The all-in-one media platform aims to improve efficiency by providing access to all available billboards, transit signage, sports and event advertising, and connected TV. For the first time, marketers can locate, buy, deploy, and measure OOH advertising campaigns in one centralized location. A powerhouse team of alums from Google, HubSpot, and Wayfair are creating this platform. OOH advertising is the only traditional ad medium that continues to grow, despite its fragmented and outdated systems. A recent Harris poll reported a 45% increase in people noticing billboards, outdoor video screens, and other OOH media since pandemic shutdowns ended. "As a former first-hand buyer of OOH inventory, I knew instantly when meeting Sam that OneScreen.ai was going to drive massive change in an industry badly needing a technology-based upgrade,” said Rob Biederman, Managing Partner at Asymmetric Capital Partners. “With the increasing complexity of any targeted marketing and the perpetually rigged casino which is online paid customer acquisition, we believe the most data-driven marketers are focusing their attention on OOH. OneScreen.ai is creating the best buying experience." In July, the company announced it closed $1 million in pre-seed funding led by TechFarms Capital. About OneScreen.ai Founded by former executives and alumni from Google, HubSpot, and Wayfair, OneScreen.ai is modernizing the fragmented out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry. From billboards, blimps, and buses to wrapped cars and connected TV in bars and restaurants, OOH advertising is a $30 billion industry and growing, but 50% of inventory goes unnoticed. OneScreen.ai’s first streamlined, connected, and AI-powered all-in-one media platform is a centralized space where marketers can locate, buy, deploy, and measure OOH advertising campaigns, connecting brands with their ideal customers

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