Billy Gene is Marketing Has Launched A 4-Month Advertising Certification Program

Billy Gene Is Marketing | April 30, 2021

Billy Gene is Marketing Has Launched A 4-Month Advertising Certification Program
Billy Gene, CEO of Billy Gene Is Marketing, has introduced a new advertising certification program. The four-month intensive program is designed for candidates who want to launch a career in ads, as well as marketing departments who want to advertise their own business in-house. The class will be held from May 4 to August 4, 2021.

The Certified Advertising Genius Program will be taught in weekly classes, but this is not your typical classroom environment. This is a "million-dollar experience."

Each class is live-streamed from their million-dollar studio, which features a 15'8" by 9'5" LED wall and multi-cam online experience, 25 luxurious theatre recliners, a production staff, and a curriculum designed to train students for the real world.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 80% of businesses collapse within the first ten years. There are 400 million small businesses worldwide. Businesses need clients when times are tough. When things are going well, they expect more clients. With over $121 billion spent on internet ads in 2020, world-class advertisers are in high demand.

Billy Gene and his in-house marketing staff will mentor students as they develop the in-demand skillset needed to assist businesses in gaining customers by direct response ads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The program is designed to help them develop new ads and attract perfect customers on a regular and predictable basis.

Billy Gene Is Marketing purposefully went in the opposite direction to a conventional marketing program: instead of costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and taking four years, this certification costs $5,000 and takes four months to complete. Billy Gene will personally teach the class, and class sizes will be kept small and private. If students wish to be eligible for the advertisement certification, they must apply by May 4, 2021. Students can attend classes virtually or in person at the Billy Gene Is Marketing headquarters in downtown San Diego.

Commencement will take place in November 2021, and a special guest will deliver a speech. No spoilers here, but you're following this guy, and they're a game-changer when it comes to business growth.

Those interested in obtaining their advertising certification from Billy Gene Is Marketing should contact an enrollment advisor by phone.

Billy Gene Is Marketing is a San Diego-based marketing education organization with over 135,000 students in 75 countries. They've collaborated with some of the world's biggest franchises, including Massage Envy, Orange Theory Fitness, Crunch Fitness, and several more.


Burger King's CMO Fernando Machado talks about how the advertising industry isn't broken and instead changing in an interview with WFA & The Economist Group at Cannes Lions 2019.

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Burger King's CMO Fernando Machado talks about how the advertising industry isn't broken and instead changing in an interview with WFA & The Economist Group at Cannes Lions 2019.