Broadsign Collaboration Strengthens StackAdapt’s Programmatic DOOH Offering

Broadsign, StackAdapt | January 31, 2023 | Read time : 05:00 min

Programmatic DOOH Offering

As demand for out-of-home (OOH) advertising continues to rise, StackAdapt, announced a collaboration with Broadsign that enables agencies and brands to access new OOH advertising options.

The advertising technology partnership expands the OOH inventory accessible on StackAdapt's multi-channel digital advertising platform, giving StackAdapt users access to premium international screens in high-traffic areas through the Broadsign supply-side platform (SSP).

The combination of Broadsign's worldwide SSP with StackAdapt's multi-channel digital advertising platform allows media buyers to effortlessly include global digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertisements across roadside, retail, transport, and beyond into programmatic multi-channel campaigns. The merger of two industry-leading ad tech platforms makes it simpler for media buyers to broaden their audience reach and boost engagement across additional digital channels. It also provides StackAdapt users with opportunities to increase brand exposure and interact more effectively with global audiences.

Senior Director of Inventory, StackAdapt, Lina Wangfang, said, “Demand for out-of-home advertising has risen sharply in recent years and continues to grow as more marketers double down on brand-building investments amidst the current economic climate.” She added, “Our collaboration with Broadsign significantly expands the available programmatic out-of-home inventory on our multi-channel platform for agencies who may not have previously considered the medium. Out-of-home plays well with mobile, social, and CTV, and we expect this integration will help drive new growth here at StackAdapt, and fuel the continued evolution of multi-channel.”

(Source – ExchangeWire)

VP of global media sales at Broadsign, John Dolan, said, “Programmatic is the future of out-of-home, and our latest integration with StackAdapt will drive new attention to the medium to help spur the growth of out-of-home and multi-channel.” He explained, “We’re thrilled to team with StackAdapt to bring more media buyers, including midsize agencies, access to a medium that’s proven to boost brand awareness and online activation. We look forward to building on our partnership with StackAdapt.”

(Source – ExchangeWire)

About Broadsign 

Broadsign enables publishers, agencies, and brands to interact with global audiences through the power of out-of-home advertising. It powers over 425,000 signs on motorways, airports, retail malls, health clinics, and transport systems and is at the center of people's lives. The Broadsign platform assists publishers in managing their business operations more effectively while also facilitating the booking of OOH campaigns by brands and agencies. In addition, the platform offers capabilities for content delivery, playback and proof of performance, availability of sales inventory and proposal development, automated programmatic DOOH transactions, and OOH business operations.


2022 has seen widespread change on both fronts. With this whitepaper, we hope to shed some light on this change, as well as giving you some tools to help you effectively tackle your paid digital advertising throughout 2023.


2022 has seen widespread change on both fronts. With this whitepaper, we hope to shed some light on this change, as well as giving you some tools to help you effectively tackle your paid digital advertising throughout 2023.

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Volta, a media company, has recently joined Ad Net Zero organization as a founding partner for the new USA chapter. This membership represents its aim for digital media decarbonization with its digital out-of-home (DOOH) media network, helping advertising leaders to drive sales with fewer carbon emissions. With Ad Net Zero's "Action 5" plan, Volta leverages its media networks to enhance sustainable consumer behavior. This plan includes cutting down on emissions from business operations, planning and buying media, making ads, giving awards, and holding events. Ad Net Zero is an international organization that provides decarbonization solutions to the advertising industry and enhances consumer reach for sustainable products and services through marketing agencies. Many advertisers, commercial media owners, production companies, and marketing agencies support the organization, which has global members like IPG, Google, Meta, Omnicom, Havas, Reckitt, Unilever, Pubmatic, Sky, WPP, and Meta. Chief Commercial Officer at Volta Brandt Hastings said, "Volta offers advertisers the opportunity to reach highly valuable audiences and measurably drive sales while directly supporting emissions-free, electric miles." He added, "As a founding member of Ad Net Zero's USA chapter, Volta is proud to lead the industry by furthering our efforts to decarbonize our media supply chain and using our network to accelerate a sustainable future for all." (Source – Business Wire) Director of Ad Net Zero's USA Chapter, John Osborn, said, "In 2022, the US media industry woke up to its emissions responsibilities. This year, the industry must start decarbonizing its operations and getting closer to net zero emissions." He added, "I have long admired Volta's leading role in sustainable media, and we are honored they have joined Ad Net Zero's USA chapter as a founding member." (Source – Business Wire) About Volta Headquartered in San Francisco, Volta Inc., an electric vehicle (EV) charging, and media company has been providing business growth along with a clean energy future as well as a network of EV charging stations since 2010. It helps consumers, brands, and site partners with charging station installation with large-format digital advertising screens, attracting foot traffic for retailers, target audiences for advertisers, and EV drivers at the same time. Its proprietary platform, PredictEV®, combines machine learning technology with behavioral science to assist electric utilities, cities, and commercial property owners with EV infrastructure.

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