ChannelAdvisor Adds Solutions to Use with Amazon Local Selling, Helping Sellers Grow Their Businesses

ChannelAdvisor | October 22, 2021

ChannelAdvisor Corporation, a leading provider of cloud-based e-commerce solutions, today announced ChannelAdvisor's multichannel commerce platform now includes solutions for sellers who want to offer in-store pickup within the Amazon Local Selling program.

Recently announced at the Amazon Accelerate conference on October 21, Local Selling is currently available to select sellers who can deliver products to customers' homes within local delivery areas and/or offer Buy Online, Pickup in Store (BOPIS) at their retail stores and/or warehouses.

ChannelAdvisor's solution is designed to help sellers participating in Amazon Local Selling to manage the in-store pickup experience, including their store setup, store-level inventory, and order status updates ("ready-for-pickup" and "picked up"). In-store pickup adds to ChannelAdvisor's existing solutions for sellers who leverage a range of Amazon services.

Online shoppers have grown accustomed to the convenience and speed of in-store pickup. Our solution helps sellers in Amazon Local Selling provide the in-store pick-up options their customers are actively seeking. We're thrilled to invite sellers to leverage ChannelAdvisor's expanded support to help grow their businesses."

Steve Frechette, vice president of product management at ChannelAdvisor

Amazon is among more than 200 selling channels integrated with ChannelAdvisor's robust platform, enabling brands and retailers to reach consumers worldwide. ChannelAdvisor's platform includes powerful automation capabilities that offer brands and retailers a competitive edge, helping streamline operations, improve inventory and order management, and boost product visibility across marketplaces, search engines, retail and social sites.

About ChannelAdvisor
ChannelAdvisor is a leading multichannel commerce platform whose mission is to connect and optimize the world's commerce. For over two decades, ChannelAdvisor has helped brands and retailers worldwide improve their online performance by expanding sales channels, connecting with consumers across the entire buying cycle, optimizing their operations for peak performance, and providing actionable analytics to improve competitiveness. Thousands of customers depend on ChannelAdvisor to securely power their e-commerce operations on channels such as Amazon, eBay, Google, Facebook, Walmart, and hundreds more.


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Sciton Launches Inaugural Digital Campaign

Sciton | November 30, 2020

Sciton Inc., a leading manufacturer of medical and aesthetic lasers and light source technologies, launches a new advertising series "You Deserve Better, You Deserve Sciton" to coincide with the holiday season. Fall and winter are customarily the best season to go through aesthetic laser treatments because of less time spent in the sun and additional time spent indoors. Sciton exploits this with a robust ad campaign that reaches customers where they are investing the most of their time during quarantine: on Facebook, Instagram, Google and LinkedIn. The arrangement of five ads launched on Black Friday will go through the Spring with a focus on Sciton's competitive advantage of faster, more comfortable treatments, superior technologies crafted in the USA and expectations that exceed reality.

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DYNATA | December 14, 2021

Dynata, the world's largest first-party data platform for insights, activation and measurement, today announced it has acquired 0ptimus Analytics, an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) data science and technology company whose proprietary platform connects, models and transforms insights into activation at scale in real time. The acquisition of 0ptimus makes Dynata's first-party data immediately more actionable, connecting it with trusted second- and third-party data in a seamless and automated way. Dynata's connected data solutions enable clients to create, understand and activate custom audiences, enrich data sets and measure the effectiveness of advertising, all in a single integrated environment Since its founding in 2013, 0ptimus has been at the forefront of developing connected data approaches leveraging market insights, data science, predictive analytics, and proprietary software platform solutions to identify the right people and the right messages to drive brand growth. By adding 0ptimus' portfolio of solutions, and deep expertise in data science, Dynata makes it easier and faster for marketers to connect customer intelligence and consumer insights into custom first-party, people-based audiences for media, marketing and CRM activation at scale. This new addition, along with Dynata's recent acquisition of Ameritest, a leading creative testing firm, enables Dynata to offer clients a complete end-to-end suite of advertising solutions -- from audience discovery, connected data, campaign activation to advertising effectiveness measurement and optimization. We believe that understanding the real behaviors and true motivations of real people is the foundation of marketing success. We help clients understand who their real customer is and then target them for maximum engagement. We're excited to join Dynata and continue to help brands in their efforts to understand and engage their audiences to drive demand and grow their business." Scott Tranter, Founder and CEO of 0ptimus Analytics. "There is a natural synergy between 0ptimus and Dynata's existing advertising solutions portfolio, leveraging our first-party data and connecting it to our clients' data and third-party sources, which provides the foundation for better understanding audiences, creating models and activating campaigns to improve advertising effectiveness," said Gary S. Laben, CEO of Dynata. "The addition of 0ptimus' capabilities reinforces our commitment to helping our clients to not only uncover insights, but also activate these insights, measure results, and ultimately drive growth." About Dynata Dynata is the world's largest first-party data platform for insights, activation and measurement. With a reach that encompasses over 62 million consumers and business professionals globally, and an extensive library of individual profile attributes collected through surveys, Dynata is the cornerstone for precise, trustworthy quality data. The company has built innovative data services and solutions around its robust first-party data offering to bring the voice of the customer to the entire marketing continuum – from strategy, innovation, and branding to advertising, measurement, and optimization. Dynata serves more than 6,000 market research, media and advertising agencies, publishers, consulting and investment firms and corporate customers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. About 0ptimus 0ptimus Analytics is a vertically integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) data science and technology company. Since its founding in 2013, 0ptimus has been at the forefront of integrating custom research with advanced data science analytics, predictive modeling, and software engineering innovation to measure, analyze and predict the behaviors of people. 0ptimus transforms data-driven insight on how people think, feel and act into predictive models and deterministic people-based audiences, for activation at scale on-demand in real-time.

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Vivendi's first-quarter revenue climbed 8%, credit to Canal+ and Havas

Vivendi | April 25, 2022

Vivendi, the French media and telecommunications conglomerate has revealed that its revenue grew by 7.9%. Last year for the same period, the group gained EUR 2.1 billion and for this quarter, it has become EUR 2.38 billion. Source: Vivendi Pay-TV Canal +, the company's most valuable asset following the spin-off of Universal Music Group, grew sales by 6% to 1.45 billion euros. Havas Group had a strong start to the year, with organic growth in the double digits. Revenues were €591 million in the first quarter of 2022, increasing 17.7 % from the same period in the previous year. Net revenues were €564 million, up 18.0 % from the first quarter of 2021, with organic growth of +11.4 % (compared to -0.8% in the first quarter of 2021), a +4.4 % currency effect, and a +2.2 % contribution from acquisitions. For Havas’s growth Vivendi in its press release gives credit to the launch of innovative new offerings Havas CX and Havas Market. Editis the Vivendi’s subsidiary in publishing has seen the revenue of €160 million for the Q1 2022, a 1.7 % reduction at constant currency and perimeter compared to the same period in 2021. This shift should be considered in the perspective of a market that is down 1.0 % from the same time last year. This shift in dynamics should be viewed in light of last year's exceptional growth; the 2022 market surged by 19.3 % compared to 2019. The other business segment for Vivendi includes Prisma Media and Gameloft have seen 2.2% and 10.8% growth in revenues respectively. Prisma Media's revenues in the first quarter of 2022 were €73 million, up 2.2 % in 2021. Digital revenues set a new high, increasing by more than 23% compared to the same time in 2021 and accounting for more than 30% of Prisma Media's total revenue. Gameloft's revenues in the first quarter of 2022 totaled €61 million, an increase of 10.8% over the same time in 2021 (+10.0% at constant currency and perimeter). The gross margin reached €44 million, an increase of 19.1% over the same time in 2021. Looking ahead, Vivendi stated that it is confident in its core business's ability to withstand the ongoing effects of the global pandemic. Regarding Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Vivendi stated that it is difficult to predict the indirect influence on the group's future business activity. Vivendi noted that the corporation is present in Ukraine through its Gameloft business and certain communication efforts.

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