MOBILE ADVERTISING and Kargo Partner to Preserve Publisher Revenue While Ensuring Mobile Ads Malware Free, Kargo | March 17, 2021, the quickly arising worldwide leader in malvertising anticipation for publishers and platforms, and Kargo, the leader in mobile advertising, today reported an association pointed toward saving publisher income while guaranteeing the mobile ads conveyed by means of the Kargo platform are liberated from malware.

Kargo's central goal is to help publishers drive more yield from their properties while making mobile ad experiences that serve their crowds and regard their brands. As the programmatic environment turns out to be progressively mind-boggling, so has the assignment of identifying and blocking malicious ads.

Kargo's incorporation of's conduct and deterministic detection and blocking solution, cleanAD, conveys full scale, set-it-and-forget-it security for the entirety of the publishers inside the Kargo organization, and advances Kargo's destinations of fighting fraud and conveying quality experiences in premium conditions.

"The programmatic advertising ecosystem is built on trust. Premium publishers rely on Kargo to deliver safe, high quality mobile ads in order to maximize monetization and safeguard end-users," said Matt Gillis, CEO of "Our technology offers the most sophisticated buyers of anti-malware technology like Kargo an additional layer of protection for both their publishers and buyers."

"Creating a successful advertising experience requires us to always be at the forefront of  campaign quality best practices. Partnering with is an exciting addition to our existing robust safety measures, delivering additional malware protection to our family of premier publishers and their audiences," said Michael Shaughnessy, COO of Kargo.

About is a digital engagement security company that helps brands protect their revenue and user experience by controlling the third party code that executes on their website. Our product cleanAD is the most effective approach for controlling malicious ads for publishers and advertising platforms.

About Kargo

Kargo is the leader in creating mobile advertising experiences that elevate brands and motivate consumers. Our advertising partners fill the ranks of the Fortune 500 and our invitation-only editorial marketplace sets the standard for quality and reach, including 100% of all U.S. smartphone users. With a focus on innovation, our creative team designs exclusive new ad formats that drive breakthrough performance and win industry awards. Kargo is 250 diverse employees strong with offices in NYC, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Auckland, Sydney and Singapore.


Read the Press Release: New Research Compares Facebook Advertising to Google Display Network: Who Comes Out on Top? Facebook Advertising vs. Google Display Network Frequently Asked Questions. Online display advertising broadly consists of banner ads, image ads, and video ads. A comparative look at Facebook's advertising platform vs the Google Display network before the Facebook IPO.


Read the Press Release: New Research Compares Facebook Advertising to Google Display Network: Who Comes Out on Top? Facebook Advertising vs. Google Display Network Frequently Asked Questions. Online display advertising broadly consists of banner ads, image ads, and video ads. A comparative look at Facebook's advertising platform vs the Google Display network before the Facebook IPO.

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Integral Ad Science (IAS), the global leader in digital ad verification, today released results from its 2020 consumer study on holiday shopping habits. Key findings from the study show that this year consumers are relying on online shopping and digital ads to find the perfect gifts for their friends and families this holiday season. Given the effects of the global pandemic and accompanying social distancing measures, consumer habits are shifting to account for these new realities. Almost eight in ten US consumers report that they have concerns about shopping in physical stores during the upcoming holidays due to COVID-19. Notably, 85% of US consumers now expect to do most or all of their holiday shopping online, with 48% intending to do so via their mobile device. With many holiday shoppers avoiding physical stores to some degree, advertisers can look to meet consumer needs by focusing their marketing efforts on placing contextually relevant digital ads in safe and suitable environments. 89% of consumers reported that they find online advertising important in discovering new products and promotions, while 31% said they believe that they are more receptive to ads during the holiday season.

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Facebook to Remove Its Restrictions on Ads Which Include More than 20% Text in the Main Image

Facebook | September 24, 2020

The long-standing rule had been shifted to less stringent over the years, with this week marking their complete abandonment of the 20% text rule. Media buyers in Facebook’s platform began to notice recently a big change: their images were no longer being disapproved for a lot of text. When the Change Was Noticed. It’s been confirmed via a few sources the long-standing rule for Facebook Ad images being no more than 20% text has been sunset. Buyers started receiving direct communication from Facebook this week regarding this change: Prior to this communication, media buyers were noticing the text overlay tool page was redirecting: At that time, no Facebook documentation had been updated, but this appears to have been updated in the past few days. While it still gives tips on reducing text proportions in ad images, it now stops short of saying to keep it at 20%. Instead it now cautions the 20% metric as a best practice.

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Verve Group and Scream Malmo Increase Reach by 21% Across Unique Audiences by Activating the ID5 ID Within PubMatic’s Platform

PubMatic | November 24, 2021

PubMatic, a sell-side platform that delivers superior outcomes for digital advertising, announced that Verve Group, a global consumer-first advertising suite, and Scream Malmo, a Swedish full-service media agency, have successfully employed the ID5 ID within PubMatic to reach and effectively target new consumers on mobile web and desktop at scale. The deprecation of third-party cookies and changes to Apple’s IDFA require that media buyers find new audience targeting and measurement solutions – including in markets such as Sweden where Safari commands a 54% market share in mobile traffic. Verve Group and Scream Malmo partnered with PubMatic to reinvent mobile web addressability for a leading weight loss brand. A/B tests were conducted via private marketplace (PMP) deals on mobile web (iOS & Android) and desktop. The initial phase of the test saw campaigns running without applying an identity solution and in the second phase ID5’s ID was activated via PubMatic. The results showed a 21% increase in reach across all browser types when the ID5 ID was applied. Furthermore, Verve Group and Scream saw a 30% increase in reach on mobile web, rising to 90% on iOS inventory. The market is ripe for different identity solutions which will play a big role in the future of addressability to help advertisers achieve their campaign goals. We’re delighted with the results we have achieved with PubMatic and ID5 and look forward to leveraging the expanded audience addressability capabilities to maximise reach and performance for our clients as part of our vision to provide privacy-first advertising solutions”. Carl Liverstam, Managing Director Nordics at Platform161 (Now Part of Verve Group). “Incorporating ID5 ID into our campaign planning and testing strategy has allowed us to bring new benefits to each of our clients with audience addressability at the core. This ensures that we are not only bidding on the most optimal impressions, but that we are also bidding as efficiently and effectively as possible”, said Carla Lind Andersson, Media Manager at Scream. “The results clearly demonstrate the added value that next-generation identifiers deliver. Through tests like these with PubMatic and Verve Group enable marketers to maximise reach in the post-cookie era”, said Morwenna Beales, VP Global Strategic Partnerships at ID5. “Evolved audience targeting approaches are valued by media buyers as they provide a launchpad for greater addressability in a cookieless world. Targeting on the SSP side enables media buyers to take advantage of available audience addressability solutions like ID, contextual, and third-party data targeting. At PubMatic, we empower advertisers to make more informed decisions, gain significant efficiencies, and create long-term alternatives to cookie-based targeting”, said Jonas Söderqvist, Regional Director, Northern Europe at PubMatic. ABOUT VERVE GROUP Verve Group’s consumer-first advertising suite is a leader in consolidating data, demand and supply technologies to create better business outcomes for advertisers and publishers. With a privacy-first approach, Verve Group’s full-stack programmatic solutions are built for brand-safe environments. The global group is trusted by top 100 advertisers with direct connections to 4,000+ publishers and apps globally. Verve Group is part of Media and Games Invest (MGI) and has an international presence with 20+ offices worldwide. Learn more at ABOUT SCREAM We are an entrepreneur-driven full-service agency that works with the motto that the whole is greater than the sum of the combined efforts in different channels. We are more than a media agency, we work based on insights from behavioral psychology, data and experience to create the most innovative and effective campaigns. We have specialists in all types of media, and take lessons with us continuously in our work. We invest heavily in digital development and have over the years started several sister companies to strengthen our position as one of the foremost in digital marketing. Together with our other companies, we can offer our customers a full-service offer containing a range of services – from digital production and SoMe management to performance and business consulting. ABOUT ID5 ID5 was created to improve online advertising for consumers, media owners and advertisers, with the ultimate goal to help publishers grow sustainable revenue. ID5 provides the advertising ecosystem with a transparent, scalable and privacy-compliant identity infrastructure. Its solution improves user recognition and match rates and provides a stable, consented and encrypted user ID to replace third-party cookies and MAIDs. This enables publishers to better monetise their audiences, advertisers to run effective and measurable campaigns, and platforms to maximise the value of data and inventory for their customers. Created in 2017 by seasoned ad tech professionals, ID5 services clients globally.

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