Comscore Announces New Agreement with Anzu for Mobile In-Game Audience Measurement

Comscore | November 23, 2020

Comscore, a confided in accomplice for arranging, executing, and assessing media across stages, today reported another consent to give Anzu, the world's in-game advertising pioneer, with Comscore's industry-driving Validated Campaign Essentials™ (VCE®) and Comscore Brand Survey Lift™ answers for versatile missions.

The gaming market is greater than the music and entertainment worlds joined, with an overall crowd beating 3 billion individuals who are extended to spend almost $175 billion of every 2020. With this extension and potential, brand publicists have begun to consider in-game advertising as a feature of their multi-pronged advertising technique, which implies that outsider estimation and benchmarking is more pertinent than any other time.

Anzu opens the assorted, hard-to-arrive at gaming crowds to brands via consistently mixing true advertisements into games in a non-meddlesome way that regards the gamer experience. With the organization among Anzu and Comscore, promoters will have the option to quantify their in-game advertising efforts progressively and assess the effect of the missions on their brands. These significant experiences will give sponsors the certainty to take advantage of in-game advertising.


The AIoT Robot Advertising was one of the RaaS solutions that Guardforce AI launched in 2022. This unique advertising solution is attracting more and more attention. Check the video to see how this model work, and can open-source technologies like ChatGPT bring more revolutionary changes to this new business model?


The AIoT Robot Advertising was one of the RaaS solutions that Guardforce AI launched in 2022. This unique advertising solution is attracting more and more attention. Check the video to see how this model work, and can open-source technologies like ChatGPT bring more revolutionary changes to this new business model?

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DoubleVerify Detects First Ad Impression Fraud Scheme in Audio

DoubleVerify | February 07, 2023

DoubleVerify (DV), one of the prominent software platforms for digital media solutions, has recently detected a large-scale ad impression fraud scheme targeted to audio traffic inventory called "BeatSting". After DV’s Fraud Lab recognized the fraud family in 2019, it has stolen about 20 million dollars from advertisers, and the BeatSting platform has about one million dollars per month share in it. BeatString has been a part of server-side ad insertion (SSAI) fraud schemes, targeting connected TV (CTV) inventory since 2019. The fraudsters first spoof residential IP addresses and audio applications and set up a fake SSAI server, making false audio ad requests to attract advertisers. Then, if an advertiser from the legitimate audio channels bids on this accretive inventory and makes a profit, the money goes to them instead of the audio tracks. Although the DV Fraud Lab had already reported fraudulent attacks in 2021, the activity continued into the following year, generating fake audio traffic on audio platforms on a much larger scale. With dedicated data scientists, analysts, and mathematicians, DV's Fraud Lab detects and analyses digital ad frauds and their latest fraud schemes. It isolates the fraud applications, websites, and devices and secures DV clients in real time through continuous analysis, research, and scenario management. Chief Executive Officer at DoubleVerify, Mark Zagorski, said, "Fraud always follows the money, and increasingly, that money is flowing to digital audio, a rapidly emerging channel where digital advertising standards are still evolving." He added, "CTV continues to experience this phenomenon, and, increasingly, audio is quietly becoming a new channel of interest and attack." (Source – Business Wire) About DoubleVerify DoubleVerify (DV), an advertising service, provides digital media analytics and measurement solutions to make digital advertising systems, brands and agencies, marketplaces, and publishers more secure and preserve fair value exchange between digital media sellers and buyers. Many Fortune 500 advertisers rely on DV for unbiased data analysis, high-quality campaigns, and global advertising return on investment (ROI). It specializes in ad prominence, viewability, impression quality solutions for brand marketers, impression delivery, brand safety and fraud protection, and accountability and transparency for digital media.

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Captivate and WeWork Partner to Elevate On-Screen Experience in Workspaces

Captivate | January 19, 2023

Captivate, a leading digital-out-of-home video network, and WeWork, one of the global leaders in flexible space providers, announced a strategic partnership to display the Captivate on-screen content experience on existing digital screens in WeWork lobbies, elevator banks, and collaborative workplaces. "WeWork Powered by Captivate" will give marketers access to modern, high-value professionals who make business and personal purchase decisions. Captivate will act as a complete communication solution for WeWork locations, offering an engaging viewer experience that educates and entertains WeWork members and visitors while displaying relevant advertisements during their workdays. In addition, the partnership expands Captivate's network by 175+ locations in major North American metropolitan regions, increasing the number of Captivate office and residential building displays to over 14,500 screens. CEO of Captivate, Marc Kidd, said, "We are excited to offer advertisers and WeWork members the benefits of our video network." He also stated, "Our partnership means advertisers can more easily reach coveted B2B decision-makers and B2C consumers with spending power at multiple daily touch points throughout the day. And Captivate's skilled editorial team brings value to WeWork members and guests with an interesting combination of news and entertainment, plus high-utility content such as traffic and weather updates." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) Captivate provides a rich content experience to complement WeWork's creative workplaces with a programming mix customized for modern professionals. It also provides contextually relevant environments with custom-branded solutions, such as content alignment and branded integrations, to activate campaigns for agencies and brands. About Captivate Captivate is the industry-leading digital media network, including over 13,200 screens in prime areas where modern professionals work and live. Through innovative, research-driven, and Nielsen-measured advertising and marketing campaigns, it links advertisers with over 13 million unique monthly viewers by providing its audience with relevant news and practical advice. In addition, through live editorial content, the company offers advertisers a highly desirable and difficult-to-reach audience of affluent and influential business professionals. The company, which was founded in 1997, is owned by Generation Partners and TEGNA.

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Pixalate and Partner to Detect Ad Fraud with Mobile Programmatic Platform and Pixalate | January 10, 2023, a leading mobile marketing and audience platform, has implemented Pixalate's Analytics and MRT (Measurement Rating Council) solutions to prevent digital ad fraud specifically in mobile app environments. already provides multiple layers of protection against ad fraud, and it is seeking to expand its fraud detection capabilities by partnering with Pixalate, an MRC accredited vendor. Pixalate will help by auditing served and viewable in-app ad impressions across display and video, and also by providing sophisticated invalid traffic detection and filtration. This partnership aims to ensure that all inventory on the platform is legitimate.'s CRO states that their top priority is protecting their clients against ad fraud and that this partnership is another step toward 100% accountability. "Fraud is one of the biggest challenges facing the ad industry going into 2023," said Ronnie Mellow, Vice President of Operations at Pixalate. "Pixalate is one of the leading accredited platforms that offers a white box IVT analytics dashboard to our partners surfacing detailed metrics and dimensions to hone in on IVT sources, giving our clients industry-leading risk management and dispute resolution insights. We commend for its dedication to fighting ad fraud." Source: Globenewswire Pixalate's VP of Operations states that fraud is one of the biggest challenges facing the ad industry going into 2023, and that Pixalate is a leading accredited platform that offers insights on IVT (invalid traffic) sources, giving the clients industry-leading risk management and dispute resolution insights. About is a mobile marketing and audience platform that is reinventing mobile marketing through the largest independent app distribution network. The direct integration of with over 500K monthly active apps provides unprecedented access to global first-party data, which can be used to understand and predict behaviors, identify new opportunities, and fuel growth. About Pixalate Pixalate is the market-leading fraud protection, privacy, and compliance analytics platform for connected television (CTV) and mobile advertising. Pixalate works around the clock to protect your reputation and increase your media value by providing the only system of coordinated solutions across display, app, video, and CTV for better ad fraud detection and elimination. Pixalate is an MRC-accredited service that detects and filters sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) on desktop and mobile web, mobile in-app, and CTV advertising.

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