Criteo Integrates with Oracle Data Cloud to Strengthen its Existing Brand Safety Offering

Criteo | November 19, 2020

Criteo S.A., the worldwide innovation organization controlling the world's advertisers with trusted and effective promoting, today declared a combination with Oracle Data Cloud to strengthen its existing brand safety offering. Criteo's AI Engine, a prescient offering instrument, is currently coordinated with Oracle Contextual Intelligence, an answer giving ongoing substance survey and characterization pre-offered to customers across brand-appropriate classifications.

Brand safety keeps on picking up conspicuousness with sponsors and advertisers worried by the ascent of delicate news themes and deception. As per an ongoing Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) study, over 77% of industry experts refered to brand safety as a vital need in 2020. Criteo is reacting to these industry needs through its combination with Oracle to convey more noteworthy brand insurance to advertisers while proceeding to give scale and execution.

Prophet Contextual Intelligence is an innovation that doesn't depend on close to home identifiers to improve promoting results by guaranteeing that notices get shown on brand-reasonable publicizing spaces with suitable relevant substance. Utilizing versatile AI, the innovation assesses catchphrases on site pages so sponsors can try not to connect their brand with negative substance and watchwords. The innovation can likewise be utilized to put promotions in settings that are more suitable and significant for the brands.


Over the past few years there’s been the notion that third-party data for marketing personalization is going away. But an exclusive new study from Datonics is proving that an evolving technology landscape is ensuring that the essential strengths of third-party data will remain effective, and at enormous scale.


Over the past few years there’s been the notion that third-party data for marketing personalization is going away. But an exclusive new study from Datonics is proving that an evolving technology landscape is ensuring that the essential strengths of third-party data will remain effective, and at enormous scale.

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AiAdvertising Uncovers ChatGPT’s Commercial Applications

AiAdvertising | February 16, 2023

AiAdvertising, an AdTech company, announced being the first to uncover ChatGPT's commercial applications in the AdTech industry, focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) utilization for the marketing industry. The automated ChatGPT solution is making signals and insights of AiAdvertising's PersonalAI more informative and targeted. The signals and insights of PersonalAI provide detailed information about behavioral information, psychographics, demographics, and triggers for the consumer adaptive curve. With its solutions and insights, ChatGPT is enhancing the diversity, scalability, and persona-driven content of AiAdvertising's PersonalAI. Through this leverage, AiAdvertising is making clients' paid advertising campaigns and landing pages more engaging at the psychographic level and customizing them as per the personas' needs based on user experiences, needs, behaviors and goals. ChatGPT's commercial applications have the potential to automate and enhance complex communications like email sales campaigns, computer code, and customer support. It can generate personalized automated responses to customer inquiries, content for social media marketing campaigns and assistance throughout the customer cycle. CEO of AiAdvertising, Jerry Hug, said, "What is remarkable is that all of this is done without any type of unconscious bias. Even as marketers, we insert our own opinions into the words and language we use to think about a brand or product. ChatGPT allows us to remove that predisposition and focus on a more customer-based solution leveraging data and science rather than opinions and assumptions." He added, "We are now taking our PersonaAI ChatGPT approach to market with our clients and are already generating buzz about the anticipated increased performance of personalized campaigns." (Source – CSM Wire) About AiAdvertising AiAdvertising, an advertising technology-based solutions provider, has been using artificial intelligence and machine learning and building software for marketing companies since 1998. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, it provides services based on digital marketing, data analytics, creativity, content strategy, digital media, e-commerce, and big data, worldwide. It eliminates digital waste and increases the return on digital ad spend. Its flagship product, the Campaign Performance Platform, offers a subscription-based end-to-end Ad Management solution, utilizing artificial intelligence to improve the advertisements' performance, efficiency, and productivity. It assists advertising agencies and brands in measuring, scaling, creating, predicting, and targeting personalized campaigns.

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BRAND MARKETING, AD TECH AND MARTECH, ADVERTISER PLATFORMS and Nimbus Help Integrate Bidding with Programmatic Advertising | December 28, 2022

For efficient and effective mobile application ad targeting, the purchase and placement of ad space are automated using software for programmatic media buying. Deriving the maximum monetization benefits from programmatic media buying optimizes ad revenues and helps generate a higher return on investment (ROI) for advertisers. For this,, a popular software development kit (SDK) and monetization software, is partnering with Nimbus, a header bidding platform for programmatic media buying.'s SDK is used by over half a million apps each month. The partnership will allow mobile publishers and developers to access first-price auction bidders through Nimbus in order to maximize revenue and provide polished ad experiences. Avoiding advertisers from paying for ads that are not seen by users and only paying for the ads that are seen by users helps optimize the advertising ROI. Nimbus’ header bidding platform for programmatic media buying aims to benefit both the advertisers and the publishers with its innovative collaboration. and Nimbus together will provide some of the most comprehensive reporting with their edges in monetization and ad auctions, respectively. Nimbus is a new, agnostic ad platform that combines a competitive programmatic auction with comprehensive reporting. is a mobile marketing and audience platform that uses direct integration with over 500,000 monthly active apps to provide access to global first-party data for predicting behaviors and identifying growth opportunities. The partnership between the two companies will make more inventory available and combine the audience-based demand from with the demand from Nimbus. Real-time bidding (RTB) during ads allows advertisers to bid on ad inventory in real time through an auction process. On the other hand, programmatic direct will let advertisers buy ad space from publishers in real time, so they won't have to go through an auction. This will make ads look better. This creates an advertising ecosystem that works better for both publishers and advertisers. "Partnering with Nimbus allows us to offer additional integration methods with publishers through the Nimbus in-app bidding solution. I'm excited to see the results this partnership will bring to both and Nimbus." - Ravit Ross, CRO We are excited to partner with to offer publishers another premium and diverse demand partner. has a rich history within the app ecosystem, and we look forward to them bringing that experience to the Nimbus umbrella of demand partners." - Adam Gray, Sr. Director of Programmatic Growth, Nimbus About is a mobile marketing and audience platform that uses AI for more efficient, effective, and precise mobile marketing and audience targeting. Our mission is to empower marketers and developers by reinventing mobile marketing and providing easy marketing solutions.'s direct integration with 500,000 mobile apps that are used at least once a month gives it access to a level of global first-party data that has never been seen before. This data can be used to understand and predict behavior, find new opportunities, and fuel growth.

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Attain OpenX Partner for an Advertising Solution to Find New Target Audiences

OpenX | January 03, 2023

Attain and OpenX have announced a partnership that will allow for the targeting and measurement of Attain's zero-party data using OpenX's OpenAudience audience solution tool. Attain's data comes from its financial services app, Klover, which has over 4 million users and provides marketers with fully permissioned purchase data across all channels and verticals to find and target new audiences. Through its partnership with OpenX, Attain will be able to use OpenX's OpenAudience audience solution tool to improve its data-driven features. The partnership will enrich targeting capabilities for publishers and buyers using OpenAudience and will enable buyers to increase their reach and accuracy against target audiences by applying granular purchase data across their campaigns. This partnership will benefit both Attain and OpenX, as well as marketers, publishers, and buyers. "With our Attain integration, buyers can apply granular purchase data across their CTV, mobile, and web campaigns via OpenX's supply-side targeting solution. Our supply-side data integrations enable buyers to increase their reach and accuracy among their target audiences. "Buyers get a closer connection to publishers, which leads to higher match rates. We are excited to bring more unique and privacy-first supply-side targeting opportunities to market with high-quality data partners like Attain." Brian Chisholm, SVP of Strategic Partnerships at OpenX The partnership will also provide advertisers with tools such as return on ad spend and sales lift to increase match rates and scale. Attain’s zero-party data combined with OpenX’s OpenAudience audience solution tool will enable more accurate targeting of audiences by applying granular purchase data to campaigns. About OpenX OpenX, Leading innovator in advertising technology, OpenX contributes to the development of a society in which the open web flourishes. The business powers advertising across connected TV, mobile, and web platforms, enabling advertisers to connect with their target market across OpenX's extensive global publisher network. Every day, OpenX receives more than 300 billion ad requests from its more than 130,000 premium publishers. OpenX is one of the first businesses in the world to achieve Net-Zero status and has been recognized as a CarbonNeutral® company.

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