CSI to Invest More in B2B Payments for Advertising and Media

CSI | December 22, 2020

Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI) has reported that it will spend more to support its cloud-based administrations for B2B payments for advertising and media needs, an organization public statement says.

President David Disque considered it a "key focus" for the organization to help put resources into media payments, which could support speed and productivity.

“This investment in innovation will enable CSI to continue to advance our market-leading position in media and advertising — delivering solutions that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and bring transparency and real-time analytics to all media payments (digital, TV, outdoor, print, and radio).”

CSI works with a few huge media platforms and has worked with organizations of all sizes for quite a long time, the delivery says. The organization is channeling capital into item advancement and is turning out more approaches to amplify card spend improvement.

Liane Sanson, divisional president of media sales and operations, said the organization was " launching exciting enhancements to our data analytics solution that will take actionable data to the next level for our clients and partners,” the release says.

“Our goals are to enhance the customer’s experience and provide transparency and accountability on CSI’s efforts in an interactive way,” she said, according to the release. “We plan to deliver vital data that will assist CFOs in making more informed decisions on targeting suppliers, optimizing payment mix, increasing spend, and improving cash flow.”

Disque, keeping in touch with PYMNTS recently, said the main change made in light of the pandemic has been the need to move to advanced methods for payments. He said the organization put a high need on conveying unmistakably about the digital payments circumstance and the advantages of working distantly.


Marketing has always been driven primarily by human beings. Not anymore. Marketing is now more than ever driven by advanced technology. How do we marry marketing technology with human touch and deliver the ultimate customer experience?


Marketing has always been driven primarily by human beings. Not anymore. Marketing is now more than ever driven by advanced technology. How do we marry marketing technology with human touch and deliver the ultimate customer experience?

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AD NETWORKS Adds $3M in Funding to Build First-of-its-kind Media Marketplace for Billboards, Buses, Blimps, and More | November 10, 2021, a SaaS-enabled B2B marketplace provider for out-of-home (OOH) advertising, has raised an additional $3 million in seed funding to create the first-of-its-kind media platform that brings together the fragmented OOH advertising landscape. The funding, $2.6 million from Asymmetric Capital Partners and $400k from Impellent Ventures, will be used to develop the first streamlined, connected OOH market network, via an all-in-one platform. The startup has raised $4.5 million to date. “The fragmentation of the ad market, including static, digital, and programmatic is making it difficult for marketers to make good choices,” said Sam Mallikarjunan, co-founder and CEO of “Add to that, the process for finding and acquiring OOH advertising inventory in the growing $30 billion industry is ridiculously archaic. There has never been a directory of all OOH advertising inventory, never mind a centralized place for even available local billboards, who owns them, and where to buy. has seen great momentum, booking $1 million in revenue in Q3 and $1 million in October. This funding will support us in building the first all-in-one real-world open directory to connect brands and their ideal targeted audiences.” The OOH industry is overly labor-intensive with more than 50% of inventory unintentionally going unsold every month. The all-in-one media platform aims to improve efficiency by providing access to all available billboards, transit signage, sports and event advertising, and connected TV. For the first time, marketers can locate, buy, deploy, and measure OOH advertising campaigns in one centralized location. A powerhouse team of alums from Google, HubSpot, and Wayfair are creating this platform. OOH advertising is the only traditional ad medium that continues to grow, despite its fragmented and outdated systems. A recent Harris poll reported a 45% increase in people noticing billboards, outdoor video screens, and other OOH media since pandemic shutdowns ended. "As a former first-hand buyer of OOH inventory, I knew instantly when meeting Sam that was going to drive massive change in an industry badly needing a technology-based upgrade,” said Rob Biederman, Managing Partner at Asymmetric Capital Partners. “With the increasing complexity of any targeted marketing and the perpetually rigged casino which is online paid customer acquisition, we believe the most data-driven marketers are focusing their attention on OOH. is creating the best buying experience." In July, the company announced it closed $1 million in pre-seed funding led by TechFarms Capital. About Founded by former executives and alumni from Google, HubSpot, and Wayfair, is modernizing the fragmented out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry. From billboards, blimps, and buses to wrapped cars and connected TV in bars and restaurants, OOH advertising is a $30 billion industry and growing, but 50% of inventory goes unnoticed.’s first streamlined, connected, and AI-powered all-in-one media platform is a centralized space where marketers can locate, buy, deploy, and measure OOH advertising campaigns, connecting brands with their ideal customers

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AcuityAds Holdings Inc. (TSX: AT) (OTCQX: ACUIF) ("AcuityAds" or "Company"), a technology leader that provides targeted digital media solutions enabling advertisers to connect intelligently with audiences across digital advertising campaigns, today provided an update on the launch date for the Company's new highly anticipated advertising automation platform. The invite-only digital event will be held at 11:00 AM ET / 8:00 AM PT on October 1, 2020. "We are proud to be presenting our new advertising automation platform, a disruptive development within the industry that will democratize programmatic advertising, making it accessible to all marketers," said Tal Hayek, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AcuityAds. "With this new technology, we will bring the consumer journey to life by closing the gap between the way advertising is planned and the way it is executed." The new advertising automation platform has been in beta with six highly established brands including a Fortune 50 home renovation retailer, one of the largest U.S. insurance groups, and a large direct-to-consumer mattress company. The beta program enabled participants to test the new technology and its ability to dramatically simplify the campaign creation process while delivering unique journey-based insights and improved ROI on marketing investment.

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