DMS Announces the Acquisition of Traverse Data, Inc. & Enhancements to Its Data Program & Technology Stack

Digital Media Solutions | May 16, 2022

Digital Media Solutions
Digital Media Solutions, Inc. a leading provider of data-driven, technology-enabled digital performance advertising solutions connecting consumers and advertisers, announced the acquisition of Traverse Data, Inc.

Traverse Data leverages the power of data and technology to generate new customers for advertisers and incremental revenue for publishers, via a commercialized audience activation, re-engagement and retargeting platform. Traverse Data helps advertisers identify new audiences that look like their best customers and match emails to website shoppers for re-engagement.

“Efficient and effective advertising requires an understanding of your audience and an awareness of when they’re actively in-market and ready to engage. DMS leverages real-time consumer intent signals to provide the intelligence that defines the path and the power of our advertising efforts. We’re creating real-time personalization at scale to achieve really big results,” commented Jason Rudolph, Chief Technology Officer at DMS.

DMS has long benefited from its data flywheel, which accelerates as advertisers scale their spend with DMS. Increased advertising budgets enable DMS to broaden reach and increase its data asset to better engage and re-engage consumers and deliver stronger advertising ROI to its advertiser clients.

In addition to improving advertising performance, the DMS data asset and technology capabilities work together to enhance consumer experiences by allowing advertisers to better deliver relevant messaging to consumers when they’re ready to buy and seeking options and offers.

The addition of Traverse Data is expected to scale the DMS data asset and accelerate the DMS technology roadmap, implemented to enable DMS to better leverage the Company’s existing data asset. The DMS volume of consumer intent signals increased dramatically with the acquisition of Aimtell in February 2021 and with connections made across the end-to-end DMS technology stack. The DMS data asset, at the end of April 2022, included 240 million opted-in U.S. adults, with as many as 1,100 data points collected per individual. DMS receives in excess of one billion consumer intent signals per month.

“Traverse Data was created to power the advertising industry of tomorrow, I’m excited that we’ve found a home for Traverse that we believe will leverage what we’ve built, and a team that will continue to innovate on our platform to create something that can be even bigger and more powerful than what Traverse is today.”

Craig Swerdloff, Traverse Co-Founder and CEO

About Digital Media Solutions
Digital Media Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of technology-enabled digital performance advertising solutions connecting consumers and advertisers within auto, home, health and life insurance plus a long list of top consumer verticals. The DMS first-party data asset, proprietary advertising technology, significant proprietary media distribution and data-driven processes help digital advertising clients de-risk their advertising spend while scaling their customer bases.


Marketers around the globe have a whole new world of advertising potential at their fingertips. Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising – or DOOH – has entered a brand-new era, unleashing unparalleled opportunities to reach the right audiences in precisely the right place at exactly the right time.

Thanks to the power of the Internet and sophisticated programmatic technologies, marketers can now reach their target audience with personalized, relevant, data-driven and measurable marketing not only across online media channels, but via outdoor advertising as well.


Marketers around the globe have a whole new world of advertising potential at their fingertips. Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising – or DOOH – has entered a brand-new era, unleashing unparalleled opportunities to reach the right audiences in precisely the right place at exactly the right time.

Thanks to the power of the Internet and sophisticated programmatic technologies, marketers can now reach their target audience with personalized, relevant, data-driven and measurable marketing not only across online media channels, but via outdoor advertising as well.

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On February 22, 2023, Clinch, a creative advertising service provider, announced a certification with Samsung Ads, to offer a new automated data-driven personalization solution on the Samsung Ads platform. Through the partnership, it will provide personalized video and digital ads on a larger scale. It is a dynamic ad serving and DCO or personalization platform and creator of Flight Control, the Omnichannel Campaign Activation Platform. The certification will help run and optimize dynamic and personalized programmatic campaigns for Samsung TV Plus and Audience Extension inventory suite of Samsung North America. In addition, it will provide connected TV, online video, display and mobile advertising campaigns through the Samsung DSP. Its solutions are open to Samsung Ads clients and partners worldwide this year. Samsung Ads is Samsung Electronics' advertising platform for smart devices over desktop, mobile and TV. With a deep understanding of customer experience, it connects hardware and software companies with advertising agencies for the growth outcomes of brands at a vast scale. In addition, its single-source TV data provides consumer engagement opportunities during the connected TV experience. Advertisers would be able to make creative decisions with the use of Samsung Ads' automatic content recognition (ACR) technology through the partnership. This technology provides unparalleled insights based on the smart TV behavior of the audience. In addition, with Clinch's Flight Control omnichannel activation platform, the leveraging advertisers could customize and scale campaigns quickly through a single workflow. This platform also provides multi-platform campaign insights in a real-time scenario. CEO of Clinch, Oz Etzioni, said, "Samsung has established an incredible global footprint, fueled in part by their commitment to providing innovative consumer experiences." He added, "Through this partnership, we are able to bring a new level of real-time personalization to millions of Samsung-connected devices with superior automation and efficiency." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About Clinch Clinch, an advertising company, provides solutions for personalized video ads, real-time optimization with location, user and product, multi-screen advertising, unlimited scalability, dynamic rich media HTML5, automatic generation in all ad formats, and creative programmatic solutions. It is recognized as an omnichannel advertising service with AI-driven dynamic personalization technology and offers customized ad experiences across different channels for enhanced advertising performance and ROI. It automates workflows and provides data for personalized video and display ads across programmatic, CTV, social media, in-app, native, and DOOH.

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DoubleVerify (“DV”) (NYSE: DV), a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, today announced that DV’s measurement solutions are now available for all Netflix advertisers. With this release, Netflix advertisers can ensure that their video ads are safe from fraud and invalid traffic (“IVT”) and are fully viewable by real people. “Netflix is one of the world's largest streaming services and we are excited that our industry-leading solutions are now widely available for their advertisers,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify. “Our partnership ensures that campaigns on Netflix fulfill essential quality standards that drive optimal outcomes. At DoubleVerify, we are committed to delivering innovative, accredited, and independent quality measurement products that maximize advertising performance. We continue to expand our unmatched coverage across CTV platforms like Netflix, and wherever advertisers engage consumers of premium video." DV is one of the few measurement providers selected to extend coverage to Netflix. With DV’s quality measurement technology, advertisers benefit from: Fraud Protection: DV identifies and protects advertisers against fraud and IVT from hijacked devices to bot manipulation. Viewability Measurement: DV provides comprehensive viewability authentication, offering clarity into whether an ad has the opportunity to be seen. DV sets itself apart in the CTV category, with cutting-edge solutions that cover all CTV inventory, from pre-bid avoidance to post-bid monitoring. DV allows advertisers to compare media quality and performance consistently, ensuring that their advertising budget is efficiently and effectively delivered across all screens and devices. This unlocks measurement parity and provides advertisers with a high level of confidence in CTV advertising. For more information about DoubleVerify, visit About DoubleVerify DoubleVerify (“DV”) (NYSE: DV) is a leading software platform for digital media measurement and analytics. Our mission is to make the digital advertising ecosystem stronger, safer and more secure, thereby preserving the fair value exchange between buyers and sellers of digital media. Hundreds of Fortune 500 advertisers employ our unbiased data and analytics to drive campaign quality and effectiveness, and to maximize return on their digital advertising investments – globally. Learn more at

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Brightcove Inc., the world's most reliable streaming technology business, announced a strategic partnership with Magnite, the world's most prominent independent sell-side advertising platform. Magnite will enable advertising for all Brightcove clients, growing fill and delivery to accelerate customer revenue. Brightcove will also combine the SpringServe ad server to provide publishers with more visibility, transparency, and control over the available ad supply. Brightcove has thousands of clients worldwide and has always supported standards-based interfaces with ad servers and supply-side platforms (SSPs). After inspecting data from billions of ad-supported play requests on its industry-leading server-side ad insertion technology, Brightcove identified a significant potential to assist clients in monetizing their unsold ad inventory. Available directly across Brightcove, Magnite's SSP capabilities will allow Brightcove to generate income for these clients. In addition, integrating with the SpringServe ad server will give these clients a clear picture of available ad inventory and a strategic chance to monetize their video content more effectively. CEO of Brightcove, Marc DeBevoise, said, "The needs of our large, global customer base are constantly evolving, and we are committed to evolving our solutions for them, including supporting our customers' efforts to monetize their video content." (Source- Businesswire) Sean Buckley, CRO of Magnite, stated, "We're looking forward to working with the Brightcove team to bring turnkey monetization to its high-quality video streaming customers." (Source- Businesswire) About Magnite Magnite is the biggest independent sell-side advertising platform in the world. Using its technology, publishers monetize their content across all devices and media, including online video, CTV, display, and audio. The world's top agencies and brands rely on the platform to access brand-safe, high-quality ad inventory and conduct billions of advertising transactions each month. Anchored in bustling New York City, Los Angeles, mile-high Denver, and historic London, it also has offices across North America, LATAM, EMEA, and APAC.

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