Facebook Highlights Digital Air Strike’s Click to Marketplace Advertising Helping Increase Consumer Sales During COVID-19

Digital Air Strike | May 22, 2020

  • Facebook showcases Digital Air Strike's impressive results leveraging Dynamic Click to Marketplace Advertising.

  • Digital Air Strike, the leading consumer engagement technology company, is helping businesses leverage increased traffic on social media during COVID-19.

  • The company's social media marketing and advertising technology on Facebook during shelter-in-place mandates are delivering new customers, increased website traffic, and more sales to businesses across the country.

Digital Air Strike was chosen by Facebook for a limited beta test to determine whether dynamic ad clicks to Facebook Marketplace, instead of to a dealer's website, increased leads. The pilot business, Brown's Toyota of Glen Burnie in Maryland, saw four times more impressions, 1.5 times more views and a 33% reduction in cost per view. The results are so compelling Facebook turned them into a case study for the Click to Marketplace ads.

We've found that businesses that understand and leverage the power of social media are better able to reach their consumers during the pandemic. Even in states with the strictest pandemic-related restrictions, people are still shopping and buying online. Businesses that target consumers on Facebook to build their pipeline, explain new protocols, and advertise adjusted hours of operations, safety measures and delivery options, are getting excellent results.

- Alexi Venneri, co-founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike

Digital Air Strike's team is seeing great results across the country, including with DeLillo Chevrolet in Huntington Beach, California. The program included posting COVID-19 announcements on DeLillo Chevrolet's Facebook page, responding and engaging with comments on the posts, and alerting the business to new comments and questions so they could quickly follow up and sell cars. The dealership saw a more than 100% increase in website traffic, more than doubled the number of new customers who visited the dealer's Facebook page and website and sold several vehicles from the new Facebook traffic. 

In Google Analytics, we have noticed a surge in Facebook visits to our website. This all came from the posts that Digital Air Strike has been doing for us. I highly recommend Digital Air Strike for social media marketing.

- Bill Demarest, marketing manager/customer relations for DeLillo Chevrolet

Along with consistent, creative and engaging social posts, Digital Air Strike provides targeted, double opt-in advertising options that help dealers reach interested car buyers on Facebook. Jacksonville CDJR in Jacksonville, Florida, sold the highest number of cars in the company's history in March 2020. The dealer advertised using Digital Air Strike's VDP Power Social Program which directs car buyers to vehicle detail pages (VDP) on the dealership's website. The ads first focused on used cars and then on new cars since the first campaign was so successful.

"Digital Air Strike's VDP Power Social Program was the reason my used car sales went through the roof," said Ken Kovacs, owner and General Manager of Jacksonville CDJR (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram). "That's why I doubled my social advertising budget and decided to focus on attracting new car buyers even during these unusual times. Digital Air Strike is super responsive too."

Digital Air Strike's Facebook ads campaign for Toyota Sunnyvale in Sunnyvale, California also saw great results. In just two weeks, they sold seven vehicles, had 600 website clicks, saw over 130,000 impressions, and reached almost 17,000 people.

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Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a March 18th call with journalists that people across the country had increased the time they spent using Facebook-owned apps by more than 70% since the lockdown began. That number has only risen as more people have been mandated to stay home across the U.S.

Social media marketing is part of Digital Air Strike's Virtual Retailing Program which helps businesses adapt to the new requirement of consumers needing responsive new ways to be able to research, shop and transact from home. Along with social media, Virtual Retailing also includes the use of video lead response, AI, automation, text messaging, and training teams on new safety measures. Digital Air Strike is offering their Video Logix solution at no cost for 30 days to all businesses that need help during the pandemic.

About Digital Air Strike

Air Strike is the leading social media, intelligent lead response, and consumer engagement technology company helping over 5,000 businesses increase consumer response and conversions in digital and social media environments while generating measurable ROI. A pioneer in digital response, social media marketing and online reputation management solutions, Digital Air Strike deploys industry specific mobile apps, software, intelligent messaging and managed service platforms to monitor, engage, improve and manage consumer interactions for thousands of businesses in the United States, Canada and 11 additional countries, including working with seven of the largest automotive manufacturers.



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The sole purpose of this White Paper is to present certain information with respect to DashBid Media Inc. (the “Company” or “DashBid”) and the Company’s PreVUE Blockchain and the tokens utilized by the platform (the “SDA Tokens”) in connection with a proposed token generating event (“TGE”). This document is directed solely towards potential users of the SDA Tokens. This White Paper is not intended to provide personal, legal, tax or financial advice with respect to the matters discussed herein. You must seek advice from your own advisors with respect to the matters set forth herein and in connection with any decision to acquire and use the SDA Tokens and PreVUE Blockchain.

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