FordDirect and Waymark collaborated to Offer Free Personalized Video Ads to Auto Dealerships Affected By COVID-19

Waymark | May 08, 2020

  • Free, custom videos available to dealers for online and TV advertising

  • Special video templates for dealerships, COVID-19 response messaging

  • Videos are created in minutes without traditional video production resources

FordDirect and Waymark announced a partnership that will provide Ford and Lincoln dealerships with free, custom commercials that allow them to quickly reach their audiences with updates on how they are adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, Waymark has designed a series of free COVID-19 response templates for businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries.

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The two Metro Detroit-based companies joined forces earlier this year to create the FordDirect Video Marketplace, where Ford and Lincoln dealers nationwide have access to videos they can easily customize for use on social media, digital advertising, and TV. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Waymark and FordDirect are offering custom video templates for free so dealers can quickly inform audiences of new developments, initiatives, and updates.

Every auto dealer in America has a message they need to get out right now. Dealers recognize that video is the right medium to reach their customers, but might feel like creating high-quality video content is currently out of reach. We want dealers to know that it is easy for anyone to make engaging, custom videos without any kind of editing or production expertise. It is important to us to support the entrepreneurship and business community right now, which is why we are providing these resources free of charge.

- Nathan Labenz, founder and CEO of Waymark

Auto dealers are feeling the economic effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic, as consumers stay inside and defer high-value purchases like new cars. Auto analyst Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley has predicted sales could slip by 9% this year, and local dealers are already seeing a stark change, with new car sales down the first two weeks of April 55% according to J.D. Power.

The FordDirect Video Marketplace features original content from Ford's latest brand campaign, Built to Lend a Hand, that dealerships can leverage to reach their local markets with personalized copy, colors, logo, images, and more. In addition to helping dealers communicate new efforts and programming in response to the pandemic, including "test drive from home" promotions and online retailing, Ford is also covering the costs of these new adaptive services for many dealerships.

Having tools that allow us to pivot quickly in times of crisis is absolutely critical," said Trisha Habucke. Dealers have had to rapidly change their business with new initiatives to support customers during this crisis, and we're committed to helping them adapt with resources like these videos so they can develop timely messaging.

- Digital Retail Director at Ford Motor Company

Waymark is also a member of the Facebook and Instagram marketing partner program and has been recognized in the platform's "Automotive Playbook for Dealers." The templates for auto dealers were created to adhere to Facebook's recommended strategies and are ideal for social media advertising on both mobile and desktop.

About Waymark

Waymark is an art and technology company that empowers anyone to make exceptional video ads in seconds. The company is working to bridge the gap between local advertisers and the future of video with their proprietary video technology, which makes high quality video at scale a real possibility for advertisers. With Waymark's premium video templates, advertisers are able to create agency-quality content quickly and affordably. The company's collection of templates are professionally produced, full commercials that anyone from a global brand to a small business can personalize in minutes. Waymark is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, and is online at

About FordDirect

FordDirect is a partnership between Ford and Lincoln dealerships and Ford Motor Company. Our mission is to help the Dealers we serve succeed at retail. This unique partnership adds unmatched insights because Ford Motor Company provides us data, as well as direct streams of incentives and digital content. We are the data hub for Ford and Lincoln dealerships. This allows us to analyze consumer interactions and offer an enhanced suite of products that help Ford and Lincoln Dealers drive retail sales and brand loyalty unlike other solutions on the market. Learn more at


From using ad mediation platforms to using different ad placements, here we provide 6 tips to get you started in increasing your eCPM.


From using ad mediation platforms to using different ad placements, here we provide 6 tips to get you started in increasing your eCPM.

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