Frameplay and Kochava Launch First-to-Market Impression to Conversion Attribution Campaign in Mobile Video Game Environment

Frameplay | November 18, 2021

Frameplay, the global leader in enabling intrinsic in-game advertising, and Kochava, the leading real-time data solutions company for omni-channel attribution and measurement, today announced the launch of a first-to-market impression to conversion attribution campaign in a mobile video game environment for a leading powersports company.

The results of the first-ever impression to conversion campaign proved to be extremely successful, with a 2% view-through attribution rate. For context, Google Ads Industry Benchmark reports an average conversion rate for display networks at 0.57%. Gamers that were new to the powersports brand were averaging 2.5 brand site conversions from Frameplay’s intrinsic in-game ads, with an audience consisting of 80% new users and 20% returning users.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what Frameplay’s industry-leading technology can do, especially when it comes to the valuable metrics performance marketers know and have come to expect with their digital campaigns. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how to measure conversion of intrinsic in-game ads. Our innovative partnership with Kochava allows us to provide advertisers with the same type of conversion metrics they would expect from other digital advertising performance options yet within a video game environment.”

Jonathon Troughton, CEO of Frameplay.

The Frameplay and Kochava partnership gives brands and performance marketers trusted measurement while supporting a non-clickable intrinsic in-game advertising experience that keeps players playing the game.

“Online gaming is one of the fastest growing sectors,” said Charles Manning, Founder and CEO, Kochava. “Our partnership with Frameplay takes it to the next level for growth marketers to capitalize on the opportunities to continue to fuel this growth and drive brand awareness.”

About Frameplay
Frameplay is the global intrinsic in-game advertising leader headquartered in San Francisco, California with worldwide offices and teams supporting NA, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC. Frameplay enables game developers to easily place impactful advertising intrinsically within video game environments without disrupting the gameplay performance or experience. The result is amplified brand exposure for advertisers, additional revenue for developers, and an enjoyable, uninterrupted experience for gamers. 

About Kochava
Kochava Inc. is a real-time data solutions company offering the leading omni-channel measurement and attribution solutions for data-driven marketers. The Marketers Operating System™ (m/OS) from Kochava empowers advertisers and publishers with a platform that seamlessly integrates and manages customer identity, measurement and data controls. Unlike the complicated, siloed tech stacks employed today, the m/OS takes the next step: unifying all of your data and critical omni-channel solutions into a cohesive, operational system that goes beyond data aggregation and reporting. The m/OS provides the foundation for limitless advertiser and publisher tools, including the option to build third-party solutions onto the platform. By design, m/OS facilitates success by making data accessible and actionable to maximize ROI.

With a culture of customer-driven innovation, dedication to data security, and the most powerful tools in the ecosystem, Kochava is trusted by top brands to harness their data for growth. Kochava also hosts the largest independent mobile data marketplace, the Kochava Collective. Headquartered in Sandpoint, Idaho, the company has offices globally.


Why Should I Read the Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Analytics? Marketing metrics and analytics—done right—can be a strategic enabler of trust, greater budget, and increased business impact. Today’s CMO is allocating more time and budget than ever before to understand marketing’s performance and influence on growth. T


Why Should I Read the Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Analytics? Marketing metrics and analytics—done right—can be a strategic enabler of trust, greater budget, and increased business impact. Today’s CMO is allocating more time and budget than ever before to understand marketing’s performance and influence on growth. T

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Digital Marketing Agency, Finsbury Media Announces Partnership With WD-40

Finsbury Media | January 27, 2022

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Anzu Awarded TAG Seals and IAB UK Gold Standard 2.0 Certification

Anzu Virtual Reality Ltd. | August 16, 2021, the world’s most advanced in-game advertising platform, announced today that it earned three major industry certifications: the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) Brand Safety Certified Seal, the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal, and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK Gold Standard Certification 2.0. Together, these certifications demonstrate Anzu’s ongoing commitment to promoting a safe, secure, and fraud-free ecosystem that benefits the entire advertising chain. Anzu was awarded the TAG Brand Safety Certified Seal after an independent validation by third-party auditor ABC, demonstrating that the company had achieved the program requirements, including industry best practices to improve brand safety and reduce the risk of ad misplacement. The TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal is awarded to companies that maintain rigorous standards to combat fraudulent and invalid traffic in the advertising supply chain. As part of those requirements, Anzu uses MRC-accredited anti-fraud solutions and measures and verifies that traffic is compliant with industry safety standards. Anzu is known to take a proactive approach to meeting and exceeding industry demands for greater transparency. These certifications will give media buyers, and advertisers increased confidence in the steps taken to protect brand safety and reduce fraud through Anzu’s in-game platform. “As digital gaming continues to grow rapidly, we are pleased that forward-looking companies like Anzu are adopting best practices to combat fraudulent, invalid traffic and protect the brand safety of their ad partners,” said Mike Zaneis, CEO of TAG. “These supply chain challenges extend across all parts of the digital advertising ecosystem, so TAG is committed to ensuring its program covers gaming and other emerging digital advertising channels, and we look forward to continuing to work with Anzu on these important efforts.” To receive the IAB Gold Standard Certification 2.0 in the Full-Service Support category, Anzu took the necessary steps. These included implementing IAB Tech Lab’s ads.txt to tackle ad fraud and its Transparency & Consent Framework v2.0 to ensure GDPR and e-privacy laws are adhered to, undergoing a TAG Brand Safety audit, and endorsing the guiding principles from Coalition for Better Ads. “As the industry evolves, with areas such as gaming seeing rapid growth, it’s essential that businesses are upholding standards and best practices across the board. The Gold Standard is key to this, helping to create a digital ecosystem that is both responsible and sustainable. We’re delighted to have Anzu’s support in this mission, and many congratulations to them on becoming Gold Standard 2.0 certified,” said Tina Lakhani, head of ad tech, IAB UK. In addition to these achievements, Anzu is the first and only platform of its kind to earn an ISO 27001 certification. The in-game advertising company also partners with many top-tier AdTech industry leaders to enable advertisers to make smarter, more effective media buys. Anzu and Moat work together to track impression delivery and IVT measurement in 3D mobile and PC game environments. The company’s partnership with Comscore brings advertising measurement and attribution solutions to advertisers to better understand audience behaviour and campaign impact. “The public’s interest in gaming and esports has exploded over the past few years, and advertisers have taken note, realising that they can connect with a diverse audience of 3.1 billion gamers. We have taken the concepts of brand safety, transparency, measurement, and data privacy to the next level, ensuring advertisers and publishers operate within an environment that delivers value for them while protecting the player experience,” said Tegan Hull, Anzu’s head of operations. “We are proud to have earned these certifications, and we will continue to lead the industry in promoting them and establishing new ones that uphold our values.”

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