Frameplay and Kochava Launch First-to-Market Impression to Conversion Attribution Campaign in Mobile Video Game Environment

Frameplay | November 18, 2021

Frameplay, the global leader in enabling intrinsic in-game advertising, and Kochava, the leading real-time data solutions company for omni-channel attribution and measurement, today announced the launch of a first-to-market impression to conversion attribution campaign in a mobile video game environment for a leading powersports company.

The results of the first-ever impression to conversion campaign proved to be extremely successful, with a 2% view-through attribution rate. For context, Google Ads Industry Benchmark reports an average conversion rate for display networks at 0.57%. Gamers that were new to the powersports brand were averaging 2.5 brand site conversions from Frameplay’s intrinsic in-game ads, with an audience consisting of 80% new users and 20% returning users.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what Frameplay’s industry-leading technology can do, especially when it comes to the valuable metrics performance marketers know and have come to expect with their digital campaigns. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how to measure conversion of intrinsic in-game ads. Our innovative partnership with Kochava allows us to provide advertisers with the same type of conversion metrics they would expect from other digital advertising performance options yet within a video game environment.”

Jonathon Troughton, CEO of Frameplay.

The Frameplay and Kochava partnership gives brands and performance marketers trusted measurement while supporting a non-clickable intrinsic in-game advertising experience that keeps players playing the game.

“Online gaming is one of the fastest growing sectors,” said Charles Manning, Founder and CEO, Kochava. “Our partnership with Frameplay takes it to the next level for growth marketers to capitalize on the opportunities to continue to fuel this growth and drive brand awareness.”

About Frameplay
Frameplay is the global intrinsic in-game advertising leader headquartered in San Francisco, California with worldwide offices and teams supporting NA, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC. Frameplay enables game developers to easily place impactful advertising intrinsically within video game environments without disrupting the gameplay performance or experience. The result is amplified brand exposure for advertisers, additional revenue for developers, and an enjoyable, uninterrupted experience for gamers. 

About Kochava
Kochava Inc. is a real-time data solutions company offering the leading omni-channel measurement and attribution solutions for data-driven marketers. The Marketers Operating System™ (m/OS) from Kochava empowers advertisers and publishers with a platform that seamlessly integrates and manages customer identity, measurement and data controls. Unlike the complicated, siloed tech stacks employed today, the m/OS takes the next step: unifying all of your data and critical omni-channel solutions into a cohesive, operational system that goes beyond data aggregation and reporting. The m/OS provides the foundation for limitless advertiser and publisher tools, including the option to build third-party solutions onto the platform. By design, m/OS facilitates success by making data accessible and actionable to maximize ROI.

With a culture of customer-driven innovation, dedication to data security, and the most powerful tools in the ecosystem, Kochava is trusted by top brands to harness their data for growth. Kochava also hosts the largest independent mobile data marketplace, the Kochava Collective. Headquartered in Sandpoint, Idaho, the company has offices globally.


2022 has seen widespread change on both fronts. With this whitepaper, we hope to shed some light on this change, as well as giving you some tools to help you effectively tackle your paid digital advertising throughout 2023.


2022 has seen widespread change on both fronts. With this whitepaper, we hope to shed some light on this change, as well as giving you some tools to help you effectively tackle your paid digital advertising throughout 2023.

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DoubleVerify Detects First Ad Impression Fraud Scheme in Audio

DoubleVerify | February 07, 2023

DoubleVerify (DV), one of the prominent software platforms for digital media solutions, has recently detected a large-scale ad impression fraud scheme targeted to audio traffic inventory called "BeatSting". After DV’s Fraud Lab recognized the fraud family in 2019, it has stolen about 20 million dollars from advertisers, and the BeatSting platform has about one million dollars per month share in it. BeatString has been a part of server-side ad insertion (SSAI) fraud schemes, targeting connected TV (CTV) inventory since 2019. The fraudsters first spoof residential IP addresses and audio applications and set up a fake SSAI server, making false audio ad requests to attract advertisers. Then, if an advertiser from the legitimate audio channels bids on this accretive inventory and makes a profit, the money goes to them instead of the audio tracks. Although the DV Fraud Lab had already reported fraudulent attacks in 2021, the activity continued into the following year, generating fake audio traffic on audio platforms on a much larger scale. With dedicated data scientists, analysts, and mathematicians, DV's Fraud Lab detects and analyses digital ad frauds and their latest fraud schemes. It isolates the fraud applications, websites, and devices and secures DV clients in real time through continuous analysis, research, and scenario management. Chief Executive Officer at DoubleVerify, Mark Zagorski, said, "Fraud always follows the money, and increasingly, that money is flowing to digital audio, a rapidly emerging channel where digital advertising standards are still evolving." He added, "CTV continues to experience this phenomenon, and, increasingly, audio is quietly becoming a new channel of interest and attack." (Source – Business Wire) About DoubleVerify DoubleVerify (DV), an advertising service, provides digital media analytics and measurement solutions to make digital advertising systems, brands and agencies, marketplaces, and publishers more secure and preserve fair value exchange between digital media sellers and buyers. Many Fortune 500 advertisers rely on DV for unbiased data analysis, high-quality campaigns, and global advertising return on investment (ROI). It specializes in ad prominence, viewability, impression quality solutions for brand marketers, impression delivery, brand safety and fraud protection, and accountability and transparency for digital media.

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Augeo Acquires Brand Networks for Engagement Solutions

Augeo | February 20, 2023

Augeo, an enterprise engagement platform technology, has recently acquired Brand Networks, a social media marketing pioneer, for increasing engagement over social media platforms. In addition, its data collection and engagement solution, Valor Siren Ventures, participated with Augeo in this transaction. Brand Networks offers AI-powered tools to enhance advertising investments, media buying, and authentic employee advocacy through software solutions and clean room collaboration technology to turn audiences and first-party data over social media platforms into monetization. These services will help marketers, advertising companies like Augeo and creator communities with the creation, publication, and measurement of organic content in real-time on behalf of the organization. It leverages AI and machine learning algorithms for building brand relationships with customers through social media platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Meta. Garros Group, an investment bank in the advertising sector, served as a financial and strategic advisor for Brand Networks. Founder and CEO of Augeo, David Kristal, said, "We are eager to cultivate Brand Network's innovative paid social solutions that optimize cross-platform advertising budgets with data-driven strategies. Moreover, there is not a more authentic and inspired strategy to advance brand experiences than through the passion and advocacy of that brand's employees, customers, and partners. We recognize the power of synthesizing brand advocates across social media to deepen the connection to stakeholders and local communities." He added, "Augeo's acquisition of Brand Networks extends opportunities for our clients to leverage genuine employee advocacy—creating a unique and inevitable intersection of marketing and HR. Every day, thousands of employees are activated on behalf of major brands through Brand Networks, and we are excited to scale their efforts and accelerate the power of their solutions for our respective clients." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About Augeo Headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Augeo, an advertising solutions provider, has been offering services for enterprise-level loyalty and engagement platforms and experience design since 1999. In addition, it serves solutions for loyalty programs, channel loyalty, employee recognition, sales incentives, web3 experiences, strategic gifting, event production, customer loyalty, experiential marketing, workplace engagement, digital agency services, employee engagement, card-linking experiences, B2B loyalty, membership benefits, employee recognition and rewards, insurance and voluntary benefits, custom solutions, and affinity partner networks.

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Zoomd’s Albert AI, Creative Optimization Technology Generates 800% Return on Ad Spend

Zoomd | January 27, 2023

With creative ad optimization subjected to user biases such as preferences for strong headlines, graphics, colors, etc., Albert AI technology, owned by Zoomd, provides genuine creative optimization based on real-time creative performance across goods, advertising, campaigns, and market segments. Even with the recent development of technologies like Chat GPT-4, ad production is likely to be the last aspect of marketing to gain from AI-powered technology. Due to the subjectivity used by individuals while optimizing commercials, the optimization of ad creatives is now well suited for AI technology. An e-commerce business hired Albert AI intending to improve return on ad spend (ROAS) by 500%, a goal Albert's team thought was achievable. Instead, Albert's ROAS increased by 800% a few months after the onboarding process was completed. In subsequent years, the same e-commerce business, now in its fourth year of working with Albert, is still achieving gains in ROAS between 10 and 20%. Albert optimized the ad creative for this e-commerce firm by developing the best-performing advertisements for each target category and ad platform/channel. In addition, its technology makes the most excellent ad possible by picking the finest photos, colors, fonts, and texts to provide the most cost-effective results for the target demographic. Finally, Albert's system was able to decide when to refresh and then modify ads to maximize ROAS. The technology employs AI to generate advertisements that improve campaign performance, including keyword, platform, audience, and device selection and bidding, as well as creative optimization spanning search, display, social, and cross-channel. About Zoomd Zoomd, founded in 2012, provides publishers with a site search engine and marketers with a mobile app user-acquisition platform integrated with the vast majority of global digital media. The software integrates over 600 media sources into a single interface. In addition, it provides marketers with a user acquisition control center to manage all new customer acquisition efforts on a single platform. By merging numerous media sources into a single platform, marketers save considerable resources that would otherwise be spent integrating data sources, boosting data collection and insights while limiting the resources used on the task. Zoomd is also a performance-based platform, allowing advertisers to reach the right target audiences by using an algorithm based on the goals and objectives of the advertisers.

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