GroundTruth Expands Location-Based Targeting To Optimize Online Advertising Strategies

GroundTruth | June 11, 2020

  • GroundTruth, the leading global location technology company, announced the launch of several new capabilities that will expand the reach of location-based marketing through cross-device channels.

  • With the introduction of its new Connected TV (CTV) solution and Desktop offering, coupled with its existing mobile capabilities, GroundTruth is providing marketers broader access to cross-device channels in order to drive consumers to physical points of interest or convert them online.

  • The convergence of Connected TV, Desktop, and mobile enable advanced audience targeting and cross-device measurement for location-based advertising.

Campaign insights can then be used to optimize omnichannel messaging or targeting in real-time to increase performance.

CTV and Desktop ads make addressable targeting highly effective at reaching audiences especially among the increasing number of cord-cutters in the U.S. With the launch of its CTV and Desktop solutions, GroundTruth will offer agencies, brands and local businesses the opportunity to access and deploy CTV and Desktop ad inventory the same way they execute their mobile campaigns. They will also be able to leverage GroundTruth's location-based audiences and targeting capabilities to reach specific audiences and understand incremental foot traffic driven to their locations by each advertising campaign and channel. Using cohesive sequential messaging, the convergence of the expanded offering opens up brands to maximize effectiveness while telling their brand or campaign story.

GroundTruth builds audiences based on consumers' past visitation behaviors through its global collection of over 30 billion annual visits to places of business and points of interest. The new capabilities will help to extend the reach of local targeting to customers in various places with varied interests with customized ads. By leveraging digital identity resolution delivered by cross-device graph, digital ad IDs are mapped to GroundTruth's location-based audiences across mobile, desktop and connected TV devices.

We are excited to expand our offerings to new channels to better unify advertising vehicles and help deliver more comprehensive results for our customers. By developing a solution for Connected TV and Desktop we are strengthening capabilities for omnichannel location-based advertising strategies and offering the ability to effectively market to audiences and drive ROI through various online and offline elements. Advertisers who integrate audience targeting on Connected TV and other devices with location targeting on mobile can execute an incredibly powerful cross-channel marketing plan.

- Amit Goswami, SVP of Product and Engineering, GroundTruth

GroundTruth's cross-device offering is built using the same proprietary visitation data that powers GroundTruth's other offerings, which was recently verified to be at least 96.2% accurate based on an annual 3rd party audit by Numerator. Accuracy has long been a core focus of GroundTruth, who's technology platform is powered by GroundTruth's Blueprints™, which precisely captures millions of businesses and points of interest, the offering will reach users that are associated with audience segment groups based on their real-world visitation history and demographics.

About GroundTruth

GroundTruth is the leading global location technology company for driving visits. Using its proprietary Blueprints technology, along with predictive targeting products, GroundTruth is able to precisely reach mobile users in the real world and influence business performance. Since 2009, GroundTruth's focus on scale and accuracy has allowed it to capture 2 out of 3 smartphone users in the U.S. and more than 30 billion global physical visits annually.


2022 has seen widespread change on both fronts. With this whitepaper, we hope to shed some light on this change, as well as giving you some tools to help you effectively tackle your paid digital advertising throughout 2023.


2022 has seen widespread change on both fronts. With this whitepaper, we hope to shed some light on this change, as well as giving you some tools to help you effectively tackle your paid digital advertising throughout 2023.

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GumGum Announces Industry’s First 100% Brand Safe Ad Exchange

GumGum | March 20, 2023

GumGum, a contextual first, global advertising platform, announced that starting immediately, all impressions running on GumGum’s ad exchange will now have enhanced brand safety protection through Verity™, GumGum’s proprietary and accredited contextual intelligence platform. Verity is already integrated and applied across GumGum’s PMPs and media business. With this upgrade, GumGum becomes the first 100% brand-safe exchange and is the only direct marketplace that incorporates brand safety on every impression. Advertisers typically add brand safety layers on their own through a pre-bid solution or their own safety filters. However, GumGum believes it is their responsibility to ensure supply-side safety by integrating an additional layer of protection in its exchange with Verity. Verity is the first independent ad tech platform to have been granted content-level accreditation by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for contextual analysis, brand safety, and suitability across the web and CTV. This accreditation was granted due to Verity’s sophistication and ability to analyse all content signals within a digital environment, including text, images, videos, and audio, to ensure ads are not served against extreme and unsafe content. “We want brands and agencies to know that when they buy from GumGum’s ad exchange, they can always rely on brand safety and suitability protection, whether that’s through our exchange or PMP activity. Buyers can be assured that every ad we serve has been verified by Verity, creating a safe ad environment against extreme content,” said Adam Schenkel, EVP of global platform strategy & operations at GumGum. “Further, we want publishers to feel confident that we are an additional layer of support in ensuring their content is driving the greatest monetisation from our platform while protecting against brand safety violations.” In addition to standard display and video placements from top publishers, GumGum’s ad exchange quickly unlocks exclusive inventory using standard formats that are cost-efficient and can be easily scaled through GumGum’s DSP partners, such as The Trade Desk, Xandr, and Google Display & Video 360. Any media buyer has the ability to access unique, high-performing inventory that is exclusive to GumGum through a DSP without a managed deal or campaign by GumGum account teams. The exchange is one of the industry's highest concentrations of direct-to-publisher integrations, enabling the company to provide the most direct route to premium, high-quality inventory for media buyers. “Every brand has its own suitability thresholds but safety is more black and white. If we have the capability to remove unsafe inventory that advertisers don’t want to advertise against from the onset, why wouldn’t we do that?” said Phil Schraeder, CEO of GumGum. “We see a tremendous growth opportunity with our ad exchange and adding Verity to every ad impression is just one of many exciting things we will be doing with the exchange this year.” This solution offers higher-quality ads and increased scale across thousands of premium publisher sites that are third-party verified. To ensure quality inventory at scale and an efficient supply chain, GumGum has integrated MediaGuard by HUMAN into the exchange to remove nonhuman and fraud traffic. In addition, GumGum is integrated with NewsGuard who deploy real journalists to fact-check news publications to ensure content accuracy, reliability, and access to high-performing inventory. With a focus on inclusivity, the exchange will also allow advertisers to maximise their KPIs by targeting audiences through customised segments such as multicultural and sustainability with standard and nonstandard ad formats. GumGum will continue to develop partnerships to grow the scale of the exchange in 2023 and beyond. With a new team dedicated to the innovation and growth of the exchange, GumGum continues to commit to evolving the marketplace to suit the needs of the digital advertising industry. GumGum’s exchange is available now and accessible to agencies, advertisers and publishers across the globe interested in brand-safe and premium ad inventory. AboutGumGum GumGum is a contextual-first global digital advertising platform that captures people’s attention, without the use of personal data. We believe that a digital advertising ecosystem based on understanding a consumer’s active frame of mind rather than behaviour builds a more equitable and safer future for consumers, publishers and advertisers alike. Founded in 2008, GumGum is headquartered in Santa Monica, California and operates in 19 markets worldwide.

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MobileFuse Unveils New Ad Tools to Help Boost Revenue

MobileFuse | January 02, 2023

MobileFuse, a leading digital advertising platform, has released a new mobile software development kit (SDK), mediation adapters, and a proprietary video player. These tools are designed to reduce friction and allow mobile app publishers and mediation platforms to access MobileFuse's premium inventory and increase revenue. This will help mobile app publishers and mediation platforms because it will give them access to MobileFuse's premium inventory and cut down on the costs of making their own tools. The MobileFuse SDK has reportedly allowed publishing partners to double fill rates and increase eCPMs by 20% or more. The SDK has duoBid, which lets advertisers run video ads in larger static banner inventory. It also has a proprietary video player with full VAST capabilities, support for rich media, lightweight technology, and support for the latest mobile technologies. With the help of these tools, publishers and mediation platforms have been able to make a lot more money and make more money from what they make. MobileFuse's SDK, integrated through an AppLovin MAX Custom Adapter, has yielded immediate success for our app. The SDK is generating higher fill rates, eCPM, CTR, and five times more revenue on a similar amount of bid requests than our oRTB connection. The implementation process was easy, and their team was responsive and always willing to help along the way." Amy Nicole Hernandez, CFO and VP of Business Operations at TextMe The SDK is the only way to get the proprietary video player, and the mediation adapters make it easier to connect to leading mediation platforms. With the SDK, publishers can also take advantage of the duoBid video ad-serving platform. About MobileFuse MobileFuse is a leading in-app advertising and CTV platform. In a variety of verticals, the company serves leading brands, agencies, bidders, and app developers. MobileFuse empowers its clients by reaching highly curated and receptive audiences through innovative solutions that combine location-based in-app and CTV exchanges, moments-based targeting, patented location verification, custom creative, and data-driven insights. MobileFuse, which was founded in 2009, is headquartered in New York City and has offices throughout the United States. The company will be carbon-negative by 2022.

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KERV Partners Audi and PHD Media for Dynamic Destination OTT Campaign

KERV Interactive | March 14, 2023

KERV Interactive (KERV), an AI-powered digital advertising platform, has recently released Dynamic Destination, an expansion to KERV TV. Audi of America (Audi) used its Dynamic Destination for OTT ad campaign in partnership with PHD Media and both attracted enormous viewers' attention. KERV’s Dynamic Destination connects advertisers to direct users from different places based on the demographics like location or time of the day when the users scan the QR code of the CTV/OTT ads. Both the companies directed consumers to the relevant landing pages with KERV’s solution. It added value to each QR scan or snap to increase possibility of customer’s consideration and conversion. Leveraging KERV’s technology, they converted a single video into personalized user experiences based on their locations. CRO of KERV Interactive, Jay Wolff said, “Brands like Audi understand the importance of removing friction for users, especially in video.” He added, “We are thrilled to partner with the teams at Audi and PHD Media to streamline, automate, and measure the way they connect with audiences through OTT to make an impact for both the brand and consumer.” (Source – Business Wire) Media Manager at Audi of America, Kayleen Oblack said, “We are always looking for innovative solutions that elevate the consumer experience.” She added, “Working with KERV and PHD Media allowed us to quickly and efficiently localize our interactive OTT experiences and guarantee consumers have a more personalized, relevant experience with the Audi brand.” (Source – Business Wire) About KERV Interactive Headquartered in Austin, Texas, KERV Interactive, an advertising services provider, offers solutions for video advertising, interactive video, ad-tech, marketing, online media, video marketing, and interactive technology. It has been utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques for its patented interactive video platform since 2017. These techniques convert any video content into interactive and trackable ad experience. It identifies individual objects in any video stream through their pixel edges. It recognizes the video's depth, dimension and things as natural eyes can perceive. As a result, it can convert every frame in the video scene to an immersive consumer experience.

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