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Habu Integration With Google Display & Video 360’s Pair Now Available to Power Privacy-Preserving Advertising


Habu, the Global Innovator in Data Clean Room Software, today announced their integration with Google Display & Video 360’s PAIR, which supports ad planning, activation, and measurement in a privacy-safe way. The new solution enables advertisers and publishers to securely leverage and reconcile their first-party data to improve media performance in Google Display & Video 360 (DV360) and accelerate business growth.

Habu’s data clean room technology makes collaboration across decentralized data safe, simple, scalable, and smart. Its software is designed to make data collaboration secure and easy enabling companies to increase the velocity and value of data-driven initiatives by empowering them to work within and across distributed data environments to glean insights and execute advanced data science use cases with minimal resources.

Display & Video 360’s PAIR (Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation) is a privacy-safe way for advertisers to activate and measure their first-party (authenticated and consented) audiences on specific publishers via Display & Video 360. Brands/advertisers on the buy side and publishers on the sell side can bring their first-party data and reconcile it securely to facilitate more efficient, accurate, and effective media buying and measurement on a 1:1 basis.

Habu’s clean room software integrated with Display & Video 360’s PAIR facilitates commutative encryption methodology to provide maximum security for advertisers, publishers, and consumers with respect to their data by enabling reconciliation without ever decrypting the data.

As the only fully interoperable clean room solution, Habu enables advertisers and publishers to utilize the PAIR protocol, no matter what cloud, platform, or stack. Built for both data scientists and business users, Habu’s integration with PAIR facilitates the reconciliation of publisher and advertiser first-party data for marketing use cases.

Habu’s customers will now have the opportunity to leverage PAIR within Habu���s data clean room software to securely collaborate with key partners to deliver more meaningful ads and optimize and improve advertising performance in Display & Video 360. In addition, it provides protection of your customers’ and visitors’ privacy, as the publisher/advertiser first-party data reconciliation happens without any other party, including Google, ever having access or visibility into another party’s data.

The Habu + Display & Video 360 PAIR integration enables:

  • Closer connection with known audiences to drive better performance on a 1:1 basis
  • Increased data privacy and security for advertiser activation on publisher inventory
  • Deeper level of collaboration with top media partners across the entire campaign lifecycle from planning to activation to measurement

"We’re excited to be working with Google to provide our customers with innovative and future-proof ways to connect with their customers while respecting their privacy,” said Mike Moreau, Co-Founder and COO at Habu. “Our integration with Display & Video 360’s PAIR empowers advertisers and publishers to benefit from the secure reconciliation of their first-party datasets to drive better media performance and ROI.”

This partnership further expands the areas of integration between Habu with Google Ads and Google Cloud. Habu also integrates with Ads Data Hub’s API and recently announced a partnership with Google Cloud to democratize clean room access and scale data collaboration for companies.

To learn more about how Habu and Display & Video 360’s PAIR deliver innovative solutions for privacy safe data collaboration visit, PAIR Visual, and

About Habu

Habu is a global leader in data clean room software, enabling companies to benefit from the value of data without the risk. Habu connects data internally and externally with other departments, partners, customers, and providers in privacy safe and compliant ways for better collaboration, decision making and results. The company is headquartered in San Francisco CA and Boston, MA. For more information visit



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