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IAB Partners With Deakin University To Launch Digital Advertising Microcredential Courses

IAB Australia | October 11, 2022 | Read time : 06:00 min

IAB Partners With Deakin University
IAB Australia has partnered with Deakin University to deliver a series of co-designed microcredentials for people with a digital advertising career looking to upskill or those looking to change roles.  The first course, Programmatic Advertising and Trading, will be open for enrolments from 10th October and the course will commence 31st October.  The second course, Ad Operations will launch in February and expressions of interest are now open.

The accredited postgraduate stackable short courses have been designed specifically to address the greatest market needs as identified in the recent IAB Talent Industry Review and will offer 75 hours of self-paced learning that can be completed in as little as six weeks or as long as six months.  Each microcredential course will provide a mix of deep theoretical understanding from Deakin University with solid hands-on vocational skills and best practice from the IAB.

Gai Le Roy, CEO of IAB Australia said: “It is no secret that the digital advertising industry has a current talent shortage as well as an ongoing need to train people for a market that is experiencing rapid growth and constantly evolving."

Gai Le Roy, CEO of IAB Australia said: “It is no secret that the digital advertising industry has a current talent shortage as well as an ongoing need to train people for a market that is experiencing rapid growth and constantly evolving. Having university level courses that provide a strong understanding of the principles of digital advertising and marketing together with the latest industry skills will ensure that our talent pool grows and deepens its capabilities. We see these qualifications as becoming embedded in the hiring and promotion processes of media and ad tech organisations.”

Following a wide market review, IAB selected Deakin University as its partner in this new initiative due its extensive experience and strength in online learning. The courses have been developed with input from the IAB, a wide range of industry experts along with academic oversight and world class learning design from Deakin University.

Wendy Palmer, Director, Global Studio, Stackable Learning Project, of Deakin University said “The partnership with IAB leverages Deakin’s expertise as an innovative provider of stackable short course offering microcredentials that address the increasing needs of individuals and sectors to upskill and reskill. Disruption across many sectors such as digital advertising has brought about the need for quality learning that is flexible and affordable and delivers the skills for current roles as well as gain credit towards longer-term career and study goals.”

The Programmatic Advertising micro-credential is for digital marketing, advertising, and trading professionals involved in or looking to transition to programmatic advertising and trading.  Learners will explore how to evaluate the depth and breadth of the programmatic ecosystem; use data and analytics for digital media strategy and campaign; activate the solution(s) using the appropriate DSP; apply effective measurements to evaluate solutions; respond to a client brief and provide recommendations to a client.

The Ad Operations microcredential course is targeted at publishers, media owners and businesses that sell digital media managed by ad operations teams through campaign managers, ad operations execs and programmatic specialists.

About the Interactive Advertising Bureau
As an independent industry association with more than 170 members in Australia spanning media owners, publishers, technology companies, agencies, and advertisers, IAB works to align industry stakeholders to develop solutions for the issues faced by the market and develop standards that are integral to the operation of digital advertising.

IAB Australia also works closely with other industry associations including MFA and AANA to help shape the rules of play around measurement, Australian Digital Ad Practices, mentorship, global tech and policy work, Tech Lab standards, standardising terminology and supporting the broad media and marketing community.

About Deakin University
Deakin University is an educational leader – a status confirmed by national rankings for good teaching, skills development, graduate qualities, and student satisfaction. The University is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide (Shanghai Rankings) and is among the top 50 young universities in the world (QS). Deakin degrees are world class and are on an impressive upward trajectory in global rankings. The University is ranked in the Top 1% worldwide for business and management studies (QS Rankings by Subject 2022) and computer science (Times Higher Education Subject Rankings 2022).

Deakin continues to innovate by reshaping its approach to courses, learning, and teaching and enhancing the experience of its students. Deakin’s interactive learning platform brings the classroom to you using innovative technology, backed by Australia’s top-rated tech support (Voice Project IT Service Quality Support Benchmark Survey).


WASK is a new generation SaaS with smart features that model user behavior to help you reach the right target audience, and increase your business's sales and customers.


WASK is a new generation SaaS with smart features that model user behavior to help you reach the right target audience, and increase your business's sales and customers.

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