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InMarket Launches it's Next Generation Lift Conversion Index® (LCI) Attribution Tool to Optimize and Manage Campaigns from Impression to Purchase

InMarket, the leader in 360-degree consumer intelligence and real-time activation, is launching the next generation of attribution with it's enhanced Lift Conversion Index (LCI), offering a 360-degree view of a campaigns true impact on in-store and online sales.

New features give users advanced, in-depth views into exposure, attribution, and conversion to facilitate ongoing campaign optimization and maximize results. By combining robust consumer visit and sales data, InMarket's LCI allows users to harness the power of omnichannel attribution by connecting online and offline worlds. This streamlines campaign optimization and drives higher Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS).

New features of InMarket's Lift Conversion Index include:
  • Sales Attribution: A new Sales Attribution tool enables users to identify the impact of omnichannel media investment on in-store visits and sales. Through InMarket's accurate and consistent data sets, including Total Sales, Incremental Sales, Sales Lift, Transaction Rate, Shop Rate, Basket Size and more users can link their media's impact on sales to uncover true ROAS.
  • Optimization Engine: A robust Optimization Engine identifies the top variables driving success, elevating top performing campaign tactics for faster and smarter actionability. The Optimization Engine allows users to leverage key campaign performance metrics and generate in-the-moment recommendations to drive better results.
  • Transformed User Experience: The enhanced LCI® dashboard visualizes key performance metrics, creating faster, simplified access to the data users care about most.

"InMarket's Lift Conversion Index attribution tool allows marketers to understand the success of their campaign through every step of the purchase process. From impression to visit to sale, LCI illustrates a holistic view of results, while providing visibility into the leading variables driving performance. Brands can now learn the effects of channel vs publisher vs creative and beyond to see what was really driving growth, and what was not, We are dedicated to supporting our clients with the next generation of actionable, predictive intelligence to grow their business through the optimization of accountable marketing."

said Todd Morris, President of InMarket.

Lift Conversion Index is powered by InMarket's industry-leading, robust consumer visit and sales data, and provides an accurate view of how media campaigns impact every stage of the customer journey, from impression to purchase. InMarket's omnichannel attribution solution pairs new features with updated incremental lift calculations including sales lift, precise, 1:1 matching improvements, improved projected visit methodology, and transparent statistical testing to increase actionable recommendations.

"Foot traffic is the holy grail for us. If you can drive incremental foot traffic you can drive incremental sales," said Tim Ferris, Head of Precision Marketing at Dunkin' Brands. "With InMarket's LCI, we are able to close the loop on our advertising efforts by calculating the impact of those efforts through incremental visits and the revenue it drives for our franchise owners. As a result, incrementality has become a staple of our measurement and analytics approach to drive both brand love with consumers and our advertising effectiveness."

Dunkin' Brands' success leveraging incrementality to drive growth was a key factor in Tim Ferris' recognition as a 2021 InMarket Lift Leader for Innovation. The InMarket Lift Leader Awards program recognizes and celebrates the individuals and organizations that leverage real-time engagement, attribution and insights to drive growth for their brands.

About InMarket
Since 2010, InMarket has been the leader in 360-degree consumer intelligence, real-time marketing for thousands of major brands. Through InMarket's data-driven marketing platform, brands can build targeted audiences, activate real-time, and measure success in driving sales. InMarket's proprietary Moments offering outperforms traditional mobile advertising by 6.5x.*

InMarket, which has raised no venture capital funding, holds more than 27 patents across location, attribution and digital marketing, and its GeoLink self-service marketing platform was awarded Best Location Platform at the 2020 Digiday Technology Awards. Its nationwide team is united across more than 20 states.



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