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LG Ad Solutions Releases Its Enhanced Ads Study Results

Enhanced Ads Study Results

LG Advertising Solutions has recently released the results of its thought leadership study, "Enhanced Ads Study," highlighting the impact of enhanced Connected TV (CTV) advertising formats on watcher engagement and productivity, providing critical insights for the advertising industry's future.

The enhanced CTV ads use dynamic QR codes that, depending on time, change messaging and trigger location-specific creative content. Its study reported that around 49% of U.S. consumers engage with enhanced advertisements, demanding personalized and interactive advertising experiences. In addition, it discovered that approximately 94% of consumers feel the same way or prefer brands that use QR codes, and the same number are more likely to use or buy those brands.

They either feel the same or are more inclined towards the brands with store locations near them, with 92% regarding the same and more likely to buy or use those brands. In addition, an estimated 72% view the ads that are influenced by the current weather condition in their city, with approximately 94% having similar feelings or more chances of opting for the weather-based contextual ads and about 92% feeling the same or more possibilities to buy or use those brands. Thus, 72% of consumers prefer enhanced advertisements that display real-time sports scores, a countdown to games or events, and team matchups, and 64% are more likely to engage with these ads.

CMO of LG Ad Solutions, Tony Marlow, said, "The results of the LG Ad Solutions Enhanced Ads Study reinforce the importance of adapting to changing consumer preferences and leveraging innovative ad formats." He added, "By providing brands with the ability to create more personalized and interactive ad experiences within CTV environments, we are helping to drive better engagement and outcomes for both advertisers and consumers."

(Source – Business Wire)

About LG Ad Solutions

LG Ad Solutions, a TV and cross-screen advertising solutions provider, has been helping brands maximize reach and return on ad spend across the TV streaming marketplace since 2013. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, it connects smart TV products, brands, and consumers with TV audience data and artificial intelligence-designed videos across all screens. It links technologies with devices, with one automated platform for measuring and activating media across digital video and connected TVs. Its insights help marketers run cross-screen campaigns in flight and understand ad performance to optimize media reach.



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