Mediavine Rolls Out WordPress Theme Framework for Passing All of Google’s Core Web Vitals

Mediavine | August 31, 2021

Mediavine, the largest exclusive full-service ad management firm in the U.S., rolled out its debut WordPress theme framework, Trellis, to the open internet for beta testing. Trellis is built for ad performance and passing Google’s Core Web Vitals (CWVs) while preserving pagespeed.

Mediavine's premier WordPress theme framework, Trellis, is now available to the open internet. Empowering independent publishers to pass all three of Google’s Core Web Vitals, 77% of publishers operating on Trellis are currently passing. This compares to just 4% of sites passing on the internet.

Of publishers currently operating on Trellis, 77% are passing all three CWVs: FID (First Input Delay), LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) and CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift). This compares to only 4% of websites on the internet currently passing CWVs, according to Search Engine Journal, which conducted a study of more than two million websites in April 2021. Specifically, 98% of publishers using Trellis are passing FID and 78.9% are passing CLS.

Additionally, the majority of publishers using Trellis have seen an average increase of 35% in revenue year-over-year and a 30% increase in sessions year-over-year. These metrics can be attributed to the product’s industry-leading programmatic ad placements, pagespeed, viewability and overall user experience.

“We are proud to pioneer a WordPress product that adheres to today’s web standards and empowers independent publishers to optimize their site performance for browsers like Google Chrome,” said Eric Hochberger, Mediavine Co-Founder and CEO. “Trellis meets the expectations of publishers, their audiences and advertisers, yielding top dollars for site traffic while maintaining a focus on user experience.”

Whereas Trellis was previously only available to Mediavine publishers, it is now available for purchase to all WordPress users at

Mediavine is the largest exclusive ad management company in the United States, representing and monetizing more than 8,000 publisher partner websites in addition to its owned and operated properties


We asked Clare Deloford from Starcom MediaVest and Jan Mikulin from Grayling how Programmatic Advertising has impacted the role of marketing professionals.


We asked Clare Deloford from Starcom MediaVest and Jan Mikulin from Grayling how Programmatic Advertising has impacted the role of marketing professionals.

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MTarget chooses iBASIS to deliver CPaaS mobile marketing campaigns via APIs

MTarget | May 10, 2022

MTarget, a France-based direct B2B marketing firm specializing in mobile marketing, has selected iBASIS as their provider for programmable voice campaign management services in the banking, finance and retail sectors. iBASIS is a Massachusetts-based communications solutions provider. The unique Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) model from iBASIS provides out-of-the-box, ready-to-go solutions that can be white-labeled to generate instant revenue from existing infrastructure and resource expenditures. Nowadays, one of the fastest-growing communication industries is CPaaS (Communication Platforms as a Service). CPaaS allows for the simple integration of real-time, cloud-based, bespoke communication services such as video chat or two-factor authentication into an existing application. The predicted market size for CPaaS in 2021 was 4-8 billion USD, with a CAGR of 35-57 percent. Along with messaging, IDC estimated that programmable voice communications, which includes voice and telephony services, was one of the major segments in 2021, with a market value of 3.2 billion USD. With the CPaaS offering of iBASIS, the Businesses will get flexible and cost-efficient voice services for their marketing campaigns and security via multi-factor authentication, notifications and customer services. The quick and straightforward customization of defined voice messages using APIs will allow businesses to reach a targeted group of people in a short time. The cloud-based, ready-to-deploy voice CPaaS solution is a very cost-effective channel to market, requiring no upfront CapEx or obligations. The consumption-based pricing structure allows service providers to be more adaptable and develop their business models. “The iBASIS Network and their cloud-based portfolio is a perfect fit for us as they combine global coverage, scale, and technology innovation. Our direct marketing campaigns require high quality and capacity (up to 10,000 simultaneous calls) and iBASIS demonstrated and delivered both. By integrating their carrier channel reach, we are unlocking the potential for a new range of direct marketing campaigns in regions of the world where voice remains the most efficient communication tool,” Stéphane Faugeras, President, MTarget iBASIS has a carrier-grade network and connections with mobile operators worldwide. Hence with iBasis’s capabilities, the marketing campaigns can be quickly customized as per capacity and coverage. Enterprise customers may benefit from end-to-end insight while monitoring their mobile campaigns with full call tracking analytics. In addition, businesses may track the performance of their sales and marketing efforts, brand message, and advertising while maintaining control over their customer engagement process. “We are delighted to work with MTarget and their operations teams who are extremely focused on quality of services, customer engagement, and innovation. As a result, MTarget offers a very high performing CPaaS solution for businesses that want to launch cost-effective promotional or communication campaigns to their end users via programmable voice,” said Guillaume Klein, VP, Product Management at iBASIS.

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Deliveroo Delivers Relevant and Hyperlocal Advertising with | December 06, 2021

-Deliveroo, a leading online food delivery company in Europe and Asia, and, the next-generation Creative Management Platform (CMP) for leading enterprise brands seeking to ensure advertising relevance at scale, announced today a continued partnership to support Deliveroo’s fast-growing reach with hyperlocal advertising execution that can be delivered at scale. By leveraging real-time data specific to the restaurants and demographics of each delivery zone, in combination with’s Fix and Flex™ Creative Concept management, Deliveroo has shortened time-to-market from 2-3 days to just a matter of minutes while ensuring highly relevant advertising for each zone in every global market they serve. According to McKinsey, mature food delivery markets, including the United Kingdom and Australia, have exponentially grown 4 to 7x since 2018. However, with this growth comes an expectation for increased geographic competition that will drive a greater need for advertising as services compete for local customers. With the platform, Deliveroo has been able to augment paid social with display advertising to serve 30% more impressions in priority zones, and to achieve a CTR that is 2870% better than benchmarks thanks to dynamic templates. “In the eight years since our founding, Deliveroo has grown to serve 7.8 million consumers in 800 locales across 11 global markets,” said Dean Weaving, Head of Display, Video and Paid Social for Deliveroo. “Our hyperlocal marketing strategy has been instrumental to our success, and is a key partner in helping us scale our reach and creative effectiveness in record time. We look forward to continuing our work with them to bring the same relevant, on-target advertising to a multitude of highly differentiated localities.” “Deliveroo has moved quickly to deliver incredible convenience to consumers, especially when local communities struggled to adapt their sources of food during the pandemic. Today, over 72% of the population of the United Kingdom is covered by their services,” said Adit Abyankhar, CEO of “We are honoured to have contributed to the speed and efficiency with which they have reached target localities with relevant advertising to grow their brand.” About Deliveroo Deliveroo ( is an award-winning delivery service founded in 2013 by William Shu and Greg Orlowski. Deliveroo works with over 140,000 best-loved restaurants and grocery partners, as well as 100,000 riders to provide the best food delivery experience in the world. Deliveroo is headquartered in London, with 2,500 employees in offices around the globe. Deliveroo operates in over 800 towns and cities across 11 markets, including Australia, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and the United Kingdom. About provides the leading next-generation Creative Management Platform for marketers at the world’s largest brands to enable them to scale their digital creative. connects creative and media workflows using intelligent automation, making it easy and fast to produce and optimise relevant ad creative across all digital channels. These ads are 60% more cost-efficient to produce, according to’s customers which include 10 of the top 30 global brands. The venture-backed company, headquartered in London, UK, was founded by former Google executives who understood the need to close the wide gap between creative concepts and digital media execution.

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Entravision and Anzu joins forces to lift their game in LATAM

Entravision, Anzu | April 21, 2022

On 19/04/2022, Media and adtech firm Extravison and in-gaming ad platform Anzu have announced their partnership to seek expansion in Latin American markets. This exclusive partnership will represent Anzu in 18 Latin American markets via a new business venture Extravision-Cisneros Interactive. The partnership will educate the markets the potential of in-game advertisement and Anzu’s leading tech can be utilized by advertisers, developers and players. Tel Aviv based Anzu is active in the industry since 2017 and has worked with the brands like American Eagle, Samsung, Vodafone, and PepsiCo. Anzu, in the segment of in-game advertisement has figured the way of non-intrusive ad placements that gives much refined and realism inspired experience. Anzu’s cross-platform is compatible with mobile, PC, consoles, and Roblox. “Latin America is one of the world’s fastest-growing gaming regions, with the highest player growth from 2015 to 2024. Our partnership with Entravision means advertisers in the region can now reach this growing audience via non-disruptive in-game advertising. Our patented, adaptive technology, first-to-market in-game ad viewability measurement with Oracle Moat, and full suite of third party integrations with AdTech vendors also mean they will also be able to effectively measure the impact of their in-game ad campaigns and compare them against other digital channels,” said Stephanie Lublinski, Head of Partnerships, Emerging Markets at Anzu. Whereas, Entravision's services are supported by a world-class sales operation and one-of-a-kind commercial collaborations with industry heavyweights such as Televisa Univision, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Grab. Entravision Digital, Smadex, Entravision Cisneros Interactive, Entravision MediaDonuts, and Entravision 365 Digital are the five core businesses of Entravision's digital and technology division. “Gaming generates twice the revenue of the film and music industries combined, making it the fastest growing form of entertainment with 3.4 billion players worldwide. Anzu changes the rules of the game for advertisers, creating an ecosystem where advertising can thrive,” said Gonzalo Borras, General Director Audio & Mobile for Entravision’s Cisneros Interactive unit. “Gaming generates twice the revenue of the film and music industries combined, making it the fastest growing form of entertainment with 3.4 billion players worldwide. Anzu changes the rules of the game for advertisers, creating an ecosystem where advertising can thrive,” said Gonzalo Borras, General Director Audio & Mobile for Entravision’s Cisneros Interactive unit. “We are thrilled to embark upon this partnership to take in-game advertising in Latin America to another level. Anzu's proposal is not only revolutionary, but it is also the future of our industry, and we want our clients to be at the forefront of innovation when it comes to advertising.” Entravision has been a veteran player in the gaming industry, and it continues to be at the forefront of mobile gaming innovations. This collaboration with Anzu will broaden and expand Entravision's gaming capabilities.

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