MobileFuse Unveils New Ad Tools to Help Boost Revenue

MobileFuse | January 02, 2023 | Read time : 01:30 min

MobileFuse, a leading digital advertising platform, has released a new mobile software development kit (SDK), mediation adapters, and a proprietary video player. These tools are designed to reduce friction and allow mobile app publishers and mediation platforms to access MobileFuse's premium inventory and increase revenue. This will help mobile app publishers and mediation platforms because it will give them access to MobileFuse's premium inventory and cut down on the costs of making their own tools.

The MobileFuse SDK has reportedly allowed publishing partners to double fill rates and increase eCPMs by 20% or more. The SDK has duoBid, which lets advertisers run video ads in larger static banner inventory. It also has a proprietary video player with full VAST capabilities, support for rich media, lightweight technology, and support for the latest mobile technologies. With the help of these tools, publishers and mediation platforms have been able to make a lot more money and make more money from what they make.

MobileFuse's SDK, integrated through an AppLovin MAX Custom Adapter, has yielded immediate success for our app. The SDK is generating higher fill rates, eCPM, CTR, and five times more revenue on a similar amount of bid requests than our oRTB connection. The implementation process was easy, and their team was responsive and always willing to help along the way."

Amy Nicole Hernandez, CFO and VP of Business Operations at TextMe

The SDK is the only way to get the proprietary video player, and the mediation adapters make it easier to connect to leading mediation platforms. With the SDK, publishers can also take advantage of the duoBid video ad-serving platform.

About MobileFuse

MobileFuse is a leading in-app advertising and CTV platform. In a variety of verticals, the company serves leading brands, agencies, bidders, and app developers. MobileFuse empowers its clients by reaching highly curated and receptive audiences through innovative solutions that combine location-based in-app and CTV exchanges, moments-based targeting, patented location verification, custom creative, and data-driven insights. MobileFuse, which was founded in 2009, is headquartered in New York City and has offices throughout the United States. The company will be carbon-negative by 2022.


That means that even though our 2023 Digital Trends report is a phenomenal planning tool, planning and strategising only take you so far without action. The time has come to start taking insights from those trends and turning them into the experiences and interactions your customers expect at every turn. In this guide, the secon


That means that even though our 2023 Digital Trends report is a phenomenal planning tool, planning and strategising only take you so far without action. The time has come to start taking insights from those trends and turning them into the experiences and interactions your customers expect at every turn. In this guide, the secon

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Ocean Outdoor and SmartMedia Technologies enter exclusive partnership to power OOH brand experiences

prnewswire | March 28, 2023

Premium digital out of home (DOOH) media owner Ocean Outdoor has announced an exclusive partnership with the Web3 engagement platform SmartMedia Technologies (SMT). The collaboration allows Ocean to leverage The SmartMedia Stack, SMT's self-serve, no-code, drag, drop and distribute studio, further elevating the connection between large format digital outdoor and mobile screens for brands seeking immersive audience experiences. Using Ocean Labs' technology packages and fast wifi connections, outdoor audiences can connect to full motion screens via their mobile phones to access token powered games, either collecting objects in real time or using their handsets to control different objects to receive a branded or personalised NFT (non-fungible token), powered by SMT. Once collected, these tokens are then added to virtual wallets to be redeemed for prizes, samples or offers either immediately at the point of play, in store or online as part of advertising promotions. Catherine Morgan, managing director of Ocean Labs, said: "The opportunity to host seamless easy to access memorable experiences on Ocean screens which respond in real time to individual interactions is clearly a winning formula for brands looking to build engagement and loyalty out of home. Working with SMT, we will also look to extend real world OOH interactions into Web3 virtual experiences, allowing players to redeem their virtual tokens in other realms." The partnership follows the success of Lacoste Heroes, Coty's experiential fragrance sampling and pop-up at Westfield London. The activation was the centrepiece for a nationwide virtual treasure hunt in which Coty offered 120,000 NFTs for collection via an AR game accessed through QR codes on Ocean's wider DOOH network. The campaign delivered impressive results attracting 92,000 total unique visitors and 34,600 AR game users. Some 24,012 gifts were redeemed, with 49% of players redeeming their free sample through the AR experience against a benchmark of 35%. 23,837 users opted-in to e-marketing. Tyler Moebius, CEO of SmartMedia Technologies, said: "Pairing SmartMedia Technologies' enterprise engagement platform with Ocean Outdoor's market-leading screen offerings enables us to bring yet another revolutionary new layer of interactivity and attribution to our client's campaigns." "Our mobile experiences enable marketers to seize the decisive moment they capture a consumer's attention with an eye-catching social media campaign, QR code on their packaging or an unmissable offer on Ocean Outdoor's OOH screens and immediately drive them into highly engaging activations that surprise, delight and captivate. We're excited to continue working with Ocean Outdoor supercharging dwell time and brand affinity through our powerful DTC offerings, which deliver unparalleled attribution, first party data capture and ROI for our partners." About Ocean Outdoor A partner company of Atairos, the independent strategic investment company, Ocean Outdoor is the leading operator of digital out of home (DOOH) advertising across the UK, Northern and Continental Europe. The Group's network of 4,000+ screens covers seven countries and 351 cities, with its technological capabilities delivering the most impactful and measurable DOOH brand and advertising experiences. Ocean's portfolio comprises of some of the most iconic locations including the Piccadilly Lights and the BFI IMAX and the company also works closely with high-profile landlords, including Landsec, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (URW), the BFI, Nuveen and the Canary Wharf Group, as well as major city councils on the development of its network. To date the Group's growth has been driven by tender wins and the rollout of new locations, as well acquisitions that complement the existing portfolio. Since 2018, Ocean has completed seven acquisitions which has enabled it to expand its UK footprint into the Netherlands, the Nordics and Germany.

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Snowplow Builds Advertising Campaign Measurement Solution on the Snowflake Data Cloud

Business Wire | May 19, 2023

Snowplow, the global leader in data creation, today announced the launch of a dynamic new solution for measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Called Attribution Modeling, the solution Powered by Snowflake, gives clients real-time insights into advertising performance, enabling essential campaign optimization in near-real time. By building Attribution Modeling on Snowflake, Snowplow is able to empower direct-response advertisers to gain insights into conversion journeys by analyzing click event data from advertising campaigns. With Snowplow’s first-party customer data, organizations can generate, enrich, and model ultra-low latency click event streams, delivered in Snowflake’s single, integrated platform. Companies can easily analyze and respond to advertising performance in near real-time with a unified data asset, regardless of their resource structure. This capability also enables marketers to make data-driven decisions to allocate resources to the most effective campaigns and channels in near-real time. Joint customer, Digital Virgo, was able to leverage Attribution Modeling, Powered by Snowflake, to reduce data latency by 90% and eliminate data silos. With Attribution Modeling, Digital Virgo gained access to standardized data reports from all 40 countries in which it operates and was able to re-allocate its marketing budget to high-performance campaigns, gaining a significant number of new subscribers during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. "Before Snowplow, we had a packaged analytics tool. We did not have any data sets of events available in real-time. Snowplow and Snowflake opened up a world of possibilities for us by providing data to our team so we can quickly analyze trends in campaigns, within five or 10 minutes." – Anthony Gianastasio, Head of Analytics, Digital Virgo. “Attribution Modeling is an application that addresses the changing needs of marketing and advertising professionals, offering impactful and cost-effective campaigns. By building our solution on Snowflake, we have been able to provide a cloud-based alternative to other campaign analytics solutions available today. Snowplow will work with Snowflake to enable customers to take control of first-party data and map granular customer journeys in a centralized source of truth. This will provide accurate and comprehensive campaign measurement, driving success for customers." – Conor Doyle, VP Partnerships & Business Development, Snowplow. “We look forward to continuing to partner with Snowplow to help our customers analyze trends quickly and at scale, consistently giving them better analytics.” – Scott Schilling, Senior Director of Global Partner Development at Snowflake. Industry leading applications are Powered by Snowflake. By building on Snowflake, product and engineering teams are able to develop, scale, and operate their applications without operational burden, delivering differentiated products to their customers. With the Powered by Snowflake program, builders get access to resources to help them design, market, and operate their applications in the Data Cloud. To learn more about the Powered by Snowflake program and how organizations are building on Snowflake About Snowplow Snowplow empowers organizations to generate trustworthy, first-party Customer Data to power Marketing and Advertising performance. 1.9+ million sites and applications use Snowplow to generate and model first-party customer data from across their digital interfaces to capture descriptive customer journeys and build actionable first-party Behavioral Profiles. Purposely designed for the data platforms as a single source of truth; Marketers, Data teams and CDPs can activate Snowplow data across Customer 360, Personalization and ML use cases. With Snowplow, organizations like Strava, Autotrader, and Software.com reach, engage and win customers, while retaining an industry-leading data governance posture, with full GDPR and CCPA compliance.

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Loop Media Announces Participation in 2023 South by Southwest

Loop Media | March 09, 2023

Loop Media, a multichannel streaming platform offering businesses curated music video, sports, news, and entertainment channels, announced that it will participate in South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin this week. The company's executive team members will take part in panel discussions on the future of DOOH advertising during the conference from March 10-12. Jon Niermann, CEO of Loop Media, said, "SXSW has a highly engaged audience of media, business owners and decision makers looking to shape the future of business and culture." He added, "TV and entertainment are changing. The way that people view and consume media is everchanging. We look forward to discussing how businesses can adapt when it comes to entertaining their customers and how advertisers can meet their customers at the point of sale to drive ROI and build brand loyalty." (Source – Businesswire) Loop Media's CEO, Jon Niermann, CRO, Bob Gruters, and CCO, Greg Drebin, are scheduled to participate in the upcoming SXSW panels. These executives will contribute their expertise and insights to the discussions surrounding the future of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. Loop Media's participation in this event showcases its commitment to lead innovation and thought leadership in the digital out-of-home advertising market as it strives to establish itself as a forefront player in this rapidly expanding industry. About Loop Media, Inc. Loop Media, Inc. is a digital media company providing businesses with a platform to stream short-form video content. The company's content library includes music videos, film trailers, and other entertainment content, which it licenses from significant media companies and independent creators. Loop Media's platform is designed for use in commercial settings, such as bars, restaurants, and retail stores, and is also available for personal use through the Loop app. The company is based in Glendale, California, and was founded in 2016. Loop Media aims to become a leader in the digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising market, which is aimed to multiply in the coming years.

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