My Code Acquires Veranda Entertainment to Bolster Connected TV Advertising Solutions for Hispanic Audiences

My Code, Veranda Entertainment | November 02, 2022 | Read time : 07:00 min

My Code Acquires Veranda Entertainment
My Code, the largest multicultural digital media company in the United States which enables publishers, storytellers, brands and agencies to connect with diverse audiences, today announced the completion of its acquisition of Veranda Entertainment, a leading technology and entertainment company that distributes multicultural and Spanish-language film and television content across multiple Connected TV (CTV) platforms.

Over the last few years, multicultural audiences, especially Hispanic consumers, have adopted CTV streaming apps at a higher rate compared to the general population, presenting a significant opportunity to marketers. With this acquisition, My Code can now offer its marketing partners direct access to advertising inventory in Veranda’s catalog, whose well-established connections with content producers are positioned to showcase quality content to underserved U.S. Hispanic audiences. To grow its influence in the CTV space, My Code will work closely with Veranda’s channels and programming, including Butaca TV, Oro TV, Saborear TV and Judge Faith, which provide hundreds of original film and television series worldwide. These channels along with Veranda’s leading AVOD platform, Butaca TV, will help brands and advertisers select media inventory that reaches connected audiences at scale.

“As we continue to expand My Code’s portfolio to bring all multicultural digital services under one brand, the CTV market has been a huge priority for us, which is why the Veranda Entertainment acquisition is the natural next step,” said Parker Morse, CEO and founder of My Code.

“As we continue to expand My Code’s portfolio to bring all multicultural digital services under one brand, the CTV market has been a huge priority for us, which is why the Veranda Entertainment acquisition is the natural next step,” said Parker Morse, CEO and founder of My Code. “Veranda’s award-winning team have built a platform that amplifies the voice of today’s Hispanic audience and we look forward to integrating our robust advertising, custom creative and branded content solutions to help advertisers grow ad revenue, viewership and distribution possibilities to global CTV audiences.”

Since launching in 2004, Veranda has built an extensive network of global publishers, content producers, media companies, smart television manufacturers and digital platforms to distribute content and branded channels. Their distribution channels include general market television, as well as contemporary and classic Spanish-language cinema. To share content with an increasingly globalized audience, Veranda works with premier distribution platforms including Amazon, YouTube, Pluto, Tubi, The Roku Channel, Plex, Samsung TV Plus and Vizio. With a library of over 175 titles and 1500 hours of content, Veranda logs in over 100M hours of content consumed annually.

“My Code’s dedication to establishing meaningful connections with Hispanic and multicultural audiences has never been more important and we’re aligned with their vision to optimize the CTV experience for both advertisers and consumers,” said Randall Green, CEO at Veranda. “My Code brings a wealth of demand from advertisers and marketing partners that are a perfect fit for Veranda’s on-demand channels as audiences continue to take advantage of the accessibility of digital content.”

My Code’s acquisition of Veranda follows a series of publisher deals with premier multicultural media platforms. Prior to acquiring Veranda, My Code closed an acquisition with Impremedia, the leading Hispanic news and information company that includes La Opinión, the nation’s #1 Spanish-language daily newspaper. My Code will continue finalizing strategic partnerships with key media stakeholders to make it easier for marketers to have a comprehensive plan that addresses the lack of quality content for multicultural audiences who are often exposed to messaging that does not meet their consumer sentiments.

To learn more about My Code, please visit www.mycodemedia.com.

About My Code
My Code is a digital media company that enables brands, agencies, publishers, and storytellers to decode and connect with multifaceted and diverse audiences. My Code was formed following the expansion of H Code, a 2x Inc. 5000-ranked company founded in 2015, into additional demographics beyond Hispanic consumers. With a diverse team of marketers, sellers, researchers, and storytellers specializing in an ever-growing selection of Cultural and Affinity Codes, My Code helps companies of all sizes reach millions of Hispanic, Black, AAPI, multicultural female and LGBTQ+ consumers with unmatched authenticity. My Code combines proprietary insights from its Intelligence Center, first-party targetable datasets, and custom creative to deliver unparalleled multimedia content that effectively reaches diverse audiences across the digital landscape. Having evolved from its Hispanic-centric origins, My Code is now a robust, minority-dominant organization dedicated to the economic empowerment of the diverse communities and audiences it represents. Its purpose-driven media marketplace allows advertisers to easily invest in minority-owned and led publishers, creators, and producers. My Code recently acquired the leading Hispanic news company Impremedia, making it the owner of the most widely read and respected Spanish-language daily newspapers and digital media outlets in the U.S. Today, My Code’s employee base is 88% multicultural, 77% Hispanic/Latinx, and 60% female across its offices in the U.S. and Latin America.

About Veranda Entertainment
Founded in 2004, Veranda Entertainment is a technology and entertainment company that has been distributing film and television content across multiple platforms for 18 years. Veranda Entertainment spans the globe as they work with independent producers, large distributors and production companies to distribute their content. Veranda’s partnership with media companies, smart television manufacturers, and digital platforms to distribute its content and branded channels allows viewers worldwide to enjoy curated films and TV.


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