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New Digital Shelf Institute Announces Release of New Study, "The Full Revenue Impact of Retailer Ad Platforms"

The Digital Shelf Institute, the commerce community for manufacturers, reported the arrival of new study, "The Full Revenue Impact of Retailer Ad Platforms." Generated through bits of knowledge and anonymized information from many internet business and digital leaders brands brands, the exploration was worked around a common question, "What is the total value of my retail media spend?" and offers another system for ascertaining how retail advertising investments positively impact sales, retention, partner activity, and different zones of the digital shelf.

With mounting pressure on the exhibition of the digital shelf, retailer advertisement spend is increasing. Be that as it may, retailer ad investment frequently sits among marketing and sales organizations, making the complete business value hard to calculate in cross-functional terms.

"Many digital leaders at large brands understand intuitively that retail advertising ROI far transcends just direct online sales, but they typically do not have the internal infrastructure or political support to prove it," said Molly Schonthal, founder of The Digital Shelf Institute Executive Forum, a community of digital shelf executives at leading brands. "Our members each individually had one or two anecdotal pieces of evidence, but no one had taken the time and care to piece them all together. This is what sets our report apart."



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