Ogury and The Trade Desk partner to offer cutting edge programmatic mobile advertising for media buyers

Ogury | December 15, 2021

Ogury, a global technology leader in mobile advertising anchored in privacy protection, today announced a direct integration with the global advertising technology leader, The Trade Desk. Media buyers can now access Ogury's high-performance, privacy-conscious mobile advertising solution directly through The Trade Desk.

In line with an industry-wide development towards Supply Path Optimization, this direct integration will enable agencies to run Programmatic Guaranteed campaigns, taking advantage of Ogury's curated inventory, data targeting capacities and international presence to run campaigns more efficiently.

Media buyers can now seamlessly access Ogury's data-enriched impressions through a range of buying models. Similarly, publishers from Ogury's network gain new opportunities to monetize their mobile website and applications, as they benefit from additional demand for their advertising inventory, which The Trade Desk's brand and agency clients bring.

Ogury's integrated solution includes:

  • Personified Targeting uses proprietary data to reach custom-defined, relevant audiences at scale, independent of cookies or IDs
  • Placement through a portfolio of fully on-screen formats which display 100% of the ad's pixels during the full exposure time of the ad
  • Increased reach across mobile environments, with both in-app and mobile web inventory
  • Direct access to Ogury's partner inventory, with the goal of increasing cost efficiencies for advertiser's campaigns
  • Tools that aim to provide comprehensive brand protection, including pre-bid fraud protection
  • OMID-compliant inventory for seamless and accurate viewability measurement on in-app and mobile web placements with any measurement partner.
  • This integration comes as the mobile programmatic industry is projected to represent almost 83 billion dollars of ad spend by 2023 in the US alone1. While Ogury deals have been available to run on The Trade Desk for several years, this new direct integration allows media buyers to easily activate new types of deals such as Programmatic Guaranteed.

We're glad to work more closely with The Trade Desk, one of the world's leading DSPs. Programmatic buying represents an important part of our revenue. With this direct integration we're simplifying the life of media buyers, allowing them to easily get access to our unique solution based on quality inventory and relevant targeting, with user privacy in mind."

Thomas Pasquet, CEO, Ogury.

"We're pleased to reinforce our collaboration with Ogury to empower programmatic buyers with access to their exclusive solution, based on curated inventory both in-app and on mobile web," said Dave Castell, General Manager Inventory Partnerships at The Trade Desk. "Our mission has always been the same – to support the ad-funded open internet as the best place for marketers to achieve their goals. Central to this is the ability to accurately measure across channels. That's why the inventory standard developed by Ogury – fully on-screen formats – is particularly appealing, as marketers look for reliable viewability metrics."

About Ogury
Ogury, the Personified Advertising company, has created a breakthrough advertising engine that delivers precision, sustainability and privacy protection within one technology stack, built and optimized for mobile. Advertisers working with Ogury benefit from fully visible impactful ads, future-proof targeting and unwavering protection. Publishers enjoy the rewards of a respectful user-experience, incremental revenues and premium demand with Ogury's solutions. Founded in 2014, Ogury is a global organization with 450+ people, including 100 engineers across 11 countries.

About The Trade Desk
The Trade Desk is a technology company that empowers buyers of advertising. Through its self-service, cloud-based platform, ad buyers can create, manage, and optimize digital advertising campaigns across ad formats and devices. Integrations with major data, inventory, and publisher partners ensure maximum reach and decisioning capabilities, and enterprise APIs enable custom development on top of the platform. Headquartered in Ventura, CA, The Trade Desk has offices across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.


Gone are the days of smoky, whiskey-infused boardroom meetings, a gaggle of middle-aged men talking strategy — among other things — seated around a table in starched suits, while well-coiffed secretaries take notes and schedule important client lunches. It’s been almost 60 years since the “Mad Men” era of generations past, and safe to say, advertising has come a long way, baby.


Gone are the days of smoky, whiskey-infused boardroom meetings, a gaggle of middle-aged men talking strategy — among other things — seated around a table in starched suits, while well-coiffed secretaries take notes and schedule important client lunches. It’s been almost 60 years since the “Mad Men” era of generations past, and safe to say, advertising has come a long way, baby.

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G-Mana Server-Side Ad Insertion Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

G-Mana | January 10, 2022

G-Mana today announced the availability of the G-Mana server-side ad insertion solution in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store providing applications and services for use on Microsoft Azure. G-Mana customers can now take advantage of the scalability, high availability, and security of Azure, with streamlined deployment and management. G-Mana is empowering the addressable TV landscape with innovative technology and services for dynamic ad insertion and connected TV/over the top TV (CTV/OTT) advertising monetization. G-Mana enables addressable TV & OTT server-side ad insertion (SSAI) monetization solutions for linear, live, or video-on-demand (VOD) content. We help the broadcasting and streaming industries create and simplify their content monetizing capabilities. G-Mana provides seamless, relevant, targeted ads for your viewers on any platform. With G-Mana, broadcasters can create personalized ads, improve viewer experience, and better audience engagement with brand advertisements. The solution bypasses ad blockers, leading to an increase in overall yield. G-Mana empowers broadcasters to maximize commercial ad break yield and attract more budgets with innovative ad formats and interactive ads. Broadcasters can use G-Mana's services in a fully integrated manner, along with a majority of their other cloud-based services, under a single service bill. Last but certainly not least, you will find that G-Mana's SSAI – and other services as well – are extremely easy to use when accessed from Azure Marketplace. By purchasing G-Mana through Azure Marketplace, it is even easier to access and integrate G-Mana services. Now, more businesses worldwide can use our solutions, from SSAI to commercial breaks insertion and beyond. Ultimately, this exciting update is another meaningful steppingstone in our ultimate goal to simplify OTT monetization. For everyone. "We are excited to supply a plug-and-play monetization service for Azure Media Services," said Eran Yahalomi, CEO, G-Mana. "Our service will help publishers and broadcasters to unleash their full potential and unlock new inventory." Through Microsoft Azure Marketplace, customers around the world can easily find, buy, and deploy partner solutions they can trust, all certified and optimized to run on Azure. We're happy to welcome G-Mana's solution to the growing Azure Marketplace ecosystem." Jake Zborowski, General Manager, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp. The Azure Marketplace is an online market for buying and selling cloud solutions certified to run on Azure. The Azure Marketplace helps connect companies seeking innovative, cloud-based solutions with partners who have developed solutions that are ready to use. About G-Mana G-Mana was established by a team of veteran ad-tech and video delivery system experts. G-Mana helps broadcasters and other industries simplify their OTT server-side ad insertions and enhance their monetization potential. We deliver groundbreaking services that allow our clients and partners to focus on their core business, without worrying about technical integrations. We harness our indepth ad-tech expertise and vast video experience to breathe new life into current OTT monetization methodologies. The results are highly innovative and simply effective.

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Walmart takes another page from Amazon, reports 95% increase in U.S. advertising sales

Walmart | August 19, 2021

Walmart reported a 95% increase in its U.S. advertising sales in the second quarter, and said its number of active advertisers rose more than 175%, as more companies and brands paid to advertise their products to its customers, online and in stores. The advertising boom was just one of the factors that gave Walmart’s earnings call a familiar ring to anyone who’s tuned into Amazon’s business. “The phrase ‘serving customers’ has traditionally meant one thing at Walmart,” said Walmart CEO Doug McMillon on the earnings call, referring to traditional retail sales. “But today It includes serving marketplace sellers, our advertising partners, and those that want to use our fulfillment services or proprietary software.” Walmart’s actual ad sales numbers weren’t large enough to require disclosure in its earnings report Tuesday, but Amazon has shown the value of this approach. Reporting its own second quarter earnings, Amazon said its “Other” category, which primarily consists of advertising, generated $7.9 billion in sales. That was up 87% from the prior year. It’s part of a larger trend of Amazon making more money doing things other than selling products. UBS analyst Michael Lasser pressed Walmart executives on the call to reveal more about the scale and potential of their ad business, without much success. Lasser estimated that advertising sales in e-commerce represent about 5% to 10% of GMV, the gross merchandise value of products sold. He surmised that Walmart’s ad business might be in a nascent phase, perhaps 1% to 2% of GMV, and asked if ad dollars are coming at the expense of other revenue from Walmart’s vendors. Brett Biggs, Walmart chief financial officer, didn’t confirm or deny Lasser’s speculation but spoke to the larger direction of Walmart’s advertising business. “We rebranded the business from Walmart Media Group to Walmart Connect last year, and that was just to make sure that it was very clear that this opportunity is going to help us connect buyers, sellers, suppliers and customers all together in a way that’s accretive to the customer experience,” Biggs said. “And as long as we do that, I will remain very, very bullish on the growth potential in this business.” Overall, Walmart reported total quarterly revenue of $141 billion, up 2%, with profits of $4.3 billion for the second quarter of its 2022 fiscal year, ended June 30, 2021. For the quarter, Walmart’s e-commerce sales growth in the U.S. dropped back into the single-digits as more customers returned to physical retail stores. Its U.S. e-commerce business grew 6% in the second quarter, to about $11 billion. That compared to year-over-year growth of more than 90% a year ago, at the height of the pandemic. But looking at the long-term trends, Walmart was able to maintain much of the e-commerce headway that it made during the past year. Its U.S. e-commerce sales are up 103% compared to two years ago. E-commerce now represents more than 11% of the company’s $98.2 billion in U.S. net sales, vs. 6% of its $85 billion in U.S. net sales for the same quarter two years ago. McMillon said Walmart wants to reach a point where it’s “completely indifferent” as to where and how customers shop, in terms of its revenue and profits. “I think some people view stores these days as boring,” McMillon said. “We don’t.”

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Kwalee to Start Monetizing Free-To-Play Games With Dynamic In-Game Advertising

Kwalee | November 20, 2020

In excess of a fourth of mobile game developers intend to begin adapting their allowed to-mess around with dynamic in-game publicizing in the following a half year, as per an ongoing industry study completed by Pocketgamer (26.7%) On the ball is UK-based engineer and publisher of hyper-casual games Kwalee, which has filled fundamentally lately and now has in excess of 100 employees around the globe. The business driving firm has chosen AdInMo, the InGame Mobile AdTech platform to coordinate vivid brand promotions into its most recent Android and iOS arrival of train game Off The Rails 3D. AdInMo's in-game advertisement units mix consistently with the game insight, empowering designers and distributers to serve sans click promotions which don't hinder ongoing interaction. AdInMo promotions ordinarily accomplish 4X higher brand review rates for brand sponsors and new adaptation for portable game designers.

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