Ogury Releases of Thumbnail Ad, the World's First Non-fullscreen Format Built Specifically for Mobile

Ogury, the worldwide leader in decision driven advertising declared today announces the arrival of Thumbnail Ad, the world's first non-fullscreen design manufactured explicitly for portable.

Ogury is the first to showcase with Thumbnail Ad in-application. The discrete ad design shows up in an exact area inside the application and gives an exquisite and powerful advertising experience. Worked for versatile, the unit is draggable, expandable, and skippable by the client and demonstrated to be less meddlesome than traditional configurations that break content utilization or make the hallucination of fulfillment through bogus floors.

Thumbnail Ad puts the client in charge of how they devour the ad. This intuitiveness stands out and conveys video execution beforehand just accessible through full-screen interstitial. Which means advertisers can catch more minutes to adequately arrive at clients, in content-based applications where performant full-screen ads aren't accessible.

Thumbnail Ad is 4x more modest than a Mid-Page Unit (MPU) and just 12% bigger than a Small Banner, while paying an altogether higher CPM than both of these arrangements. With the capacity to at last accomplish the perceptible video (v2CR) measurements advertisers request, Publishers can get to top CPMs on portable without running fullscreen. It is right now the greatest expense per pixel design available.

Distributers additionally advantage from cross-advancement with Thumbnail Ads. They can build time spent in-application by elevating other important articles to readers or lift premium memberships by advertising offers to steadfast clients.

"As a brand-new format, Thumbnail Ad has opened up a whole new revenue stream for us, generating 100% incremental revenue," said Grégoire Gaffié, Head of Monetization at Closer. "Thumbnail Ad delivers ads to users in a picture-in-picture format enabling them to consume the content whilst continuing to navigate the app, which is how they are used to interacting with content on mobile. It provides a great experience for our users whilst providing an increase in ad revenue for us, it's a win-win."

"Ogury will be purchasing millions of dollars of Thumbnail Ad inventory in 2020," said Sarah Jones, Global Head of Product Marketing. "We're passionate about this new ad format for its non-intrusive, user friendly nature and ability to increase user retention by moving to an ad experience that is punctual and appreciated, rather than constant and pervasive. As with all of Ogury's formats, the consumer is placed in control of the advertising experience for optimal user experience."

"We were drawn to Thumbnail Ad because it's an ad unit built specifically for mobile," said Alex Scissors, Director of Monetization, text+. "As a mobile-first company ourselves, the fact that Thumbnail Ad offers our users an ad experience built specifically for the environment that they're in is extremely important. Moreover, Thumbnail Ad offers top CPMs from premium brands, yet does not interrupt our users' interactions with our app."

About Ogury
Ogury is the global leader in choice-driven advertising. Ogury is a global organization with 400+ employees across 10 countries, working with 1500+ brands and 3500+ publishers to establish a trusted digital advertising ecosystem, driven by user choice. Ogury Advertising Engine is an integrated stack of technology, from consent management to user engagement, designed and optimized for branding campaigns on mobile. It uses safe data to deliver relevant ads in a brand safe and fraud-free environment.



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