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Optable Collaborates with Quebecor to Provide Next Gen Ad Products

Optable, a SaaS data connectivity platform and clean room solution designed for the advertising ecosystem, has entered into a deal to provide media conglomerate, Quebecor Inc., a Canadian diversified media and telecommunications company,  with the next generation of privacy-preserving advertising products, supporting all digital channels (i.e. display, video, Connected TV (CTV), Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) and audio advertising), through its subsidiary Quebecor Expertise Media.

The degradation of third-party identifiers leaves technical advertisers unable to confidently reach the right audiences on publishers' networks.  With a wealth of authenticated/recognized users across websites and apps and hundreds of data points about them, Quebecor Expertise Media will utilize Optable's platform to securely onboard first-party customer data and empower future connected TV and audio advertising strategies.

The advertising landscape is evolving, and we have to adapt our data strategy to match that. With Optable we can work alongside advertisers to allow them to utilize their own first-party data sets in advertising campaigns with us, without worrying about privacy concerns. It gives us peace of mind."

Jean Péladeau, Vice-President Operational Convergence at Quebecor.

With Optable's cleanroom technology, Quebecor Expertise Media will be able to seamlessly forge closer relationships with its advertising partners while respecting the privacy of its customers by allowing publishers to safely and securely compare and leverage audience data with data partners.

"We are thrilled to partner with Quebecor, one of the largest media entities in Canada, and to include them in our roster of clients. Their wealth of data will be extraordinarily beneficial to Optable's growth" said Yves Poiré Co-founder & CEO, Optable. "Our platform allows publishers such as Quebecor to take control of their own data in a way that maintains the trust of users, while still accomplishing advertising goals, without relying on a third party's data source."

About Optable
Optable is a SaaS data connectivity platform designed for the advertising ecosystem in the age of privacy. Inspired by the radical transformation in how data is governed, connected, and used, Optable was built by veterans of the ad tech industry to address the need for a new generation of privacy-preserving data connectivity software. Leveraging cryptographic technology, Optable is the only clean room solution that offers a decentralized, "headless" approach to enabling advertisers, publishers, data companies, and other partners to safely and securely compare and leverage audience data. 

About Quebecor
Quebecor, a Canadian leader in telecommunications, entertainment, news media and culture, is one of the best-performing integrated communications companies in the industry. Driven by their determination to deliver the best possible customer experience, all of Quebecor's subsidiaries and brands are differentiated by their high-quality, multiplatform, convergent products and services.



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