Outbrain Partners with Tyroo for Delivering Value & Elevating Growth in India

Outbrain, Tyroo | September 24, 2021

Mumbai/New Delhi, September 24 2021 - Outbrain, a leading recommendation platform for the open web, has partnered with Tyroo, a market leader in ad monetization, to help provide Outbrain with premium advertiser inventory, expand market reach, and open new advertising categories. With the goal of delivering greater customer value and achieving valuable marketing outcomes with genuine results, the partnership will help Outbrain to continue to expand within the region.

“We are excited to announce Tyroo as our preferred reseller partner, which will allow us to deliver greater value and drive more business impact for our clients,” said Allen Sharma, Director of Sales for India at Outbrain. “Tyroo’s understanding of Outbrain’s products, its profound technical expertise and its collaborative approach is uniquely complementary to how we work.”

Building on the momentum of recent media owner wins for the region, including Network 18, Hindustan Times and Bollywood Hungama, this distribution helps advertisers build audiences and reach new customers using advanced targeting options via the Outbrain network.

“High-quality content is paramount to consumers. In the last 24 months, the flow of genuine, authentic content has been immense and that makes the discoverability of meaningful recommendations for users incredibly more important,” said Akshay Mathur, Chief Revenue Officer, Tyroo. “We are very excited to work with Outbrain as their partner in the region, bringing new ad offerings around native advertising to brands. Through Outbrain brands can scale their reach not only within the Tier I cities but also into Tier II cites using vernacular communication channels, delivering their intended messaging effectively”.

“We are excited to announce Tyroo as our preferred reseller partner, which will allow us to deliver greater value and drive more business impact for our clients,”

Allen Sharma, Director of Sales for India at Outbrain.

Outbrain offers a quality and safe platform for brands to advertise on the open web. Content-led communication, campaign dashboard and advanced targeting capabilities set the platform apart from other native platforms. The platform also offers brands access to leading publishers and multiple advertising formats, which can be selected based on the brand industry and campaign purpose. Outbrain started its India operations in 2014 and this partnership is another Proofpoint of the recognition by the company of the potential within the market for its business operations.

About Outbrain
Outbrain (Nasdaq: OB) is a leading recommendation platform for the open web. Our technology enables 10 billion daily recommendations to consumers across more than 7,000 online properties and connects advertisers to these audiences to grow their business. Founded in 2006, Outbrain is headquartered in New York with offices in 18 cities worldwide.

About Tyroo
We are Tyroo, a leading Marketing Technology Company working with enterprises to help them deliver business outcomes at scale. We are the preferred growth partners for Internet companies looking to grow across emerging Markets in APAC. Tyroo has offices across APAC including India, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

For more information, contact: Vishal Saini, National Sales Manager, Outbrain sales at or write to us at for any other query.


There are seven digital marketing trends to look out for in 2019. It is no surprise that all of these trends show up on Twitter and Facebook. Each of these digital marketing trends carries with them their own challenges. And each trend also falls within three progressive stages: content marketing, visual content marketing, and interactive visual content marketing. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer, or starting out as a digital marketing freelancer, these are valuable trends to know.


There are seven digital marketing trends to look out for in 2019. It is no surprise that all of these trends show up on Twitter and Facebook. Each of these digital marketing trends carries with them their own challenges. And each trend also falls within three progressive stages: content marketing, visual content marketing, and interactive visual content marketing. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer, or starting out as a digital marketing freelancer, these are valuable trends to know.

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Perion Renews Strategic Partnership with Microsoft to Drive Search Advertising Business Growth

Perion | November 03, 2020

Perion Network (NASDAQ: PERI) declared today the recharging of a multi-year vital organization with Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) to drive search advertising business development through Perion's hunt innovation division, CodeFuel, and give a more vivid encounter across work area and portable. The proceeding with coordinated effort between the organizations will empower CodeFuel to additionally develop its distributer connections offering, worthwhile pursuit innovation arrangements, and complex ability for adapting their advanced properties. These incorporate shopping, item correlation and substance sites, applications, program augmentations, versatile launchers, and white name web indexes. Utilizing CodeFuel's distributers' organization empowers Microsoft to build search advertising piece of the pie and associate sponsors to a great many likely clients while advancing client experience through distributer properties. In the previous two years, CodeFuel has shown huge development through engaging distributers to make new income streams and remarkable inquiry encounters, while zeroing in on progressively excellent adaptation answers for track search interest. “Since 2010, we have enjoyed a strong, close partnership with Microsoft, consistently delivering innovative search solutions in a dynamic market, while maintaining high-quality standards and advertiser brand safety,” said Doron Gerstel, CEO of Perion. “As we enter the next phase of our partnership, we are confident that our complementary resources will continue to yield innovation and we are proud of the ability to help publishers monetize their traffic during all economic cycles.” “In this renewal, the partnership with Perion and CodeFuel has been throroughly modernized to ensure an optimal experience for Microsoft Bing consumers and advertisers,” said Kya Sainsbury-Carter, VP of Global Partnerships for Microsoft Advertising. “Perion has leaned collaboratively into shared goals for brand safety and user protections, and we look forward to growing into this new era together.” “We are delighted to continue to work closely with Microsoft on Publisher Search Solutions for desktop and mobile. Our mission is to continue to empower publishers with advanced technology solutions to grow their businesses. An enhanced search experience has proven itself to be a predictable and valuable path for growth, both for our publishers and us,” said Tal Jacobson, General Manager at CodeFuel. “This collaboration will enable publishers to expand into new platforms and vertical search solutions for eCommerce, content, and news” Jacobson concluded. About CodeFuel CodeFuel is the search technology division of Perion Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: PERI), and the creator of private search engine Privado. The company provides monetization solutions for websites, extensions, apps, and search engines, helping publishers boost search advertising revenue through ads, shopping, and news products. CodeFuel enjoys a long-standing relationship with Microsoft Bing, and additional search partners and content providers. About Perion Network Ltd. Perion is a global technology company that provides agencies, brands and publishers with innovative solutions that cover the three pillars of digital advertising. From its data-driven Synchronized Digital Branding platform and high-impact ad formats in the display domain; to its powerful social media platform; to its branded search network, Perion is well-positioned to capitalize on any changes in marketers’ allocation of digital advertising spend.

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Amazon PPC Ads Advertising Business Agency Clear Ads Discusses Sponsored Ads Trends for 2022

Clear Ads | February 17, 2022

Clear Ads, a trusted Amazon PPC agency, has recently shared the top three sponsored advertising trends for 2022. The company is known for its efficient Amazon ads and DSP solutions and regularly publishes high-quality content related to Amazon advertising. Clear Ads' Head of Sales George Roberts shares insights on the year's most likely sponsored advertising trends to start the New Year. As an experienced Amazon ads expert, Roberts has forecasted the following Sponsored Ads trends for the upcoming year. Making an Amazon product stand out from the rest is now extremely difficult as the platform continues to get more saturated with each passing day. Roberts believes that this can be avoided by using custom product images. Just one creative image, he says, can have up to 12,000 different size variations on and off Amazon. This is why using customizable creatives on sponsored brands will likely be a strong industry trend in 2022. According to the article, day parting will be another dominant sponsored advertising trend in 2022. This underrated Amazon advertising feature allows advertisers to run their ads only at specific times of the day, curtailing advertising costs by avoiding unproductive times. Roberts strongly feels that the cost-per-viewable-impressions (VCPM) model will be extremely popular in 2022. Though Sponsored Display campaigns have not gained much attention in the past, Roberts expects that they will become a much more attractive advertising option with the introduction of the VCPM model, which allows advertisers to pay for 1,000 shopper impressions rather than per individual click. Clear Ads is now also offering its customers its informative e-book, Ultimate Guide to PPC to help them better understand PPC and how to get the most out of it. About Clear Ads Clear Ads is a paid advertising agency focusing on Amazon and Google for small and medium-sized enterprises around the world.

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Conviva Makes the Transition from Video Analytics to Bidstream Data with Its First Ad Tech Partnership

Conviva, The Trade Desk | July 30, 2021

Conviva, a streaming analytics startup, launched its first ad tech product on Thursday, contextual data integration with The Trade Desk. Conviva embeds a sensor in the videos or streaming material of publishers and programmers. The sensor is not a third-party data collector in the same way that a cookie or SDK is. Instead, according to Conviva CEO Keith Zubchevich, it is the tool that publishers use in their video players to monitor video quality and engagement, such as buffering rates or overall watch time. “In the last couple of years, we began to collect extremely extensive content information, since there is no limit to what you can send through the sensor that sits in the video player, including contextual ad data and even IDs,” Zubchevich said. The new Conviva bidstream connections, for example, may notify buyers whether a certain video spot is a short-form video, the length of a TV episode, or a complete movie, and can also provide contextual data about the kind of content that will play during that viewing session, according to Zubchevich. According to Josh Sharma, VP of ad partnerships at Local Now, local weather and content streaming service and a pilot partner for Conviva’s data partnership, contextual advertising data for streaming video are frequently cobbled together from site pixels, mobile app SDKs, ad verification tech vendors, and aggregated third-party data sets, which monitor the page but aren’t embedded in the video player. “For a long time, it’s been a source of frustration among our DSP partners that they do not see the context of the content itself,” Sharma said. Aside from factors such as video length – is it a bite-size video or a full-length show? – he stated that Local Now, a subsidiary of Entertainment Studios (owner of The Weather Group and local affiliate stations), can use the Conviva bidstream integration to pass data about specific content adjacency. Buyers can place more value on inventory if the context is precise. For example, some companies could be willing to pay extra for an ad spot during a kids cartoon if their buying platform allows them to target ad units following a sports-related scene rather than simply general family-friendly content. According to him, the data could also assist advertisers in targeting users depending on session watch length. For example, suppose someone has been engaged and viewing videos with Local Now for the last hour, and that information can be conveyed in the bidstream. In that case, advertisers can bid more confidently on that impression. According to Sharma, targeting relevant neighboring material during a movie, show, or news program is commonplace for linear TV advertisers. Bringing such capacity to CTV will help “bridge the gap” for television budgets, he says, since ad revenues are shifting to streaming content at a far slower rate than consumers’ viewing habits have changed. According to Zubchevich, the Trade Desk was the natural starting point for this contextual data play. Conviva polled its publishing and broadcast partners, and The Trade Desk was a major source of demand across the board. However, he said that the company intends to expand to other DSPs and ad platforms.

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