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Postclick Raises $20 Million Funding Round, Launches the Future of Digital Advertising Conversion

Advertising Conversion Cloud
Postclick will use the funding to support the company’s evolution from an agency model to a full technology-led SaaS solution that will continually develop new innovations as an advanced partner to the marketing industry. The funds will also advance Postclick’s machine learning and artificial intelligence offerings, as well as deepen the company’s penetration into vertical markets.

Until now, Postclick was available to limited customers and by invitation only. With this additional funding and pilot customer feedback, the Advertising Conversion Cloud™ is now openly available. By implementing the platform, marketers across industries can now drastically cut down on wasted ad spending and increase conversion moments.

“In the past decade, marketers wasted $870 billion on digital ad clicks that didn’t convert,” said Mark Mckenna, CEO, Postclick.

“In the past decade, marketers wasted $870 billion on digital ad clicks that didn’t convert,” said Mark Mckenna, CEO, Postclick. “So far, marketers have only scratched the surface of optimizing digital journeys to create better conversion experiences. Our evolution from an agency model to a tech-enabled solution enables us to increase conversion rates and return on advertising spend for our clients at a much greater scale.”

Capabilities being introduced on the Postclick Advertising Conversion Cloud™ include:
  • Strategic Expertise: CRO experts complete a deep dive into the client’s brand and current campaigns. They build out an initial “core experience” based on the brand guidelines, audience segments and conversion storytelling, which kicks-off the cycle of automated experimentation and optimization.
  • Scalable Creation: Based on a vast data set of over 20 billion data points from landing pages and conversion events over the last decade, the Postclick Advertising Conversion Cloud™ applies machine learning to make layout and content recommendations for landing pages based on clients’ industry and use case. Postclick’s machine learning capabilities dramatically speeds up landing page production and accuracy for conversion moments, enabling the expert conversion team to achieve strong ad-to-page relevance quickly.
  • Experimentation: The AI-driven platform generates different landing page variations based on clients’ core experiences, then uses a Multi-Armed-Bandit testing methodology to dynamically scale traffic to the winning variations. The page with the lowest conversion rates is replaced by a new variation and a new testing cluster is formed. The winning variation continues to be updated based on real-time data and ongoing experimentation.
  • Continual Optimization: The Postclick Advertising Conversion Cloud™ is constantly running experiments on clients’ core experiences, using machine learning to continually optimize pages and ad spend for the strongest possible conversion rate. Each testing phase builds on the last, using network-wide insights to inform future experiments.
  • Network-Wide Learnings: Machine learning tracks every test 
and result across the entire platform, spanning multiple industries, consumer bases and conversion goals. Clients benefit from machine learning tests and experiments across the platform. This enables an entire community of marketers to improve their results based on a continuous stream of real-time conversion data.

Postclick’s proprietary platform, the Advertising Conversion Cloud™, was built from a Series A fund raise and now contains data from millions of custom landing page experiences and billions of ad clicks. Postclick’s Advertising Conversion Cloud™ technology delivers the future of digital advertising success by using data-driven UX, modular component libraries and insight from conversion rate experts to drive infinite optimization. As a result, marketers can now leverage the science of conversion data and the power of AI to effortlessly create high-performing post-click experiences at scale.

“The Postclick team is partnering with marketers to take back their share of the billions wasted on non-converting digital ad clicks,” said Hunter Sunrise, SVP, Marketing, Postclick. “Our clients are among the most innovative brands in the industry, and are enjoying increased conversions and a boost in customer acquisitions, all while lowering their cost-per-conversion.”

Demand for post-click solutions continues to grow as forward-thinking companies turn to Postclick’s platform, including BetterHelp, HUM Nutrition, theSkimm, and Liquid Death.

About Postclick
Postclick is the world’s leading solution for digital advertising conversions, creating optimized, scalable digital experiences that increase Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). Combining personalization, optimization, machine learning, and human insight, Postclick guarantees higher conversions for marketers. Check out postclick.com for more information.



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