Privacy Changes Will Force Adtech Landscape To Adjust

Crunchbase | June 11, 2021

Apple’s recent privacy changes will not spell the end for adtech companies, but will force companies in the industry to rely on new tech and innovation as users demand more privacy.

The changes — as many people have seen on the commercials and the pop ups on their phones — went into effect less than two months ago and allow users to opt out of ID for Advertisers, or IDFA as they are commonly called. Those IDFAs allow advertisers to track iOS users’ activity across apps to better target ads and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Those new rules also do not appear to be going away. Earlier this week during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple said its upcoming iOS 15 update will give iPhone users even more control over their privacy and see more detail about where their data is going. Users of the new iOS will be able to see who their apps are sharing data with and keep internet activity more private.

Those enhancements to user privacy will affect an advertising market that saw more than $2.7 billion in venture invested globally in it last year and is already at $3.2 billion this year, according to Crunchbase numbers. Mobile advertising specifically only makes up a small fraction of those dollars — with about $278 million in venture coming in last year.

“Apple’s moves should send a signal to startups that they should take privacy issues seriously at an early stage,” said Christine Tsai, CEO and founding partner at 500 Startups and an investor in adtech.

“They’re less costly to implement while companies are still young, which is what we’re encouraging our startups to do as part of our (environmental, social and governance) initiative,” said Tsai, who was part of the original technical support team that helped launch Google AdSense.


A fan of The Playbook asks, “What is the best way to use video ads in the online marketplace?” In this episode, Erik discusses the differences between interstitial and autoplay video ads, and why it’s important to tailor your approach to the unique requirements of both.


A fan of The Playbook asks, “What is the best way to use video ads in the online marketplace?” In this episode, Erik discusses the differences between interstitial and autoplay video ads, and why it’s important to tailor your approach to the unique requirements of both.

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Prosegur Security | December 15, 2021

Prosegur Security, a global leader in security technology, has launched EVO, the world's first EAS system with an integrated ad platform that can pay for itself through advertising revenue while also providing retailers with valuable data on in-store traffic. The EVO system features monitors that play retailer-approved ads at store entrances, managed remotely by Prosegur and its technology partner INEO. "Silicon Valley and even major online retailers have created major revenue generation platforms through advertising. EAS is strategically placed in one of the most important locations inside the physical store where consumers can be influenced to buy more," said Tony D'Onofrio, CEO of Prosegur's global retail business unit. "It is time for EAS to evolve into a powerful AI cloud-supported advertising platform with increased security and operational features. The EVO system's large monitors can play a welcome message, information on mask-wearing and social distancing, store's current specials and more. Best of all, brands are willing to pay to have their ads appear on the screens too, offsetting or completely paying for the cost of the system itself." The EVO system is built on a patented EAS media integration platform developed by Prosegur's partner INEO, which allows for automated and remote management of ads across the entire store chain. Ads can be regionally-targeted, or even made unique for one specific location. We are excited to partner with Prosegur, a global security leader, on the launch of the EVO system. EVO comes packed with the best-in-class loss prevention features, including a built-in camera which captures a 15-second video of any alarm event, and can send notifications by email or text. Most importantly, EVO comes with built-in store analytics supported by AI, which can provide store traffic count as well as certain demographics info, such as gender, age, and even customer satisfaction rating. All the data is easily accessible to the retailer through a cloud-based dashboard, which can be customized." Kyle Hall, CEO of Ineo The one-of-a-kind system can help transform loss prevention from a cost center to a revenue generator, and is available in AM, RF, or RFID technologies. With its built-in camera feature, EVO records 15 seconds of an alarm incident and sends an instant notification for review, making investigations quicker, more efficient and more accurate. Additionally, the platform employs cutting-edge neural net technology to deliver hyper-accurate store traffic counts as well as demographic data, thus helping level the playing field between brick and mortar and e-commerce businesses. About Prosegur Security USA Prosegur makes the world safer by taking care of people and businesses while remaining at the forefront of innovation. The company is a global security leader operating in 26 countries, with over 165,000 employees and 26 command centers spread around the globe. In the U.S., the company offers a range of security services, including surveillance video systems, EAS and RFID tags and systems, guarding services, remote monitoring and cybersecurity services. Prosegur prides itself on helping organizations large and small solve their security challenges through technology, teamwork, innovation and relentless customer focus.

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Marin Software Announces Amazon DSP Integration to Expand Amazon Advertising Solutions

Marin Software | January 07, 2022

Marin Software, a leading provider of digital marketing software for performance-driven advertisers and agencies, today announced an integration with Amazon Ads' demand-side platform (DSP). The integration will allow brands to easily manage, measure, and optimize their Amazon Advertising campaigns - from Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display to display, video, and audio ads - all within the MarinOne platform. Amazon DSP enables advertisers to programmatically reach Amazon audiences at scale across Amazon sites and apps as well as leading publisher sites and third-party exchanges. This comprehensive inventory allows brands to connect and engage with new and existing customers with relevant, contextual messages across the consumer journey. Advertisers can choose from multiple formats including display, audio, and Streaming TV ads via Fire TV. Amazon is great for the success of Retail brands. By integrating with Amazon DSP, we can now offer our customers access to a broad new set of formats, placements, and audiences to further their Amazon programs and deliver more return on investment within their eCommerce ad spend." Chris Lien, CEO of Marin Software Marin has helped advertisers manage and optimize over $40 billion in digital advertising spend since 2007. MarinOne provides customers a single platform for paid search and social advertising as well as retail media, marketplace, and shopping campaigns, delivering a cross-channel view of performance. With the addition of Amazon DSP, MarinOne customers now have a comprehensive suite of reporting, automation, and bidding tools to activate and amplify their entire Amazon Advertising campaign portfolio, both on and off Amazon. Advertisers can also leverage Amazon Attribution to connect upper funnel ad spend across search and social channels with purchases in Amazon's store to capture every conversion. About Marin Software Marin Software Incorporated's (NASDAQ: MRIN) mission is to give advertisers the power to drive higher efficiency and transparency in their paid marketing programs that run on the world's largest publishers. Marin Software offers a unified SaaS advertising management platform for search, social, and eCommerce advertising. The Company helps digital marketers convert precise audiences, improve financial performance, and make better decisions. Headquartered in San Francisco with offices worldwide, Marin Software's technology powers marketing campaigns around the globe.

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CMG Announces Strategic Initiative with Amazon Advertising

Cox Media Group, Amazon | July 22, 2021

CMG Local Solutions today announced a strategic partnership with Amazon Advertising, which will allow CMG Local Solutions advertisers to access local audiences via Amazon Advertising's digital services. CMG Local Solutions advertisers throughout the country may now programmatically acquire display and OTT ads via Amazon DSP and evaluate their campaign performance using Amazon Advertising's suite of full-funnel measurement solutions. These new offerings, when combined with CMG's premium, a brand-safe local media website, and app advertising, may help local advertisers extend their reach and increase sales. CMG Local Solutions provides cutting-edge digital solutions and advanced performance metrics to help local brands engage with the right audiences in real-time, as well as refine and improve campaigns. CMG Local Solutions can offer advertising partners a single view of their return on investment for all digital and television advertising, including Amazon Advertising products, in addition to having a single source of solutions for CMG Local Solutions clients.

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