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Reflect Systems Debuts Summer ‘21 Release with New Features, Product Enhancements & Programmatic Advertising Integration.

Reflect Systems, a leader in digital signage solutions, announced a new partner integration along with a host of new features to help businesses better develop and manage their digital signage strategies and drive creation of fresh and engaging content.
AdLogic Programmatic Advertising Integration

Reflect is pleased to announce a new integration with a programmatic advertising platform, Place Exchange. This integration allows Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) network operators using the AdLogic ad management platform to seamlessly integrate programmatic advertising into their existing content schedules, creating an efficient way to benefit from unused advertisement space. Place Exchange was selected as a strategic partner due to the team’s flexible approach to optimizing the partner ecosystem and its focus on helping clients capitalize on the nascent but growing opportunity for programmatic DOOH advertising.

“After experiencing tremendous growth in the last year, we began looking for ways to continue expanding our reach and support for DOOH customers,” said Ari Buchalter, CEO of Place Exchange. “Our partnership with Reflect is an exciting step in helping us further our demand side strategy, and we’re looking forward to seeing all that our teams can accomplish together.”

New Features for Reflect Xperience
Launched in January of 2021, Xperience is a reimagined way to access and use ReflectView, Reflect’s premiere platform for enterprise-class digital signage. Xperience is powered by an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that can be accessed anywhere from a web browser. It provides users a simplified approach for creating and publishing locally relevant content, while maintaining centralized control of the overall content program.

Reflect has further enhanced Reflect Xperience by adding the following capabilities:
  • Message Preview, which enables users to preview content as it is created, eliminating the need to schedule content to a media player in order to review it – improving operational efficiency and ensuring higher quality content.
  • Default Dynamic Message App, which allows customers to create custom messages quicker by providing a default application for presenting them. With a wide range of customization, the default app serves to meet users’ most basic messaging needs and save considerable time and expense of creating their own custom message application.
  • Dynamic Information Board App, which allows users to marry their basic menu or information board functionalities with digital signage CMS capabilities to easily update items on a board including pricing, description and images based on user roles. This new feature removes the need to compromise functionalities or deploy two separate systems and enables more efficient updating and management of all content.
  • While the above applications run within Reflect Xperience, both were developed using the Reflect Spark Development Framework, which provides integration and interoperability with the ReflectView platform.

With Spark, Reflect customers can create and deploy their own applications using standards-based HTML and JavaScript, further opening the flexibility of industry-standard apps. Spark and the enterprise-level support from ReflectView enables customers to easily distribute, manage, and update these apps as simply as updating any other content.
“We’re thrilled with the reception Reflect Xperience has received thus far and know the Summer ‘21 updates will help make this even more valuable for our current and future clients,” said Lee Summers, CEO at Reflect. “These updates continue to give our customers the ability to leverage a more diverse set of options to create and implement content and continue driving engaging, effective signage strategies.”
Additional System Enhancements
Reflect’s Summer ‘21 release also includes a variety of enhancements to Reflect’s industry-leading device management and reporting functionalities. These additional reporting and filtering options provide users who manage large digital signage networks with even greater system flexibility, allowing them to be as efficient and responsive as possible.
Reflect also updated the application programming interfaces (API’s) that allow digital signage platform components like Reflect Xperience, AdLogic and ReflectView to seamlessly communicate with one another. These new APIs further improve the user experience and allow for greater productivity for a larger set of users, including local employees, media sales teams, and content scheduling/programming staff.
“The team did a great job following on the heels of the Winter 2021 release with these compelling enhancements,” said Matt Schmitt, Reflect’s co-founder and president. “We’re eager and excited to continue this solid cycle of innovation and product enhancements that will help our customers deliver exceptional experiences more efficiently than ever before.”

About Reflect
Reflect provides the industry’s most powerful, cost-effective digital signage platform, empowering organizations to create compelling experiences that engage staff and keep customers coming back for more.

About Place Exchange
Place Exchange is the leading SSP for programmatic out-of-home and place-based media. Integrated with omnichannel DSPs, Place Exchange’s patented technology uniquely offers agencies and advertisers the opportunity to fully unify buying and measurement of OOH media with other digital channels, leveraging the same workflow, creatives, reporting, and attribution as for online and mobile advertising.



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