TapNation integrates Adverty's in-game ad technology

Adverty | July 07, 2021

Adverty AB (publ), a leading in-game advertising specialist, announced a partnership with TapNation, as the French hypercasual publisher incorporates Adverty's seamless in-game ad formats into several current and upcoming titles - the result of a successful Q1 trial with clear positive uplift on all key metrics.

TapNation, a Paris-based producer of hyper-casual games, has incorporated Adverty's seamless In-Play advertising technology into many of its products and plans to utilize Adverty's unique formats in future releases.

"We've been interested in in-game advertising for a while, so we began our initial testing with Adverty in our game Cornhole League in Q1. We thoroughly examined the impact of in-game advertising and discovered that it had a clear net positive uplift on all of our key KPIs "says Vincent Férvier, TapNation's VP of Monetisation.

"Given the encouraging results so far, we have chosen to include seamless in-game advertising into more of our games, beginning with Web Master 3D and Rock Crawling. In the future, we will continue to include in-game advertising in any and all titles as appropriate."

Adverty CEO Tobias Knutsson adds: "We are thrilled to welcome TapNation to the rapidly expanding field of in-game advertising. We've had the pleasure of participating in company-wide Cornhole League events in recent months, and we can attest to the quality of the games. TapNation is also one of our largest publishers to date, providing our advertisers with a new level of reach." TapNation has had phenomenal growth, with over 230 million downloads of its game releases since 2020. Every day, millions of people across the globe play its titles.

Adverty has also recently partnered with InMobi and Verizon on the demand side, in addition to current successful partnerships with PubMatic and Smaato, allowing a wide range of partners and advertisers to access its inventory, with supply-side interest growing exponentially as more people understand the power of in-game executions to maximize brand exposure and p With interest in in-game advertising rising, not to mention Adverty's recent partnership with Moat by Oracle Advertising for third-party verification and its recent US patents granted for its work on viewability, the collaboration comes at an exciting time.

Adverty is presently looking to expand its workforce and is actively recruiting for various positions across all aspects of the business.

About Adverty
Adverty, the leading in-game advertising platform, uses innovative and patented technology designed for games to offer seamless In-Play and In-Menu advertisements that connect brands and people. The platform provides real in-game ad inventory at scale and enables content creators to monetize the whole experience through unobtrusive, easy-to-integrate, immersive advertising. Adverty, which was founded in 2016, has offices in Stockholm, London, New York, Madrid, Helsinki, St Petersburg, and Lviv and works with advertisers, agencies, and developers to unlock audiences and revenue streams in gaming.


Discover JCDecaux Innovate International; showcasing the wide range of bespoke innovative OOH solutions that JCDecaux group offers around the world, which bring brands and consumers closer together.


Discover JCDecaux Innovate International; showcasing the wide range of bespoke innovative OOH solutions that JCDecaux group offers around the world, which bring brands and consumers closer together.

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MonetizeMore Wins Google Innovation Award for 2022

MonetizeMore | November 14, 2022

Google has just announced the winner of its 2022 Innovation Awards in the Google Certified Publisher Partner Summit. MonetizeMore has done it again by hitting another significant milestone in ad tech innovation by winning the 2022 Google Innovation Award for Ad Setup Policy Violations. This prestigious award is given to ad tech companies with the most innovative solutions for publishers, and we’re happy to be recognized alongside other top companies in the field. We are thrilled to announce that MonetizeMore was chosen from multiple ad tech companies for Traffic Cop, our industry-standard IVT detection and blocking solution that helps publishers prevent and fix ad setup policy violations (ASPV). ASPV is the total number of policy violations found on your website. This is not an easy market to break into, but with our vision of the future of the adtech industry and our dedication to providing real solutions that are easy to implement and deliver promised results, we made it happen. We are proud to be the first adtech company to win the Google Innovation award not once but twice, a very impressive feat in such a competitive year. MonetizeMore initially won Google’s Most Innovative Technology Award back in 2020 for the #1 ad fraud solution. Traffic Cop is the industry’s leading Invalid Traffic Detection & Blocking solution that leverages advanced AI with fingerprinting algorithms to identify and block invalid traffic, preventing both your site’s revenue loss and your users’ frustration with slow load times and frequent ad interruptions. Traffic Cop also provides granular insights to help publishers fix their ad setup policy violations, dig deeper into their site’s incoming traffic, detect IVT by device, UTM source, sessions, and much more. Our reports have helped hundreds of publishers fix and block invalid traffic on their ad inventory keeping them safe from getting blacklisted by advertisers. As a result, your ad inventory steers clear from revenue clawbacks, policy violations, and potential AdSense bans. Thanks to Google for really showing how important it is to keep on track for policy violations. This is specifically under the realm of invalid traffic. What a lot of publishers and Google Certified Publisher Partners don’t understand is that invalid traffic isn’t just traffic quality, it’s an ad setup policy violation. This comes under ad stacking, hidden ad units, aggressive refreshes, and click spam. These come all under the portion of invalid traffic and we have created tools under Traffic Cop that creates notifications and provides granular reports so that publishers can actually detect these ad setup policy violations and go through them step by step to fix them so that their policy violations can be prevented, fixed and ultimately their businesses are safer from revenue clawbacks. We’ve been able to decrease publishers’ revenue clawbacks by over 10X. We’re now able to offer Traffic Cop not only to publishers but also GCPPs via API and our reporting setup. To ultimately help the ecosystem and get rid of invalid traffic and ad setup policy violations!- Kean Graham, CEO of MonetizeMore. It is crucial to us since Google is such an influential player in the adtech industry, which makes them a good litmus test for how we’re doing overall. It’s gratifying to know that our hard work is being recognized and we hope it will continue in the years to come. This year, we have helped over 373 publishers with their ad setup policy violations and saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue clawbacks through Traffic Cop to optimize their overall ad setup and eliminate IVT. We are honored to use this annual award to motivate us to continue providing cutting-edge technology solutions that help publishers save time and money.

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DoubleVerify to Provide Third-party Measurement Tools to Best Buy and Its In-house Media Network, Best Buy Ads

DoubleVerify | September 30, 2022

DoubleVerify (“DV”), (NYSE: DV), a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, today announced it is working with Best Buy Ads, the consumer electronic retailer’s in-house retail media network (RMN). Through this work, DV will provide robust measurement tools for both partners of Best Buy Ads and the brand’s own ad campaigns. “We are excited to work with Best Buy to bring independent, third-party measurement to Best Buy Ads and to Best Buy ad campaigns across the open web,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO at DoubleVerify. “We are excited to work with Best Buy to bring independent, third-party measurement to Best Buy Ads and to Best Buy ad campaigns across the open web,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO at DoubleVerify. “Our solutions will support Best Buy and its retail media clients, improving overall ad effectiveness, while giving them greater clarity and confidence in their digital investments.” Retail media is estimated to be a $100 billion opportunity.* A retail media network allows a retailer to give brands access to their customers using the retailer’s key assets: first-party customer data and owned media. With the retailer’s first-party data, brands can reach in-market buyers at the point of purchase, across formats and owned channels. DV easily integrates directly onto a retailer’s media properties, ensuring advertisers can evaluate if campaigns are viewable, seen by real people, served in a brand-safe environment, safe from fraud and sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT), and appear in the intended geography. With today’s announcement, Best Buy advertisers who use DV will have access to pre-campaign activation (DV Authentic Brand Suitability, Fraud/SIVT) and post-bid filtering and measurement (DV Authentic Ad™, DV Video Complete, Programmatic Analytics) across Best Buy Ads. DV will also be used by Best Buy for its own programmatically-executed media buys. DoubleVerify’s Publisher Suite will also be implemented across the Best Buy media platform, providing comprehensive protection and granular controls to the retail media network. “DoubleVerify’s product advancements and partnerships in the retail media sector are further examples of how we are leading the industry in developing innovative quality and performance solutions for emerging digital platforms,” said Zagorski. For more information about DoubleVerify, contact About DoubleVerify DoubleVerify is a leading software platform for digital media measurement and analytics. Our mission is to make the digital advertising ecosystem stronger, safer and more secure, thereby preserving the fair value exchange between buyers and sellers of digital media. Hundreds of Fortune 500 advertisers employ our unbiased data and analytics to drive campaign quality and effectiveness, and to maximize return on their digital advertising investments – globally.

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IMA Launches Global Ad Campaign Highlighting the Need for Skilled CMAs in Businesses

IMA®, The Gate | September 14, 2022

Today, IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants), the association of accountants and financial professionals in business, launched a new global, integrated advertising campaign in support of the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) certification program. The multi-channel campaign was developed in partnership with The Gate, an international advertising agency and marketing services company, for the seventh consecutive year. The ads look to empower accounting and finance professionals to take control and explore how the CMA certification can help advance their careers. The videos and digital executions take an empathetic look at feeling invisible and being stuck in executing routine, daily tasks. They serve to inspire real, behavioral change among individuals to get to the next level, where they can drive strategic decisions, make an impact on their business, and step up to a leadership role. The message remains that accounting and finance professionals with a CMA will always be in demand and this year's campaign emphasizes that the certification will make professionals visible to their colleagues, managers, and organizations. "Our campaign taps into the insight that many accountants feel invisible at work and stuck in a slow-moving career. But if they step up and get their CMA, they'll have the skills they need to feel seen and appreciated," said David Bernstein, Chief Creative Officer, The Gate. "Our campaign taps into the insight that many accountants feel invisible at work and stuck in a slow-moving career. But if they step up and get their CMA, they'll have the skills they need to feel seen and appreciated," said David Bernstein, Chief Creative Officer, The Gate. The ads are accessible here: "Take control of your career as a CMA" "You'll go places with the CMA" "At a time when companies are facing new challenges, rising costs, resource constraints, and looking at completely new ways of doing business, the skills of CMAs are more valuable than ever," said Ellen Gurevich, CAE, CMO and senior vice president of marketing at IMA. "Employers need to have finance and accounting leaders who can step up to create insights and strategies to keep up with the pace of change and break through. CMAs are equipped to analyze and deliver results in ways that others cannot. They have the skills necessary to serve as strategic advisors in their organizations, and in turn, advance their careers." The CMA verifies mastery of the 12 most critical practice areas in management accounting, including planning and analysis, performance management, and risk management. Earning the CMA enables finance and accounting professionals to contribute actively to organizational strategy as business partners and to make the leap from more traditional and junior-level finance roles into more strategic leadership positions. This means that CMAs are well-positioned to make the leap from more traditional and junior-level finance roles into strategic leadership positions. The campaign utilizes connected television, programmatic display, social media, streaming audio, search engine marketing, industry specific newsletters, and has global extensions in IMA's key regions. There will also be a concurrent public relations campaign, and promotions on IMA's website and social channels. About IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) IMA® is one of the largest and most respected associations focused exclusively on advancing the management accounting profession. Globally, IMA supports the profession through research, the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) and CSCA® (Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis) programs, continuing education, networking, and advocacy of the highest ethical business practices. Twice named Professional Body of the Year by The Accountant/International Accounting Bulletin, IMA has a global network of about 140,000 members in 150 countries and 350 professional and student chapters. Headquartered in Montvale, N.J., USA, IMA provides localized services through its four global regions: The Americas, Asia/Pacific, Europe and Middle East/India. For more information about IMA, please visit About The Gate The Gate, New York is a full-service advertising agency. We take bigger leaps with fewer steps by blending strategy, creative, media and technology to make sure nothing gets in the way. So, when you find The Gate, you can walk through walls. This approach has led to successful communication programs for clients in finance, consumer goods, luxury, insurance, energy, and more. The Gate manages over $250 million in client advertising and has a network of offices in New York, San Francisco, London, Edinburgh, and Shanghai. For more information, visit

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