Upwave Partners With Tremor Video to Measure and Maximize Brand Advertising

Upwave | January 24, 2023 | Read time : 01:20 min

Upwave, the industry-leading analytics platform for brand advertising, has announced a strategic partnership with Tremor Video, a DSP within Tremor International's end-to-end technology platform that enables advertisers to deliver impactful brand stories across all screens by leveraging innovative video technology. Through this partnership, Tremor Video gets access to Upwave's brand outcomes measuring capabilities, real-time brand analytics dashboards with optimization recommendations, and audience verification tools.

Utilizing Upwave's automated technology capabilities, particularly the new automated discrepancy detection (ADD) capability, Tremor Video has effectively monitored and maximized brand advertising across its campaigns. This tool provides on-demand access to Tremor Video's QAing tags to confirm that they measure as intended. In addition, ADD reports are routinely updated and reveal difficulties and accomplishments quickly and effectively.

Chris Kelly, CEO of Upwave, said, "Slow detection of tagging issues is an industry-wide issue, and leads to inaccurate measurement. Advertisers want proof their measurement is precise and error-free." He added, "Helping customers do so in an efficient, software-first, manner was imperative to us at Upwave."
(Source – GlobeNewswire)

Tremor Video has used Upwave's automated discrepancy detection to boost operational efficiency and minimize complications for an anticipated 100 campaigns in 2022 and expects continuing usage in 2023 to deliver further advantages.

About Upwave

Upwave is a rapidly expanding analytics firm that provides premier brands, agencies, and media partners with ML-driven brand advertising measurement technology and information through a SaaS platform. Its unparalleled digital network allows the rapid and precise collection of data from millions of ordinary users. The firm has offices in San Francisco and New York and is backed by top venture capitalists from Silicon Valley. Customers include Fortune 500 organizations across numerous industries, such as consumer packaged goods, technology, and financial services, as well as the world's top advertising agencies, which monitor and optimize digital campaigns for their clients.


Ad exchanges and ad networks co-exist as fundamental parts of today’s advertising industry. Ad networks connect advertisers to publishers, while ad exchanges facilitate buying and selling of ad inventory through real-time bidding. They can work together by ad networks connecting to ad exchanges to bid on inventory and deliver ads on a publisher's website. Ad networks offer a wider reach, while ad exchanges provide more targeted and efficient ad buying.


Ad exchanges and ad networks co-exist as fundamental parts of today’s advertising industry. Ad networks connect advertisers to publishers, while ad exchanges facilitate buying and selling of ad inventory through real-time bidding. They can work together by ad networks connecting to ad exchanges to bid on inventory and deliver ads on a publisher's website. Ad networks offer a wider reach, while ad exchanges provide more targeted and efficient ad buying.

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ReBid adds Amazon Ads and TikTok Ads to its Unified Madtech Intelligence Platform

Business Wire | March 31, 2023

ReBid, the leading unified Madtech Intelligence platform, announced today the integration of Amazon Ads and TikTok Ads, enabling customers to activate, manage and get unified reporting and dashboard across multiple search, social, programmatic and commerce ad platforms. With the addition of Amazon Ads and TikTok Ads, ReBid has extended its capability to two of the biggest ad platforms globally in terms of reach. ReBid's customers can now easily compare key performance indicators (KPIs) across these platforms and across other integration partners to eliminate ad spend wastage. Moreover, the integration has made ReBid a verified Amazon Ads partner, adding to its growing list of programmatic platforms including Google, Meta, Twitter, LinkedIn, DV360 ads, and other 10+ programmatic ad platforms. "We are excited to integrate Amazon Ads and TikTok Ads into our unified Madtech Intelligence platform, providing our customers with access to these highly popular ad platforms," said Rajiv Dingra, Founder & CEO of ReBid. "Our unified reporting and dashboard provide a comprehensive view of key performance indicators (KPIs) across all advertising and marketing channels, enabling our customers to gain a complete understanding of their customers' journey. This empowers them to optimize their ad spend and attain their business goals with greater precision and efficiency." The integration of Amazon Ads and TikTok Ads underscores ReBid's commitment to providing the best advertising solutions to its customers and to help them achieve their business objectives through effective advertising strategies. "As the advertising landscape continues to evolve, it's crucial for businesses to stay on top of emerging trends and adopt innovative solutions to achieve their advertising goals," said Ashish Bhasin, Co-founder and Chairman, ReBid. "ReBid's integration of Amazon Ads and TikTok Ads into its unified Madtech Intelligence platform is a testament to the company's commitment to providing cutting-edge advertising solutions to its customers. This will undoubtedly empower businesses to make more informed decisions about their ad spend, improve their ROI, and drive growth in a highly competitive market." For more information about ReBid and its services, visit us at www.rebid.co. AboutReBid ReBid is a Unified MADTech Intelligence Platform empowering data-driven marketers for omnichannel activation, measurement and automation. Our platform, which is ready for the cookieless world uses proprietary AI based algorithms that leverages MadTech (MarTech + AdTech) to simplify digital marketing. ReBid has unified workflows, data harmonization and real-time automated reporting. This translates into an immediate saving of 40% on resources and leads to incremental Returns on Ad spends (ROAS) by over 30%.

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Equativ Renews Partnership with Seedtag & the Extension of Their Contextual AI Solution

ExchangeWire | March 23, 2023

Equativ, the leading independent ad tech platform, and Seedtag, the leader in contextual advertising, announce today (March 21st, 2023) the extension of their global strategic partnership into Equativ’s curation offering. Seedtag has selected Equativ’s curation platform to enrich its contextual targeting solution with the power of Equativ’s targeting capabilities and premium ecosystem. The common goal of this partnership is to empower buyers to engage with relevant audiences across brand-suitable premium content with full respect to their data privacy. Building on Equativ’s curation offering, advertisers will benefit from Seedtag’s contextual AI solution LIZ© that leverages the power of machine learning to provide a human-like understanding of content to deliver precise targeting in a cookieless environment. This is an important advantage as third-party cookies and identifiers are set to disappear. Through this integration into Equativ’s curation platform, Seedtag will be able to create a 100% cookieless contextual marketplace enabling advertisers to drive campaign performance and brand recognition through brand-suitable ad placement across high-quality cross-publisher inventory. This partnership also allows buyers to run private marketplace (PMP), programmatic guaranteed (PG), and direct deals via Equativ with access to Seedtag’s exclusive inventory to deliver ads in the right place. In addition, Seedtag is renewing its existing partnership with Equativ as its primary SSP after a successful four-year collaboration spanning several European markets specifically in Spain which saw a more than 100% revenue increase in Q1 2022 compared to Q1 2021. Ingrid Couasnon, EVP EMEA at Equativ, comments: “We are pleased to extend our global strategic partnership with Seedtag. The integration of their unique contextual AI capabilities into our curation platform will support the creation of closer relationships between buyers and sellers. In the face of the end of third-party cookies, it is critical that we offer privacy-first, transparent, and effective solutions to media buyers everywhere." Grego Martínez, VP of product at Seedtag, states: "Over the past few months, we have been working on developing a tool that would allow us to connect our contextual capabilities with Equativ's curation platform. As a result, we have established a solid partnership and have made our contextual signals, created by Seedtag's contextual AI LIZ©, available in a 100% cookieless contextual marketplace. We are excited about this partnership and will continue to work to deliver a scalable, efficient, and privacy-first solution that enables advertisers and publishers to expand their business" About Equativ Equativ is the new single name for Smart Adserver, DynAdmic, and LiquidM — three proven innovators in advertising technology. The vertically integrated company provides brand and privacy-safe solutions that empower its clients to achieve maximum impact while respecting the rights of consumers. The union combines client expertise and engineering excellence to serve the interests of both the supply-side and demand-side with equal professionalism and technical sophistication. Headquartered in Paris and New York, Equativ operates globally. Equativ offers the market its own independent ad server, SSP, buyer tools, and media services to fulfill the promise of advertising technology.

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Clear Channel Airports Launches Digital Media Program at Newark Liberty International Airport

Clear Channel Airports | January 18, 2023

Clear Channel Airports (CCA), the U.S.-based airports business of Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc., launched yet another cutting-edge digital media program for the highly anticipated grand opening of Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) Terminal A. The digital media makeover, created in collaboration with the PANYNJ, includes almost 6,000 square feet of the most cutting-edge premium advertising media. Global businesses headquartered in New Jersey, such as Rutgers University, Audible, and Atlantic Health System, are the first advertisers to access this new airport media area, where they will reach millions of airport consumers using the most advanced digital and printed display technology. Clear Channel Airports, the nation's premier airport media supplier, included this advertising space in the terminal's $2.7 billion refurbishment. The nearly one million square foot terminal offers advertising, brand collaborations, sponsorship, and experiential marketing options for brands and enterprises seeking to reach millions of flyers in the larger metro region. This current redevelopment at EWR coincides with CCA's 12-year contract with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to renovate its prestigious airports, including LaGuardia (LGA), John F. Kennedy International (JFK), and Stewart International (SWF). The partnership, announced in October 2020, is the biggest airport sponsorship and advertising campaign in the United States. CCA's new digital media program involves over 70 high-impact and innovative displays throughout the 33-gate terminal, including an iconic 24-foot seamless digital "umbrella" — a suspended, first-of-its-kind airport advertising screen hanging above the terminal's most enormous concourse, where not only can you view the massive installation head-on in both directions, but you can also see the advertising as you walk beneath it. Moreover, a network of 54 ultra-high-definition LCD panels, two distinctive 42-foot curved LED soffits, and 16 dynamic digital columns illuminate the new ultramodern interior of Terminal A, providing an impactful, audience-focused advertising environment. In addition, CCA said that a 75-foot-long external head-on digital welcome display would be added to the new consolidated car rental facility (CONRAC). About Clear Channel Airports Clear Channel Airports is the foremost airport advertising, sponsorship expert, and pioneer in the United States, having devoted over 45 years to airport advertising. Clear Channel Airports (CCA), the Americas-based airports business of Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc., is one of the world's largest outdoor advertising companies. Clear Channel Airports operates over 260 airport media programs worldwide and has a presence in 28 of the top 50 U.S. markets with major airports.

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