VideoAmp Releases Second-by-Second Advertising Measurement Enhancement Underpinned by Commingled Dataset

VideoAmp | October 06, 2022 | Read time : 06:30 min

Second-by-Second Advertising
VideoAmp, an advertising measurement and optimization platform, has released “Second-by-Second Ads Viewership” as a new measurement offering to strengthen their currency solutions. As an enhancement to their advertising measurement solution, the offering enables TV publishers and advertisers to harness the power of VideoAmp’s commingled dataset to better assess advertiser performance and benchmark against program averages. Leveraging actualized results with inputs from both Smart TV ACR and STB viewership data across more than 39M homes, advertisers and publishers gain access to second-by-second commercial performance data in a flexible user interface.

By utilizing VideoAmp’s proprietary commingled dataset, VideoAmp is solving for the inconsistencies and limitations of using a single data source. Additionally, while other in-market  currency providers use average commercial viewership, which gives all commercials within a program the same rating, VideoAmp is offering distinct second-by-second measurement for each advertisement within a program or event, providing the ability for:
  • Publishers to increase the value of their inventory with more accurate commercial and program viewership insights. Publishers can demonstrate how advertiser reach builds throughout a program, optimize inventory allocation based on exact commercial viewership throughout the program and understand viewership trends to inform content optimization.
  • Advertisers can evaluate the performance of their specific commercial spots and optimize investment allocation to maximize audience reach. With this dashboard, advertisers can analyze their commercial performance vs. the average within a given program, analyze the impact of frequency throughout a program and identify optimal ad placement to maximize reach.
BET engaged with VideoAmp to explore advanced metrics leveraging the Second-by-Second offering to understand key moments during the 2022 BET Awards. The engagement was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the BET Awards in reaching high-value audiences across BET.

“Access to second-by-second level data gives BET a unique opportunity to hyper-target and pinpoint content that resonates with our audiences and drives success. Our teams utilized this transformative data to identify the most compelling program elements, such as show performances, commercials, host presentations, and more,” said Berj Kazanjian, Senior Vice President of Ad Sales Research at BET. “These advanced metrics allow us to enhance our content, further our reach, and deepen our engagement with our community.”

Some of the insights provided within the Second-by-Second measurement solution include:
  • Commercial Index
  • Impressions
  • Frequency
  • Average Commercial Audience
  • Average Program Audience
  • Advertiser Reach
  • Incremental Cumulative Reach
  • Total Viewers
“Having a true breakdown of viewership during every second of a program is game changing. Average Commercial Minute is a compromise the industry has had to make due to a lack of fidelity in panel-based measurement. Big Data enables buyers and sellers to know exactly how every spot in a program performs – from exact-second start to exact-second stop,” said Tony Fagan, Chief Technology Officer of VideoAmp. “Being able to tell a unique story for each advertiser during a program and make use of the granular insights that have often been lost or overlooked, is a major step forward.”

“Having a true breakdown of viewership during every second of a program is game changing.” said Tony Fagan, Chief Technology Officer of VideoAmp.

Over the past year, VideoAmp has seen accelerated growth and market adoption for its measurement and currency solutions across the advertising ecosystem. The company has built a media currency with software solutions that empower the world’s largest advertisers, agencies and publishers to extract more sales and revenue from their media and content investments.

About VideoAmp
VideoAmp is an advertising measurement and optimization platform increasing the value of advertising by redefining how media is valued, bought and sold. Our platform automates advertising workflows, deduplicates audiences across traditional TV, streaming video, digital media and walled gardens and connects media exposures to an advertiser’s sales. By unlocking new value for the entire ecosystem, our platform allows the world’s largest advertisers, agencies and publishers to align on VideoAmp’s independent measurement as a new media currency to transact against.

We are transforming a 100-year-old industry by powering a more effective three-way value exchange that results in increasing the return on media investment for advertisers, increasing revenue for publishers and providing a better viewing experience for consumers. VideoAmp is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices across the United States.  To learn more, visit

About BET
BET, a unit of Paramount (NASDAQ: PARAA; PARA; PARAP), is the nation’s leading provider of quality entertainment, music, news and public affairs television programming for the African American audience. The primary BET channel is in 125 million households and can be seen in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, sub-Saharan Africa and France. BET is the dominant African-American consumer brand with a diverse group of business extensions including BET+, the preeminent streaming service for the Black audience;, a leading Internet destination for Black entertainment, music, culture, and news; BET HER, a 24- hour entertainment network targeting the African-American Woman; BET Music Networks – BET Jams, BET Soul and BET Gospel; BET Home Entertainment; BET Live, a growing BET festival business; BET Mobile, which provides ringtones, games and video content for wireless devices; and BET International, which operates BET around the globe.


AIDEM is a group of AdTech visionaries on a mission to give a first-class ticket to a Modern Age of digital advertising to as many businesses as possible.


AIDEM is a group of AdTech visionaries on a mission to give a first-class ticket to a Modern Age of digital advertising to as many businesses as possible.

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ID5, the market-leading identity provider for digital advertising, today released its 2022 State of the Digital Identity Report, which provides a comprehensive analysis of the developments made by publishers, advertisers, and ad tech platforms when it comes to the evaluation and adoption of alternative identity resolutions. ID5 found brands around the world are missing out on reaching cookieless audiences, with 87% of respondents identifying as such, and are restricted to competing for the same, limited portion of consumers reachable via cookies. Of those surveyed, 69% of advertisers want to be able to reach cookieless audiences today. This year’s report looks closely at a number of elements that shed light on how businesses are preparing to navigate a cookieless future going into 2023. The findings present insights into testing success rates, the most favored alternative solutions, time frames in which players expect to have their cookieless strategies in place, and more. By surveying 164 respondents globally, the report found that first-party universal identifiers are believed to be the most viable and scalable solution to replace third-party cookies, with 38% of respondents identifying them as the primary alternative. A mixture of deterministic and probabilistic first-party IDs take the top spot (54%) for the best methodology alternative to generate and reconcile IDs across websites. “Between cookieless browsers and people refusing third-party cookies, 50% of the global traffic is already unaddressable with traditional identifiers,” said Mathieu Roche, CEO & Co-founder of ID5. “Between cookieless browsers and people refusing third-party cookies, 50% of the global traffic is already unaddressable with traditional identifiers,” said Mathieu Roche, CEO & Co-founder of ID5. “Advertisers want alternative IDs now to enable addressability at scale, maximizing the opportunity that cookieless browsers offer today.” The report found that the adoption of alternative identity solutions is on the rise industry-wide with 63% of respondents having at least one solution or more. Of those that have not adopted a solution yet, 57% stated that their unfamiliarity with the various cookieless alternatives in the market is what holds them back. Nevertheless, 50% of survey respondents have already run tests to measure the effectiveness of these solutions, and another 35% are currently testing or are in the planning stages of doing so. With more education and knowledge sharing on the benefits of taking action on cookieless, these numbers will continue to rise. Overall, the report found that 75% of respondents are satisfied with testing. The research indicates that, though many advertisers are behind on testing, those who have are pleased with the results and are effectively positioning themselves for the future. “With this report, we not only wanted to highlight where companies are today, but we wanted to better understand what the industry is doing to support advertisers and publishers, as well as what challenges they are facing or are anticipating to face.” added Roche. “This success in testing across the industry provides hope that we are coming close to determining the solutions that have proven themselves as industry standards.”

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Gamut and Waymark Partner to Bring AI-Powered CTV Ad Creation to Local Advertisers

Gamut | January 06, 2023

Gamut and Waymark have announced a partnership to expand next-generation local advertising services on a national scale. Gamut offers advertisers brand-safe access to premium connected TV (CTV) video ad inventory, while Waymark is an artificial intelligence start-up that automates video production. By combining Gamut's access to high-quality CTV video ad inventory with Waymark's AI-powered capabilities, this partnership will provide a cost-effective way for brands to produce and deliver engaging video ads tailored to their target audience. The two companies aim to remove barriers to local advertising through their combination of local CTV inventory and creative AI, which makes professional video ads easy, fast, and affordable to produce. With Gamut and Waymark's partnership, local businesses will now be able to quickly and affordably produce and distribute professional-quality video ads across a wide range of CTV platforms. “Together, Gamut and Waymark give content providers and advertisers everything they need to accomplish their mutual goals. Gamut has access to the inventory - and then taps into Waymark to offer that additional layer of video production at scale for local and regional ad partners with our AI-powered creative tools.” Alex Persky-Stern, CEO of Waymark The partnership aims to bring advanced, comprehensive support to local advertisers and meet the increasing demand for localized advertising in the TV industry, particularly in CTV. It will offer prospective small and medium-sized business advertisers the ability to buy local CTV ads, quickly produce creative ad messages, and measure impact in one place. Gamut and Waymark are hoping that their partnership will make local advertising easier and more affordable for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to reach a larger audience with their message. About Gamut Gamut, a multi-award-winning leader in local CTV, assists brands in connecting with interested streaming audiences. By utilizing its direct access to premium, brand-safe OTT inventory and cutting-edge advertising tools, marketers can use highly engaging and tailored ads to reach targeted local audiences on a national level. Gamut is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and expertise to ensure the best results for its clients and partners. Gamut has more than 20 years of experience in digital media. Gamut partners with CoxReps, an industry leader and sister company, to offer advertisers a comprehensive strategy for interacting with target markets.

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Upsolver Announces Support for AWS for Advertising and Marketing Initiative

Upsolver | December 01, 2022

Upsolver, the company dedicated to making data in motion accessible to every data practitioner, announced support for the AWS for Advertising and Marketing initiative from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help accelerate advertising and marketing transformation. AWS for Advertising and Marketing is an initiative featuring services and solutions purpose-built to meet the needs of advertising agencies, marketers, publishers, ad technology providers, and analytics service providers. The initiative helps customers deliver personalized ad experiences, optimize ad serving performance and cost, and innovate on audience segmentation and attribution. It simplifies the process for industry customers to select the right tools and partners helping accelerate their production launches and see faster time to value. Upsolver SQLake is a platform for building data pipelines that ingest and combine real-time events with batch data sources for up-to-the-minute analytics. It provides ground-breaking time-to-value, since any SQL user can build a pipeline simply by writing a query. SQLake automates the pipeline engineering tasks that create severe development bottlenecks – chores such as orchestration, file system optimization and infrastructure scaling. AWS empowers advertisers and marketers to reinvent workloads with solutions to improve audience and customer data management, privacy-enhanced data collaboration, advertising platforms, marketing measurement and ad intelligence, and personalized digital customer experiences. For customers looking for prescriptive, solution-specific support, AWS for Advertising & Marketing identifies leading industry partners in each area. With SQLake, advertisers and marketers achieve a leap in time to delivery and data freshness for use cases such as machine learning (ML) model training, campaign performance management and optimization, dynamic audience segmentation, real-time bidding, ROI reporting, data science and ad hoc analytics. Beyond making data engineers 10X more productive it enables self-service for data users who know SQL – such as data scientists, analysts, ad/marketing ops personnel, product managers and account managers. One benefit of migrating or building advertising and marketing workloads on the most widely adopted cloud is the number of integrations and distribution channels connecting shared data with flexibility and interoperability. Whether you are seeking third party data or tools for better managing first party data, there are both AWS and third-party solutions offered in the AWS Data Exchange, AWS Marketplace, along with the largest community of AWS Partner Network (APN) members, including Upsolver. “As a global leader in smart ad serving, omnichannel personalization, and consumer intelligence, Clinch ingests and processes billions of events per day into our AWS data lake, a scenario that is largely supported by Upsolver” said Yaron Cohen, Vice President of Research and Development at Clinch. “As a global leader in smart ad serving, omnichannel personalization, and consumer intelligence, Clinch ingests and processes billions of events per day into our AWS data lake, a scenario that is largely supported by Upsolver” said Yaron Cohen, Vice President of Research and Development at Clinch. “The self-serve, intuitive operability offered by Upsolver has driven an immense amount of efficiency and speed to my team, and enables us to deliver new features quickly that improve ROI for our customers.” Together, Upsolver and AWS help serve the analytics needs of advertising and marketing firms such as AppsFlyer, SimilarWeb, Clinch, Peer39, Mantis, BigaBid and MediaSense. Support for AWS Redshift Serverless is Upsolver’s latest advancement in supporting AWS customers, who can use Upsolver with a broad range of services including Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Athena, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK), Amazon Redshift, Amazon SageMaker and more. Sign up for a 30-day risk-free trial of SQLake today, after which usage is charged at 10 cents / GB of data ingested, with unlimited pipelines and no minimum commit. Upsolver is available for subscription on AWS Marketplace. About Upsolver Upsolver is a tight-knit group of data engineers and infrastructure developers obsessed with removing the friction from building data pipelines, in order to accelerate the real-time delivery of big data to the people who need it. Founded in 2015 by data engineers Ori Rafael and Yoni Eini, Upsolver has grown from an Israeli-based venture focused on adtech to a global business serving customers across many industries including software, manufacturing, oil and gas, health care, and financial services. Upsolver’s platform enables a variety of high-value analytics use cases such as user behavior, IoT monitoring, and log analytics. Upsolver is headquartered in San Francisco with R&D centered in Tel Aviv. Customers span regions and industries, such as Cox Automotive, IronSource, ProofPoint and Wix. Its top-tier investors include Scale Venture Partners, Vertex Ventures US, Wing Venture Capital, and JVP. For more information, please visit

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