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With Facebook’s News Feed Changes, Canvas Ads Take Center Stage

February 09, 2018 / Amir Shub

With the announcement of the recent Facebook News Feed changes, which place emphasis on content from individual users over posts from brands, one thing is clear: Brands will not have as much organic reach as they once did. Brands will be looking for ways to stand out and reach consumers who aren’t already “fans” that seek out their organic content. As pay-to-play becomes the new norm, the effectiveness of ad engagement is more important than ever. While it’s a seemingly dramatic change for advertisers, they do have tools (on Facebook) that can help them create compelling ads that will grab users’ attention. Drum roll, please: Canvas ads. These changes signify an important time for Facebook Canvas ads, in particular, because it’s a format that lets advertisers tell a story. And stories drive engagement, reaching audiences effectively. While not new—it has been around for nearly two years—Canvas is complex, and many advertisers may not yet ...