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How marketers can guarantee transparency in media buys

February 09, 2018 / Seb Joseph

Advertisers are demanding more transparency in their media buys, insisting on tighter contracts with partners, improving their programmatic expertise and reducing their use of ad tech vendors. More than four in 10 (45 percent) multinational advertisers believe they have established more transparent programmatic relationships with their agencies and ad tech partners, according to a World Federation of Advertisers survey of 28 advertisers spending in excess of $50 billion globally, which will be released on Feb. 9. That said, brands still spend too much money chasing reach rather than evaluating the effectiveness of campaigns, said Richard Bradford, group strategy director at the WPP-owned Wavemaker, at a Mediatel event on Feb. 8. “[Clients] are realizing they’ve measured stuff that doesn’t matter,” said Bradford. “Measurement is as much a part of the problem as it is the solution.” Here’s how advertisers can exert more control over their budgets...