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In an era of video, podcasts struggle to break through on social media

February 09, 2018 / Aditi Sangal

As social media platforms have pivoted to video, they’ve gotten publishers to adapt. But one medium has been left out: podcasts. The audio form has been a boon for publishers seeking engaged audiences, but podcast producers have had to be extra creative to get it noticed on social media. “Social media platforms are incredibly visual. They really emphasize video,” said Michael Gold, social media strategy editor at The New York Times. But the default format is to have video on mute, while audio is all about sound. This creates a challenge for podcast teams to get their content discovered on social media. One strategy audio and social media producers have tried is converting audio into short video clips to promote their podcasts. WNYC created an open source tool to create audiograms out of its podcasts. The New York Times uses a modified version of WNYC’s tool to do the same. There are also other free apps available, like SpareMin. These clips have proved to be suc...