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The Rundown: Vice is a headwind for digital media hopefuls

February 08, 2018 / Digiday Editors

In this week’s Rundown: Distributed media still isn’t pulling in big bucks for publishers, and why Vice Media’s revenue woes could be a setback for digital media hopefuls. Trade group Digital Content Next is out with its second Distributed Content Revenue Benchmark Report, examining revenue publishers are receiving from the third-party platforms they distribute their content to. It’ll come as no surprise that the amount is small — it works out to $1 million per publisher per year — but given the promises platforms have made to publishers this past year about improving monetization, it’s surprising how little that revenue has grown. The report also reinforces the different classes publishers find themselves in — most of the revenue shared with publishers is generated from video, which favors TV/cable companies, while legacy text publishers are left to feed on the scraps. But if you factor in the high cost of producing video, those numbers ...