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Advertising companies facing talent shortfall

February 13, 2018 / TIM SANDLE

Publishers and brands are spending more on branded content in order to beat out competition. The main problem now facing advertisers is finding people with the right skills. Advertising companies facing talent shortfall. The skill shortage data comes from the technology analysis firm Creative Group. This is based on a survey of 400 executives, which 43 percent of those surveyed stating that getting the people with the necessary skills and experience to launch successful branded content was proving difficult. This issue is set to become more pressing in light of a separate survey from the company Conductor, which notes how 76 percent of marketing executives aim to increase branded content online during the course of 2018. This type of marketing will represent a sizable chunk of advertising spend. There’s also been a shift with key performance indicators, away from leads and traffic towards conversions and revenue. The consequence is a change in content. Here the aim is to go beyon...