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AdHive Project Aims to Create a New World of Advertising in the Blockchain Era

February 15, 2018 / cryptovest

The advertising market is going through hard times, encountering numerous barriers day after day. Among them are banner blindness, reduced impact of traditional ads, ad-blocking technologies, and audience migration from TV channels to online video. In this environment, it was impossible to miss the boom of opinion leaders and influencer marketing. According to a survey by Defy Media, 62% of Millennials confirm that Internet video content "makes them feel good" about themselves. Moreover, 66% turn to digital content because it helps them relax, while only 47% of respondents point to TV as having that effect. Under such circumstances, companies involved in influencer marketing and native advertising have started to grow aggressively to meet the rising demand from brands. At the same time, the trend is still in its embryonic stage, and no effective metrics or control mechanisms have been defined.