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LittleThings shuts down, a casualty of Facebook news feed change

February 27, 2018 / Lucia Moses

Facebook’s recent algorithm change has claimed a casualty. LittleThings, a 4-year-old site that scaled an audience by sharing feel-good stories and videos on Facebook, shut down today, putting 100 out of work, after Facebook decided it wanted more user posts and less publisher content in its news feed. The change, announced in January, had a “material” impact on LittleThings, said Gretchen Tibbits, president and COO of the company, and killed 75 percent of the site’s organic reach, the company told Business Insider. LittleThings isn’t the only publisher to have built an audience on Facebook, with its billions of users, but it was more heavily dependent on the platform than most, making almost an art of riding Facebook’s algorithm changes.