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In the new issue of Digiday magazine, ‘game over’ for Facebook and media

March 07, 2018 / Lucia Moses

The media world, seemingly perpetually in flux, is in the midst of what appears a more significant period of upheaval, with tech giants sucking up the majority of ad dollars, digital advertising plagued by a lack of transparency and controversial content, companies taking a hard look at their role when it comes to workplace fairness and cultural impact, and the need to stake out a global claim taking on new urgency. For our cover of the new issue of Digiday magazine, we turned to early video games and Donkey Kong. We wanted to show, in a tongue in cheek way, the current mood of publishers as Facebook continues to shift its often awkward and overbearing relationship with media. We carried the theme throughout the issue: Look for tributes to Frogger, Qbert, Pac-Man and Punch-Out, among other classics.