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Google Removed 3.2 Billion ‘Bad Ads’ in 2017

March 14, 2018 / Marty Swant

Each year, Google releases a report detailing how many ads it blocked, cleaned and filtered from its digital pipes. The annual report offers both a major sampling of what bots and other bad-actor buyers try to use platforms, and showcases Google’s own efforts in maintaining its marketplace. According to the 2017 report released today, Google says it removed 3.2 billion ads from its platforms in 2017, nearly double the total number of “bad ads” from just a year earlier. Google said that equates to removing about 100 ads per second. “In order for this ads-supported, free web to work, it needs to be a safe and effective place to learn, create and advertise,” Scott Spencer, Google’s director of sustainable ads, wrote in a blog post. “Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Whether it’s a one-off accident or a coordinated action by scammers trying to make money, a negative experience hurts the entire ecosystem.”