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Marketers Aren’t Shifting Ad Budgets Because of Facebook’s Data Crisis

March 21, 2018 / Lauren Johnson

After it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica—a British data analytics firm that claims to have helped elect President Trump—“harvested” granular data from about 50 million Facebook users, government officials in both the U.S. and Europe are asking for more information on Facebook’s trove of data on its 1.4 billion daily active users. And marketers have similar questions. This weekend, investigative reports from The Guardian and The New York Times detailed accounts from Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie about how his former employer collected and then held on to data about users linked to Facebook. While the move doesn’t have marketers axing Facebook budgets, it’s another piece of evidence supporting advertisers’ concerns that Facebook not only wields too much influence for its own good but could also be withholding data and insights from marketers.